The LAPD Is Investigating The Rape Allegations Made Against Ed Westwick

On Monday, actress Kristina Cohen accused Ed Westwick of raping her at his home three years ago. Ed responded with a denial posted to Instagram, claiming he didn’t know Kristina and would never do such a thing. I’m sure Ed was hoping that tapping three sentences into the notes app on his phone would make the whole situation go away, but it hasn’t and the police are involved.

Kristina Cohen filed a police report on Tuesday with the LAPD at their Hollywood Division. Deadline obtained a copy of the report, and say two witnesses have also come forward to support Kristina’s rape claim. Actor Blaise Godbe Lipman (aka Alex the hot male model from Weeds) is a longtime friend of Kristina and tells Deadline that she told him about the alleged incident with Ed a few days after Valentine’s Day in 2014. Blaise says Kristina left her car at his house before she went to Ed’s home that evening. She came to retrieve her car the next morning, and told him “everything.” Blaise claims Kristina was in a state of shock, and believes “without a doubt” it was a rape.

Last month Blaise came forward with his own story of being served alcohol and assaulted at 17 by now-former APA agent Tyler Grasham. Blaise tells Deadline that Kristina was a “huge support” for him when he decided to talk publicly about his assault.

Kristina’s sister Katalina Colgate tells Deadline that it was difficult for her sister to talk about the alleged rape. Shortly after it happened, she told Katalina and their third sister what happened. Katalina says she was “furious” after hearing her sister’s story.

In Kristina’s original allegation, she claims she was introduced to Ed that night by a producer she was dating. Both Blaise and Kristina told Deadline it was Australian producer Kaine Harling. Blaise echos Kristina’s original statement, saying that Kaine told her to keep quiet about the incident because Ed had money and resources to fight her accusations, and no one would believe her.

Kristina tells Deadline she’s speaking out in hopes to “deliver a message of restoration for all the women going through this.

Ed Westwick hasn’t said anything else regarding this situation. His original denial is still up on Instagram and Twitter.

Regardless of what the LAPD finds in their investigation, this is bound to put a damper on any future Gossip Girl reunions. Between the news that Chuck Bass is an alleged rapist and that Puck from Glee is an alleged pedophile, we’re starting to run out of young adult TV shows from the late 2000s that won’t make you cringe if you watch a re-run. I guess there’s the reboot of 90210. It’s still going to make you cringe, but that’s only because of the bad acting and corny storylines.



  1. Spaz de la Whoreta

    Resting douche face!

  2. Michael Girouard

    Boyfriends and husbands do horrendous things to women (and kids) every day. Being in a relationship proves nothing and certainly doesn’t make someone safe. I’ve been there. Someone had to die at the end for it to be over.

  3. Michael Girouard

    But sometimes the grossness would actually warrant a video.

  4. Glad to hear he’s better!

  5. They both have resting douche face.

  6. People who are raped by complete randoms are afraid to come forward because they think no one will believe them, and unfortunately that’s often the case. If the rapist is famous or has money it’s just that much worse.

  7. ViolettaBliss

    You never know who might be a sexual predator. 15 years ago I had a dinner party and my boyfriend at the time invited a friend of his. One of my female friends developed a migraine during the dinner and my BF’s guy friend offered her some pills for migraines because he supposadely also suffered from migraines. He placed them on the foyer table. She found her pills and opted not to take his. Fast forward a week later I came home with a blinding headache so I stupidly grabbed one of the migraine pills he left on the foyer table. I woke up 24 hours later on my couch completely out of it with zero memory or comprehension of 24 hours passing. I took the remaining pill to a friend who worked at a lab and he confirmed that the pill was actually a very high dosage of Rohypnol, which is a really strong tranquilizer commonly used as date rape drug… So my BF’s friend was trying to roofie my friend in my home !?
    Ladies be careful and vigilant always!!!

  8. BlessThisMess

    amazing. this is too accurate

  9. majormajormajor

    If you watch unreal, you’ll be even more creeped. She’s the rick of the show to some extent – you’re supposed to hate what a terrible power hungry assholes she is, but people who have perspective and inferencing issues don’t get how sad her character is supposed to be

  10. majormajormajor

    It’s the weird pitch change some British actors use with their manly American accents, see: hugh Laurie

    Love hugh but the House voice was…nearing sexy Batman* territory

    *there are 4 Batmans
    1. “Adam West old timey batman”
    2. “90s Batman and Frank” (keaton)
    3. “Sexy batman” (bale)
    4. Fatman

    The mood needed lightening

  11. Youre so sweet to remember! He is just fine. He had an ear infection that just wouldn’t quit and was hurting him so badly 🙁

  12. So now a second former actress came forward with the same story.

  13. Chuck Bass raping a girl, no never! Fuck Hollywood 🙁

  14. I don’t think there much love involved.

  15. GothyMcGotha

    Maybe it’s the same cologne: Eau d’douche?

  16. Hee hee!

    Hey, how’s your pup? You’d mentioned one night recently that your sweet Lab was sick.

  17. Lol!

  18. Spaz de la Whoreta

    Something about his face reminds me of Jimmy Fallon.

  19. Clever Moniker

    I watched that in SUCH a rage.

  20. I have my guesses, too. Time will expose who it is, though. That’s what always happens again and again, some random account shows up, starts kissing the ass of a certain group of posters, has a meltdown, deletes the account, gets a new one and the cycle starts again. That’s why I’m getting annoyed with them.

  21. I’m soooooo happy I’m not the only one who noticed how aggressive she is. She got on my nerves. I’m sorry if she was a victim, but I can’t take her posts anymore.

    I have a guess who it may be if it is an alt though.

  22. I can bet it’s someone’s alt account. It basically came out of nowhere, kissing the ass of a group of posters and aggressively posting her fake outrage on every thread, that’s not normal, the way it acts shows that it isn’t a lurker and it isn’t new, either.

  23. I blocked her too. Something is wrong with her.

  24. I don’t think that’s what that person was suggesting.

  25. I wish they wouldn’t cover every single one. I miss the jokes and so forth. In all honesty, since Trump came into office, this site has changed. Now the endless discussions on rape and people tearing each other apart on different opinions has further dampened it. It has become too serious and dark, and people I used to get along with (or at least tolerated) I’m now having to block left and right. A break is extremely needed.

    This is the only gossip site I go to, as it’s better than the others, so it’s not like I have options…besides stop visiting the site that is.

    ETA: To the ineveitable smart asses in here, no, I’m not condoning or defending rapists or saying rape should be ignored or any other idiotic assumption you may have. No need to get disrespectful.

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