Scott Disick Says He Acts Like A Shit Because He Loves Kourtney Kardashian

Don’t question his logic. Scott Disick is clearly the most underestimated relationship expert of our time. How else could he lure Kourtney Kardashian back as a repeat customer to his good-for-nothing ass? Thankfully, for those out there who hope to learn from love guru Scott, he’s giving away free lessons. I guess not free – the lesson comes from watching a clip of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, so it it will cost you part of your soul.

In a clip from this Sunday’s episode of KUWTK, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, wearing a felony quantity of highlighter on her face, confront Scott about his recent trashy behavior. Scott has always been the emperor of douchetopia, but he’s really been turning it up lately by hooking up with Bella Thorne and dating 19-year-old Sofia Richie.

Kourtney asks the father of her three children how he thinks he can get away with acting like an asshole in public and still expect to get invited to family events. According to Scott, he acts like an embarrassment because he loves Kourtney just that much.

“What does that mean, though, at the end of the day? What do you think that really means? That means I hate you? Or does that mean that I actually love you and I do things out of spite?

Let’s be honest, obviously I’m not able to handle everything that well. I don’t have the best support team. I’d like to try to be a fucking better person, but it’s not the simplest thing.”

Kourtney responds that acting like an embarrassing shit isn’t the way to show her he loves her. And what is love to her? Expensive gifts like houses, cars, and jewelry? Any rich dude can do that. What she doesn’t realize is that Scott is showing her he loves her. By doing something gross like dating a 19-year-old, Scott gets tons of attention. And in turn, Kourtney gets attention, which means her whole family gets attention, which is what they love the most. Who knew Scott was such a hopeless romantic.



  1. What jobs do the others have?

  2. PinkIsTheBlondeofColors

    She looks servers as fuck with that Cleopatra makeup.

  3. All these comments are hurting my intestines. 😂 As hard as I am laughing, I still maintain that this is the most human that beast has ever looked.

  4. Khole actually looks like a human being and the Slow One looks younger than Kim or Kylie. These two are examples of plastic surgery making an improvement.

    That was my say something nice. All of these people are utter shit and Scott will probably kill them all in a drunken rage one day. Useless twats.

  5. Jello® Butt

    I didn’t read because idc. That being said, here comes another bandaid baby aka story line. Fuck. They’re so easy to hate.

  6. For the love of god, make it stop.

  7. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    I say this all the time, sometimes to myself and sometimes aloud.

  8. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    That choker is becoming one with Wookies neck fold and Khortneys mom jeans suck. Isadick wins by default.

  9. Call an alcoholic on his actions and the blame will bounce back to you and make them the victim. “I don’t have the best support team” No accountability. They are all mental but he’s the weakest link. The Douchick needs to get a job

  10. Oddly enough, I think she’s prettier than Dim. Kourtney is hands-down the prettiest, IMO.

  11. Looooove this commercial lmao

  12. Same…he’s easy on the eye and somehow drives the family crazy without being driven (too) crazy himself…

  13. parissucksliterally

    I will say she cut her hair to shoulder length and got rid of that fucking middle part they all love. She looks amazing. Pictures on the DM, of kourse.

  14. i’d rather watch cauliflower boil to a pulp…

  15. She looks like Hlilary Duff in the second pic…or Hilary Dudd, more like

  16. Who dafuque is that? Damn!

  17. If she asked for the La Toya special to her surgeon, I’d say it’s a success.

  18. She was clearly coked out in this clip and applied her make-up as such.

  19. Couldn’t make it past the :36 second mark. Idiots.

  20. Weirdly as wreck he is as he is the one and only guy who survives in this family .The original dad is dead.The stepfather became a woman.Rob disappears.Kanye tries to survive.Lamar is soon dead.

  21. I thought it was John Legend’s weird looking wife at first.

  22. I believe Scott needs more her than she needs him ( she had what she wanted to him: their children) but he never supported to pass after their children in her heart.

  23. this ho, and her brother the sock mogul fool, are the only one’s with college educations I think, and they all just completely suck and are completely worthless and irredeemable.

  24. This woman always has been and always will be so damn ugly no matter how many millions she spends on plastic surgery. Ugly wookie.

  25. I fucking hate all of them, especially Scott, but, let’s be real here, the bitch just wanted kids, so, as soon as she got them, she dipped. She doesn’t love him, his stupid ass is tied to her, but, she isn’t tied to him.

    Never trust a Kardashian.

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