Open Post: Hosted By Salted Caramel Pepsi

Thankfully, this is coming to us AFTER Halloween because you know what flavor they would have intro’ed before this one. High Snobiety unveiled the new salted caramel flavor of Pepsi. Who wanted this?

According to Pepsi, the drink “blends the refreshing taste of cola with a delicious caramel finish.” It uses slightly less sugar than a traditional Pepsi but makes it up with a syrupy combination of natural and artificial flavorings.

If salted caramel-flavored soda isn’t your thing (is it anybody’s?), Pepsi says that they’re already working on coming out with other “unorthodox” flavors. Let me guess – “Avocado Toast Pepsi?

My husband is a salted caramel fanatic. He says that he’d try it “once but that would probably be the last time.” He’s also the fella that tried that KFC sandwich where they used two pieces of chicken as the bread? My husband is America. They seriously neglected to re-introduce Crystal Pepsi in favor of this?

Pic: Pepsico (Oh, Joan Crawford!)


  1. Wanton Wonton

    Very cool!

  2. How gross. So she is ripping off her supposed friend Shannon? I have AKK blocked. I need to block that version too.

  3. Spray on abs

    You crack me up. Love the (!) at the end.

  4. Wanton Wonton

    AKKK is calling herself Shannon 77. She is the only one I have blocked.

  5. 9am in Lisbon and we’re waiting to board our flight home.
    We spent yesterday walking around the city and stumbled upon a modeling shoot on a busy street corner. The best was all the Lisboetas who gave no fucks and kept walking into the shots. People got shit to do! https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  6. He’s so good at portraying him as the snotty bratty dangerous child he is.

  7. Tart of Darkness

    Ha ha ha! He is a diabolical rascal and very clever. Have a good sleep 🙂

  8. Chad Williams

    Interesting article:

  9. Rewatching Beauty and the Beast from 1987 and now I’m (willingly) trapped in the rabbit hole.

  10. Tarty – I thought these were beyond terrific and they definitely cracked me up. BUT, thinking Oli was pretty clever, I clicked on Train Complaint under his name and saw Timmy’s Face (the CEO of the train company). Did you not die??? I burst out laughing and cackling, loudly and uncontrollably. Like a kid in church.

    Important note being that it’s after 3 am here and I have awakened family down the hall. HAHAHAHAHA.

    And I don’t currrrr bc those pix are hysterical. Thank you so much for this post! I may have now released enough endorphins that I can finally fall asleep. Have to go peep his page again, though. Worth it.

  11. I watch it when I remember it’s on. I love that guy. He does a good job. I laugh until my sides hurt on some episodes.

  12. She already has Mein Kampf on tape.

  13. Tart of Darkness

    Yeah, it was probably a relief to talking about something he digs rather than a movie he did 2 years ago. Those press junkets are a gloomy carnival of fake enthusiasm and ~wacky~ on-set hijinks.

  14. Sy Snootles.

  15. That’s the liveliest I’ve ever seen him in an interview.

  16. Lefemmenikita

    The snot one?

  17. Yes Sy whatever.

  18. Lefemmenikita

    She still looks like a bitch

    Clearly the surgeon (like every other human or living thing) hates her

  19. Lefemmenikita

    This guy will keep the NRA in business for the next few decades

  20. Tart of Darkness

    Wow, she’s had some work done!

  21. It must be hubby’s bathhouse weekend again.

  22. Lefemmenikita

    A recent file photo of her:

  23. Lefemmenikita

    Where is that lil stinker?

    Is she on this thread?

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