Will And Jada Pinkett Smith May Not Have Actually Given Tyrese $5 Million

You may or may not be surprised to learn that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith may or may not have actually given Tyrese Gibson that oversized novelty check he posted about on Instagram. TMZ says their sources in the Pinkett-Smith camp have taken a large dump on that particular story.

According to TMZ:

Tyrese claims Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith gave him a whopping $5 million so he could dig himself out of a financial hole from his custody case, but sources directly connected to both Will and Jada say it simply isn’t true.

Sounds like Tyrese has an active imagination and a rich internal life! That’s a positive thing we can say about Tyrese. I think he’s make a spectacularly good D&D Dungeon Master, a children’s book author, a stage magician or a LARPer!

Sadly, Tyrese’s very public problems and behavior are alarming. According to TMZ, Will and Jada are worried about their pal/lover/acquaintance (who can say?!).

Will and Jada have been friends with Tyrese for years, and we’re told they’re extremely worried Tyrese is having some sort of a breakdown.

When he posted about the monopoly money he got from the Pinkett-Smiths, Tyrese said it was conditional on his keeping his business off of social media. Well, even if that money was real, Tyrese has been unable to chill for even one minute. In his most recent Instagram posts, he’s been encouraging folks to jump over to his Facebook page to get a dose of his sad ramblings.

I looked over there so you don’t have to. Tyrese is a mess. He’s having a real “Bumblebee take the wheel moment“.

And let’s not forget his long suffering wife.

Um, Tyrese, I don’t think telling you to bring a fire extinguisher with you was meant as a compliment. I don’t even have any more jokes for him. I hope he gets help. Not financial help but “The Dr. Is In” type help.

Pic: Instragram


  1. That reminds me of Matthew Perry’s M.Night Shamalan story.


  2. These sound like manic ramblings. Somebody should keep an eye on him.

  3. Love the Ilyana call

  4. Wow, he’s certifiably Kanye crazy huh?

  5. I think it’s time for a 5150 hold to evaluate him & get him some help.

  6. Tbt, i dont know what to think anymore. He has a chance for visitation and instead of seeing his daughter, he got on a jet to go who knows where.
    On his ig, he posted that the judge ordered him not to post anything about his daughter and he continues to do so.
    Whatever the case, you’re correct in saying that it’s time for professional help.

  7. 🍁🦃🌽ℱїḓḓℓεÐεε🍁🦃🌽

    This one needs to be put away, for a long time. For the safety of not only his family but himself.

  8. Also, off topic, I’ve decided that we should be Interweb friends. You’re feisty🤗

  9. svetlanabanana

    This boy’s claim to fame is being on that ‘surprise motherfucker’ GIF, we can all calm down with the daily Tyrese update

  10. Gum? Girl, you’re optimistic. He probably forgets that the floor gets wet EVERY FUCKING TIME!

  11. errare et perseverare

    More lawyer bills are coming his way the moment his wife wakes up from this confusing nightmare she must be living in. This poor lady.

  12. Abu Dhabi is code for some type of rehabilitation hospital right? He seems very “dehydrated”

  13. Original Putas

    You know….he might sincerely feel worried and hurt about his daughter, I don’t think he’s lying, but he’s let this whole thing get to him. He’s lost sight of the goal. Time for professional help.

  14. Original Putas

    He’s over!

  15. Ah, so Tyrese’s wife is obviously dumber than him. Stupid definitely has no limits.

  16. How he can think and breathe at the same time is definitely a medical mystery. Those synapses ain’t firing right.

  17. cakecokecock

    Was he trying to guilt them into giving him the money? Holy uncomfortable.

  18. 🤣🤣🤣😂😭😭😭 he’s way past the point of amateur help.

  19. 1 Corinthians 5:13, and god sayeth unto Tyrese, thou best shut the fuck up and sit the hell down before Jada comes over to beat your ass up and take the 5 milly back

  20. President of The Love Circle Foundation. What is that???

  21. “You are just seeing this – the allegations
    being dropped was revealed to me 3 weeks ago ….

    ! just got a new court order TODAY that says ! can’t post about my #daughter anymore so this is NOT about my daughter this is about what God blessed me and my family with…… ! need to get to some water to clear my
    head 77 days without my baby is starting to fuck with me in a real way….. Something that only real fathers and involved parents could relate to…..

    Go to my FaceBook.com/TYRESE right now…… Watch FULL
    VIDEO and read the WHOLE CAPTION and please support 3 links ! just decided to start a fund to HELP FATHERS who unlike me don’t have money or resources whatsoever – Support and ! will Support You – You ready??
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    Gibson who I’m MADLY in LOVE WITH…. ! don’t drink, smoke or do drugs and other than our new child….

    Shayla is and was my first and only pregnancy – 77 days no contact? ….. ! Guess they didn’t know ! had this level of a VOICE to protect myself…… God is the greatest he will always get ALL the credit for the mountains he has and has already moved….. Monday is hopefully our last day in court…

    For those of you who made this all into a comedy skit for attention, you’ve heard the saying GOD DONT LIKE UGLY right? ….. Welp! http://www.Facebook.com/TYRESE go
    there now please support guys…. please thank you…. ps…. this is not about women vs men… this is about fathers vs LIARS hit my FaceBook link in my Instagram bio now!! Romans. 8:31.

    What then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?
    The good word says VICTORY IS MINE!!”

  22. Never trust anyone who constantly spouts scripture.

  23. BootsieNightingale

    Heard about an “A” glitch, but didn’t know about the exclamation point. Thanks for clarifying, Ang!

    Tyrese, sorry for putting the glitch on you. You’re still messed up, though.

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