Did Taylor Swift Lip-Synch On “Saturday Night Live” Last Night?

I heard you! I heard you, the one in the back who hissed “who cares?” Well, someone obviously does! She sold 700,000 copies of her new record “Reputation” in the U.S. on the first day of its release, according to Billboard. If this sales pace keeps up, she will hit a million in sales in the first week alone. And furthermore, industry sources say that she’s probably going to have the largest sales week of her carefully coordinated career. No matter how irritating some of us find her (you can put your hands down), Swifty can sell.

She’s already the only act to have three different albums sell a million copies in a week, since Nielsen Music began tracking data in 1991. Her last three studio albums all launched with more than 1 million sold in their first weeks: 1989 (1.29 million), Red (2012, 1.21 million) and Speak Now (2010, 1.05 million).

This brings us to last night’s SNL performances. Taylor did “…Ready For It?” (she uses ellipses worse than I do) and Call It What You Want.” And many a Katycat immediately padded over to Twitter to accuse Taylor of vocal trickery.

And my favorite one:

Oh, yeah – she kept the reptile imagery a’slitherin’ by using a snake-shaped microphone during the first song.

Alex Robert Ross of Noisey is pretty emphatic that Taylor wasn’t lip-synching last night.

There was an audible backing track on “…Ready for It,” which is hardly unusual, but Swift was hooked up on top of that: the loudness lines up with the distance that Swift holds the mic from her face, her vocals aren’t shaky but they’re not flawless either,

Taylor returned to her roots (I’m a pretty girl on a barstool with a gee-tar singing about love) for “Call It What You Want.

Ever since Ashlee Simpson did her hoe-down on SNL, I’ve assumed everyone uses a backing track. What I was more concerned about during the first song was Tay Tay trying to act all sexy but then accompanying it with the occasional warm smile to people in the audience. It was very uh thrust uh thrust tousle my hair like I’m getting railed oh hi Jenn! You can’t sing a song about trying to get a guy to visit the private island in your pants complete with arrhythmic pelvic workouts while simultaenously greeting audience members like they just arrived to your wine tasting. It’s jarring.

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  1. When she was performing that Call it What You Want song, she grinned at the line; “Trust him like a brother.”

    It really fucking creeped me out.

  2. Most likely this. Taylor always tends to lean on her backup singers because her vocals aren’t the best.

  3. Just because she says the word shit once and is having sex in a tub while moaning creepily in one of the songs, doesn’t make it a mature album. Alcohol references don’t make it mature either.

  4. If you really think this is one of Taylor’s best albums, you are delusional. RED was by far more better, the lyrics weren’t half-assed and dumbed down. 1989 is also by far better than this overproduction Reputation mess. Only like 3 or 5 songs on Rep is actually remorable, and 3 of the songs rip off Carly Rae Jepsen’s Emotion album.

    The entire RED album and 1989 is remorable, with their own unique sounds, better lyrics, and they weren’t ripped off/stolen.

  5. She is actually aware of those saying she’s pregnant and she gets upset when she hears them, lmao.

  6. Her stylist must hate her. She looked pregnant a few times because of the baggy clothing, but not anymore. The drunk thing, yes, she kind is giving me a miserable state of mind state, like not her usual self, it’s odd.

  7. I got a soft-spot or Taylor, she can be retarded as hell, but, she is simply a nice person who IS likable, when she isn’t being a cunt.

  8. She didn’t lip-sync that performance you can literally hear her weak vocals waspy, it’s just the backing track is incredibly loud.

    God, the year break she took made her vocals even weaker then before, damnnn.

  9. I’m always amazed at how bad some pop singers can sing. If I go by that then I could be a fucking pop singer and make millions with the help of autotune and juvenile lyrics. SMH.

  10. I don’t think she’s lip synching, but I think her mic is turned down a lot lower than the back up singers/dancer’s mics, and that they are doing most of the work. That seems fairly typical for pop starlets.

  11. She looks cute but that fried hair is awful

  12. Why do people like this squirrel face?

  13. Why why why? Why is she rapping? Why? I don’t understand


  15. Literarylioness

    That’s what I say! She was so crappy singing with with Stevie Nicks that she should never be allowed to sing live again.

  16. Literarylioness

    Doesn’t she have to lip synch because her voice is so crappy?

  17. Didn’t she claim she had acid reflux or something?

  18. Hahahahaha I’m here! She’s a major upgrade from the Ho. I hope this is indeed true and we see Angelina have a full blown breakdown.

  19. Whatever, fresh outta fucks to give.

  20. Roy? Is that you Roy?

    Anything you’d like to confess?

  21. That “ready for it” song will always sound like she’s yodeling about her vibrator.

  22. Patricio Lukas

    OMG, she does that? Is basic the new.. edgy? These are truly decadent times..

  23. Personally I thought Ashley Simpson’s ho-down routine was better than Taylor’s attempt at dancing. Lip-syncing was most definite on the 1st song.

  24. I thought she looked pregnant. I then went online to see if others thought so too and found some article from late October, talking about fans thinking she was pregnant. I am convinced she is, either that, or she is trying to look preggers and doing a convincing job. I don’t pay much attention to her so not sure about any recent pics or video of her so who knows.

  25. Laura Palmer

    where the fuck is SHANNON with this major Brad Pitt shit going on? AnnaK?

    omigod I hope its true ! PRINCESS of Monaco! chez chez la foo foo people!

    this is the best EVER!

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