A Former Security Guard Is Threatening To Sue Mariah Carey For Harassment

It’s November, which means the Christmas season has already begun. The unofficial Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey should be spending the next 47 days napping on a plush red velvet throw while visions of sugar plums remind her of the time she could still hit and hold the high note in “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Instead, she’s got some pressing legal issues to deal with at the moment. TMZ says that one of her former security guards has drafted up a possible lawsuit containing some extremely messy allegations.

Michael Anello’s security company was employed by Mariah from June 2015 to May 2017. According to the lawsuit, which hasn’t officially been filed yet, Michael claims Mariah stiffed him on money, sexually harassed him, and said some racist things.

First the money, Michael claims that Mariah owes his company $221,329.51 in unpaid invoices. He also states Mariah promised him two more years of work worth $511,000, for a total of $732,329.51 in money owed. Onto the harassment claims, Michael, who is white, says that Mariah often referred to him and a colleague as Nazis, skinheads, and KKK members, and that she made it known she wanted to be surrounded by “black guys” and not white people.

Michael also accuses Mariah of performing “sexual acts” with the intent they be viewed by him During a trip to Mexico, Michael says that Mariah asked him to come to her room and move some luggage for her. When he arrived, Mariah’s bits were on display in a see-through negligee that was open in the front. According to Michael, he tried to leave, but she demanded he stay and move her luggage. He left the room, and adds that there was no physical contact made.

Mariah’s people tell TMZ that they’re working with his lawyer to pay some of the outstanding invoices, but he’s not happy with what they’re offering. Mariah’s team also had no knowledge about any sexual harassment claims.

It sounds like she could use a refresher course on workplace no-nos, but I have a hard time picturing Mariah Carey saying such hateful things. Or any things, for that matter. I can’t really picture Mariah Carey having the energy to say anything to an employee beyond an hourly request for a champagne top-up.

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  1. Bloody Waifu

    Thank you!!! I hate that one so much!

  2. Bloody Waifu

    I believe him but I’m kind of with you on the neglige part. I mean, if you hire a bodyguard isn’t it likely that they will at some point encounter you in the buff or close to it? Seems like an intimate job.

  3. I like that one. Never heard of it, the mull of Kintyre. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†

  4. If I have to hear that Christmas song one more fucking time.πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ πŸ’©πŸ•πŸ·πŸ™πŸ”πŸŸπŸ•β„

  5. That’s true she gets royalties from songwriting but she does not own her back catalogue. Its owned by sony/ATV. This is why she got very pissed off when they released her greatest hits album and her songs on compilation albums. She has no control over her releases. Babs/Madge/jacko/prince all owned and published their own music.

  6. Flora Posteschild

    In a way, I can’t blame this man for striking while the iron is hot — I have no time for rich (or “rich”) bums who don’t pay their bills.

  7. Was this your response to everyone who made similar comments? Either way, you seem like someone I shouldn’t further converse with. Have a nice day though.☺️

  8. So if Harvey Weinstein was just drunk when he greeted people in his open bathrobe is it no longer sexual harassment? or is it because he is a man and she is a woman? Please explain the difference per your statement.

  9. Amazing how liberals will cry rape when a man exposes his cock to a woman, but if a Woman forces a man to look at her vagina by intentionally opening her legs at him while not wearing underwear, it is acceptable. What fucking bullshit. I went through this nonsense on the subway. Some asshole woman trying to prove something by flashing her cunt at everyone. She knew what she was doing, just like men do. No way do women do it more, but yes, there are fucked up women who pull this shit. Wanna complain about men? be prepared for the truth about women.

  10. I hope you have a boss who greets you with her gina hanging out of her one piece.

  11. Forcing nudity on your employees is not an eccentricity. It is an act of sexual harassment and it is illegal.

  12. So what? If Harvey Weinstein greets an actress in an open bath robe and is sued for it, why is it okay for Mariah to force her staff to look at her vagina? You don’t have to have sexual contact or even talk about sex to sexually harrass someone. All you have to do is wear negligee that shows your tits and clit. I would be enraged if I had to see that at work.

  13. American Idol lined her coffers with cash. She has divorce settlements I believe and has invested well. She seems to enjoy spending other people money. Add on songwriting royalities and product lines she has done. Lady got bank.

  14. and thus can make those around them feel sexualized in an unwanted way.

  15. If Harvey Weinstein cannot greet actresses with his cock hanging out of his bathrobe, then Mariah Carey is not allowed to approach staff with her teets hanging out or her bermuda triangle within landing sight.

  16. Were you like all up in the bed with them giving out instructions?

  17. And Donald Trump could have paid his bills too, but chose not to…that’s what increases these scumbags net worth – use small business people to do work, not pay them knowing they cannot afford to sue, or they will break even making the stress of it too much. She is a scumbag for keeping this payment for so long. I am sure she did not harass him sexually but that is a way to get the punitive claim up so high she will gladly pay only what she owes him. A smart strategy. They teach this in law school. When a rich person withholds payment, you tack on additional claims to maximize impact thus compelling them to just pay what is owed + legal costs.

  18. says the guy who has never had to pay legal fees. You do not spend 300K to make back 200K unless you are Peter Thiel or just retarded. If you add on sex Harrassment damages, the cumulative judgment justifies the cost of legal action. He knows the sex harrassment will be thrown out but in the end he will get everything he is owed. She would rather pay him the owed wages than 5 million in pain and suffering. Waiting is often a strategy. A well played move by the small business owner. God bless him.

  19. Small businesses often have to wait to sue until the owed money compels them to expend the much dreaded legal costs (Son of small business owner) which can often be more than the sum owed. It is how Trump got away with so many non payments: the cost of suing is more than the Sum being sought.

  20. Drunk celebs are the only thing that make these insufferable award shows entertaining.

  21. Or from inside a Kardashian

  22. Original Putas

    She never had sex with Packer! But that’s because he’s unattractive. She puts it all over hot back up dancer though! Poor James packer πŸ™

  23. Original Putas

    And not for nothing but if I were that security guy I would’ve smashed Mariah into the next damn century. I’m crazy as hell so I know I see shit a little differently but no way in hell would I turn down the chance to fuck a famous woman… Not if I were a dude. The guy shouldn’t even put it out there that Mariah threw the goods at him and he flinched. He looks like a pussy.

  24. lol

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