Open Post: Hosted By Kate McKinnon As “Kellywise”

One of the better sketches from last night’s Saturday Night Live featured their star player Kate McKinnon playing completely delusional #MAGA apologist Kellyane Conway as the murderous clown demon Pennywise from It. Kellyanne actually didn’t need any more makeup or allusions to horror movies to make her more terrifying but this was pretty much spot-on.

You could sort of see her staging a press conference from a sewer due to a nuclear war with North Korea and explaining it away as “President Trump wanted me to demonstrate how this country’s infrastructure is crumbling because of Obama, and I’m in this sewer to highlight all of the damage that POTUS is trying to fix.” Eventually, “Kellywise” manages to bite Anderson Cooper’s arm off and drag him down with her. Honestly, because of the way that things have been going, that doesn’t seem very far-fetched.

Pic: YouTube


  1. ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    Awwwww how adorable!!! RACCOOOOOOOOOOON!

  2. I guess the “enlightenment” is what is suppose to make it all worth it. But I’m with you. No thanks!

  3. That’s why all the Portuguese I grew up with would cook in their kitchen garages. Then they would park their cars in the house kitchen. haha jk

  4. CountChoculuh


  5. Uptown James

    HI CC—in fact i do and Ima post some fotos in today’s OP!

  6. I loved that show.

  7. Crank Tango

    Ah I see. Well, you probably won’t get your ass kicked if you DO run into the owner. Probably some spoiled college kid left it abandoned for a while.
    I’d grab it and call the cops and say you found it, if no one reported it, I’d fix her up. She will probably be happy to get a new chain etc.

  8. Ohnononohun

    It’s has phat cycles on the front, it’s aqua with flowers on it. It’s rusted and dented so I’m thinking it is an older bike, maybe someone’s kid rode it. It’s hard to explain how it looks like an expensive bike that someone left out in the rain. My dad wants to paint it, but it would be a shame because the finish is pretty.

  9. I use apple cider vinegar and put a drop of dish soap so they sink the moment they hit the liquid.. Little bastards.

  10. Thanks

  11. Possibly but add a teaspoon or so of sugar.

  12. I had to google what “whey” is, I didn’t even know it had a name !
    Do you think apple cider vinegar could work ?

  13. Not sure about flies but my trick for fruit flies is take a long neck bottle (like a salad dressing) pour a little sweet pickle juice in it. I’ve also used the whey from yogurt.

  14. I told you to quit posting pics of me!

  15. Michael Totzke

    As a Canadian, it PISSES ME OFF.

  16. Michael Totzke

    Kate. Is. Genius. And Alex Moffat is a doil – & very talented.

  17. wikipediabrown

    interesting. i had a horrid mosquito infestation this summer and use citronella for a bit but had to buy the super crazy plug in poison. was ok for cats but is toxic to aquatic life. unfortunately, you have to wait for it to fully evaporate before throwing it out so it’s still plugged into the outlet even though the mosquitos are gone. can’t just toss it in the trash as it could harm the environment. ugh.

  18. Dirk Diggler-Kojak

    Kellywise is terrifying, but not nearly as scary as the actual members of the administration.

  19. louise_brooks

    I didn’t, but I love me some beardy Hugh Jackman.

  20. Flora Posteschild

    Ha! Lenny Bruce had something similar to say about Lyndon Johnson.

  21. MahatmaCoat

    Um, that’s me

  22. Raja Hindustani

    My Uncle, the diehard Trump fan “SNL is just making fun of Kelly simply because she is such a nice person and they can’t stand that.” Uhhh, what?

  23. They hate the smell of lavender. So get even an inexpensive lavender oil, & line your windows & doors with it.
    I hate Flywire doors & windows & live in Australia Melbourne. A cool civilized City of 4 Million
    . Even though we live down Eastern Australia, with a dry winter, & now & loooooonngg Summer approaching, flies are everywhere.
    I keep our swimspa covered at all times.
    The kids are already going nuts in it ( it’s early Spring here, but already hot)
    Citrus coils work well.
    Also Eucalyptus oil ( if out at night, as hasn’t any sun protection)
    Absolutely keeps them at bay.
    For your home get a vuporiser Don’t need to spend hundreds, Walmart have them,, fill it with water & Eucalyptus.
    Hope this helps.
    I alternate lavender oil & Eucalyptus with lots of water. It makes the home smell lovely & cooling too.
    I bought 2 high powered vapourisours from Kmart here & they were only $15 each and they light Up and look smart.

  24. I love Kate McKinnon. It’s 22.10 AET so not too late.
    Open post freaks me out….do I post about my day? ( No I don’t, that is mundane)
    Ok, I visited my kick arse lawyer at 9am. Ran tonnes of errors. Picked my kids up from school. Mowed my lawns ( only excersise I get) made a pretty nice dinner..
    Blah blah. Just like all of us.
    Ok, just got the point of open post….Also my former husband is dangerous. I want to kill him, but he’s not even worth the 4 yrs I would get here.
    Halloween has only just taken off in our conservative Country.
    We LOVE it. Our house is made spookiest & I give out only full sized Snickers or Marsbars.

  25. I was looking for pics for this afternoon birthday sluts. It’s the birthday of one of our rugby player named Frederick Michalak, and I found these pictures of him

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