Chris Evans Might Have Let It Slip He’s Back With Jenny Slate

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate have been playing coy about whether or not they’re dating again for the past month. They could just come out and say “Yes,” but that’s no fun. Where’s the not-subtle cutesy Twitter flirting? Chris and Jenny are once again dropping hints about the status of their relationship, but this time Chris’ dog has been dragged into it.

Yesterday Chris tweeted a video of his dog, Dodger, howling with his favorite stuffed lion as it sang a tinny version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” In the background you can hear Chris laughing and you can also hear a woman laughing. People points out that it’s probably Jenny Slate. Or maybe he just leaned into a pillow that Jenny gave him while they were still dating that she recorded her own laughter into? With their history of being extremely extra with each other, I would not put that past either of them.

This video begs to ask the question: Chris, are you two dating or what? I also have a follow up question: Did you steal those stonewashed boot-cut jeans from the set of Not Another Teen Movie?

At the 0:18 mark, it looks to me like Dodger is giving his owner a look and thinking “I better be getting an extra helping of Iams tonight for participating in your damn stunt.” I wouldn’t blame him, but I don’t think that’s why he’s giving Chris that look. Dodger’s lion is singing about sleeping while sounding pretty damn sleepy itself. Poor Dodger isn’t singing along; he’s trying to get his owner to put down his iPhone and change his buddy’s batteries.

Pic: Twitter


  1. If it didn’t wirk the first time, it won’t work the second time around. And I don’t see an Jenny Slate in this video, so what? It’s a cute dog video though, so thanks.

  2. Right!?!
    (He is really attractive.)

  3. Joker Chick

    How boring.

  4. The Bad Slayer

    I too thought she was funny on X but every time she referenced the “friend” she watched the movie with I couldn’t help but picture Chris.

  5. Another article of the saga of “are we are we not”. I didn’t think Captain America was so thirsty of attention, he didn’t used to be. What’s up with all the cleaning comments, pics and articles then?
    It’s like the PR Purge. Careful, cause nobody likes an attention w*ore

  6. Dodger is adorable, Chris is cute but stupid, and that woman’s laugh is incredibly annoying.

  7. He is Jenny’s BJ Novak. Run Jenny run!

  8. I don’t care about who Chris Evans is dating, screwing, or whatever else, but his pup is really cute.

  9. Same, I’d hit that whenever, wherever!

  10. They’re in a children’s room, Chris does not have kids and neither does Jenny. If her laugh is as horrendous as her voice, then that probably wasn’t her. Maybe his best friend Tara.

  11. newyawkerfahuh

    …every time i see a post with these names i simply think: who?

  12. Katpiss Everypeen

    Yeah I wanna bone her too.

  13. Katpiss Everypeen

    Maybe he’ll slip on her crap next

  14. thineownself

    is that a child’s room?

  15. “let it slip” = tried to drum up publicity.

    This is like the male equivalent of wearing an empire waist dress so people will speculate you’re pregnant.

  16. OMG that doggie is too cute.

  17. I’m more curious as to why he’s in a child’s bedroom. Does he have children? Adorable children? Perfect looking children?

  18. Chris loves his furbaby to bits😍

  19. BellaDonnaSleeps

    This fills me with an unnatural level of jealousy! Green eyed monster envy.

  20. vanessa197676

    They’re cute and I like Jenny. She was hilarious on the Jason X episode How Did This Get Made and on Parks and Rec. They also worked well together on the movie Gifted. Good for them.

  21. Lefemmenikita

    Dodger: You really dropped the ball there buddy

  22. I love that doggy and don’t care about the humans in this story.

  23. SAME !!! LOL !!!

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