Mariah Carey’s Boyfriend Appears To Be Running The Show Now

Alleged creepster Mariah Carey and her controversial manager Stella Bulochnikov recently said “??????” to each other. There was a rumor that Stella exited the pink diamond deluxe apartment in the NYC sky because Mariah’s gentleman friend, Bryan Tanaka, forced her ass out. Page Six is reporting that, not only is the story true about Bryan wanting Stella gone, but he’s added “Mariah Carey’s manager” to his resume. (That’s right under “Mariah Carey’s personal Spanx adjuster.“) In fact, Mariah’s former backup dancer is supposedly “running her life.” That can’t be that hard a job. Just make sure there’s some bubbly on ice at all hours of the day and night and that her many shaping briefs aren’t squeezing the life out of her. Easy!

Bryan and Mariah have reportedly been an item since she called off her engagement to super-rich Australian James Packer. Mariah’s awful reality show (which Stella is said to have engineered) ended by depicting Mariah taking off her engagement ring, burning her wedding dress, and taking up with Kevin Federline Bryan. The staff is supposedly A-OK with the coup d’etat that Bryan pulled on Stella, cuz’ everyone hated her.

“Bryan is behind the whole split between Mariah and Stella. Bryan believes that he should be the one running Mariah’s day-to-day life, and he’s been orchestrating Stella’s exit for a long time. No one enjoys working with Stella. There’s no secret that some people are happy she’s out of the picture.”

Although, he’s “definitely no Tommy Mottola,” according to sources. This really does seem to be a Britney/Kevin situation. If we end up with trashy footage of Mimi and Bryan smoking up and acting all goo-goo with each other, I’m going to need Patti Labelle to come down and talk some sense into Miss Mariah.

“This is a full-on Britney-and-Kevin Federline situation. Brian is a backup dancer, and knows nothing about managing an iconic artist.”

And why would Kevin, I mean Bryan, want the responsibility of handling the diva of the world? Is he that in love? No, but his wallet might be.

The source adds that Carey is paying her boy toy up to $12,000 a week for the privilege of having him run her life. “Mariah is in love with Bryan and is like a schoolgirl around him. He has totally manipulated the situation to take over her life and push out everyone else, and Mariah just can’t see it.”

Mariah can’t see it because she’s probably still woozy with hunger from the gastric sleeve surgery she supposedly had. She couldn’t even ascend concrete on her own. You can get someone to sign off on anything if they’re craving the entire box of Twinkies they used to inhale during Real Housewives. Hence, Bryan has also reportedly gotten Mariah’s musical director and one of her lawyers fired.

Mariah’s spokesperson hasn’t been driven out of her life just yet, and she denies that Bryan is now her manager. But she “declined to explain who actually is.” Judging by her recent career decisions, it looks like Moroccan and Monroe are operating the “Fantasy” rollercoaster. Or Cha Cha and Jill E. Beans. Those are the dogs.

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  1. Well, he’s attractive and probably not bothering her for sex. She’s still kinda famous, mostly drunk and has money. Match made in Heaven.

  2. LoopyGorilla

    Bryan Tanaka reminds of Beverley Lesley, who is married to Crystal but he has that business partner Benji.

    We all know Bryan likes to be cream in an Oreo.

  3. LoopyGorilla

    clever clever, brian making sure nobody touches sugar mama without him knowing.
    at least JLO was smart enough not to give her backup dancer turned husband Chris Smith and back up dancer turned sex slave Casper the friendly gold digger access to her bank account.
    and when Casper got cocky, Jello cut him loose.
    But Mariah isnt as smart as Jello.

  4. hot

  5. She’s better looking than you

  6. She’s hot again

  7. Didn’t Mariah make Nick wait until they were married? I think she’s sort of asexual. She likes to play dress-up and get attention, but I think she’s basically stuck in a Lisa Frank/Barbie dream house mindset.

  8. Can’t you see the passion in his eyes, though??

  9. Mariah, just let someone from your past (Tommy Mottola?) recommend someone competent. You don’t want to be 60 and broke with 2 kids in college.

  10. They’re probably better off with the nannies, though, right? You know she got some fancy agency that only hires overeducated, out of work, Masters in Education from USC nannies.

  11. He’ll also never be as big as she is, no matter what he gets cast in or how many TV shows he hosts. It must wear on your ego to be working to make it big, but your S.O. has been to the top and is just day drinking, lazily sliding down the mountain.

  12. I enjoy looking at this way too much. RIP, actor I’m just now hearing about.

  13. He looks like a black belt level moron to me, who probably uses the expression, “wicked,” a lot, and has had more than one unfortunate mishap while engaging in “fart lighting.”

  14. So many people think he’s hot too. I don’t see it at all. He’s average at best.

  15. She was in the midst of a break down.

  16. So very awkward 😂

  17. Washed up, bloated, alcoholic hasbeen. Good thing this boy toy is getting paid well. I can’t imagine having to deal with her crazy ass 24/7. And bitch is CRAZY. Legit.

  18. Are we still pretending that he’s really her boyfriend?

  19. QueenLucille

    You took me there.

  20. The cynic in me sees a KFed, by the optimist in me thinks that if he got her rid of that awful manager woman, maybe his intentions are good.

  21. God it has to be exhausting being her. Always sucking in and positioning. No wonder she makes everyone haul her ass around.

  22. Whitney was way more talented than Mariah. She just was. Mariah’s got a really nice voice, but Whitney was great – effortless. It breaks my heart that she destroyed herself the way that she did. Sorry to be a downer, but…it still makes me sad.

  23. Bonus points for the song pun.

  24. I think he likes cocks more than canaries.

  25. Dick is a beautiful thing. Sommore said so.

    But don’t get dickmatized. Never let anyone try to fuck up your money. I don’t want a Glitter part 2. (I mean The Elusive Chanteuse was hilarious, but…)

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