Gal Gadot Wants Brett Ratner Banned From Themyscira

Wonder Woman is all about female empowerment and an island full of beautiful warrior women who somehow reproduce without men because of feminist magic (That’s not a read – Themyscira seems to be doing just fine without penis). Hence, it’s a little problematic that alleged serial sexual harasser Brett Ratner’s production company, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, helped co-produce the first movie. Page Six is reporting that Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, is refusing to don the tiara and bullet-defying bracelets for a sequel unless Brett is removed from the project. She also backed out of presenting him with an award at some dinner last month. What did he win? “Most Accurate Last Name?

RatPac-Dune Entertainment helped produce Wonder Woman as part of a co-financing deal with Warner Bros. The movie made almost $400 million worldwide, so Brett can afford a lot of shrimp cocktail with which to allegedly menace women.

A Warner Bros. insider explained, “Brett made a lot of money from the success of ‘Wonder Woman,’ thanks to his company having helped finance the first movie. Now Gadot is saying she won’t sign for the sequel unless Warner Bros. buys Brett out [of his financing deal] and gets rid of him.”

The source went on to say that Gal is a tough cookie, and knows cutting off any future Wonder Woman profits would hit Brett where it hurts in his cocaine budget.

She also knows that Warner Bros. has to side with her on this issue as it develops. They can’t have a movie rooted in women’s empowerment being part-financed by a man -accused of sexual misconduct against women.”

Brett has been accused of sexual harassment and/or assault by six women, including actresses Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge. He’s also allegedly planning to sue one of his accusers.

Warner Brothers gave Page Six a one-word answer when asked for comment – “False!” (The Warner Brothers flack must have had a lot of calls on hold that day.)

Gal Gadot was a “combat trainer” in the Israeli Defense Forces. She also prefers to do her own stunts when she can. She’s about 8 feet tall and could probably step on Ratner, driving him down to the center of the earth to live amongst the rest of the subterranean creep mole people. In other words. Ratner should grab all the shrimp cocktail he can off the craft services table and make for the exit before Diana Prince makes quick work of him!



  1. Go Gal! There’s no way they’ll get rid of her. Fuck Ratner.

  2. I wasn’t a fan, didn’t want her to be Wonder Woman, but now.. gonna be buying my Wonder Woman 2 tickets, go Gal!.

  3. I like Gal Gadot a lot. This woman walks the walk.

  4. Heidi Elise Haaland

    The odd thing is that after GG bowed out of presenting BR with the paperweight he was set to receive, Patty Jenkins had to sub in and make a flattering speech about what a great humanitarianblahblahblah he is. Which she then had to retract almost instantly.

  5. NaughtyChimp

    She’s also long married to a super duper rich guy, so she’ll live a life of great luxury, even if she never works again. In any case, Good For Her… if this story is indeed true and not just a Pr planted story trying to make WW seem like a true feminist project.

  6. Penny Dreadful

    Excellent description.

  7. hurtssogouda

    I’ve read this story one a few other sites and I am angry and bewildered to see the comments 1) defending Ratner and; 2) using Gadot’s military background against her and calling her a hypocrite. FFS

  8. ScotchBonnet

    She could wear a T-shirt with “Team Gadot” on it.

  9. All_Hoes_Are_Good_At_Math

    Chastain never said she saw something and I doubt she ever did, given that she never crossed paths with Singer. (he never showed up during production, his credit was just a vanity credit) But she is actually saying something without even being personally involved nor as a victim neither as a witness, which is more than commendable. I don’t really understand this hatred for Chastain, she doing something very risky. And she’s just one of the few. And no, I’m not even a big fan of hers nor a stan.

  10. I think she is crazy bankable now (she starred in the movie of the summer and by many accounts the most successful movie from that universe) and she’s independently wealthy so I think she’s got a lot of leverage. I’m sure Marvel would love to have her and make a female franchise with her

  11. Gary Burnaska

    Also ban him because His DC movies are all SHIT

  12. I’m sure there is an exit clause somewhere

  13. He stepped down from his producing role, but his company (RatPac) still has financing deals which means that he’ll be profiting off any WW that might be made in the future.

  14. punched lasagne

    i could really do without the mansplaining altogether. but i point out the white factor bc this was sold as something new and different and lo and behold it was not, just more of the same

  15. Gal Gadot is walking the walk!

  16. Ferngullible

    so if he were black would it be ok for her to follow him?

  17. Even if she knew, what could she really do? She was hardly a big name at the time. They’d have just ditched her and picked someone else for the project and Ratner would have had no real consequences.

    NOW she has the power to actually do something about it. And good on her, if this is true.

  18. I disagree with you. And I’m not saying she is ethically wrong because she isn’t. I’m saying business and career wise she needs them equally as much. Look at her imdv page. She has 1 project outside of DC. She is not in demand. And let’s be honest she isn’t a great actor. She was good as Wonder Woman but I think she will suffer the same fate as the rest of the comic book heroes in that they have very limited success outside their super hero franchises. Heck you don’t even hear that much from Christian Bale.

  19. 🍁🦃🌽ℱїḓḓℓεÐεε🍁🦃🌽

    You go Gal, good on you!! https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  20. It’s not about optics it’s about what’s legal. Even if the WB 100% behind her he doesn’t have to sell to them either. It’s not the way it works. This could backfire on her since the whole rollout of this series has been rough. Suicide Squad was bad as was most of the casting. I hope they don’t just scrap it and say this is more trouble than what its worth. WB isn’t nearly as good at business dealings as Disney is.

  21. I don’t think you can just buy someone out either. You can’t force someone to sell. I don’t really get that demand tbh.

  22. Totally agree. It was an okay movie that just happened to not be a pile of garbage like Suicide Squad and BVS. It was also perfect timing for Hollywood to pat themselves on the back.

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