A Former Pussycat Doll Says The Group Was A “Prostitution Ring”

Canadian Trump supporter (huh?) Kaya Jones is a former member of the Pussycat Dolls. Seemingly inspired by all of the Harvey Weinstein messiness, she’s been tweeting about her own negative experiences in the industry. As E! News points out, Kaya says that the Pussycat Dolls, who officially broke up in 2009, wasn’t a “girl group,” it was a “prostitution ring.” They definitely dressed like ladies of the evening but wasn’t that part of their whole burlesque schtick? And it gets darker…

Kaya, who left the group in 2005, says that the situation was so bad that she walked away from millions when she left the Dolls.

According to Wikipedia, Kaya’s stated reason for leaving PCD in 2005 was because it was no longer “fun.” It certainly didn’t look fun. Having to play bridesmaid to that Nicole Scherzinger chick along with 20 other girls while singing uninspired pop songs isn’t the life.

Kaya continued to spill tea on Twitter, and went on to shade an unnamed “den mother” who is probably PCD and G.R.L. creator Robin Antin. This was in reference to G.R.L. singer Simone Battle’s suicide in 2014.

You wouldn’t think the group who sang such simple, heartfelt lyrics as “when I grow up, I want to have boobies,“* had so much alleged darkness going on behind closed stage curtains. Now whenever I hear “Buttons,” I’m going to think of sex trafficking and suicidal ideation.

(* I know that’s not the actual lyric, but it sure as hell sounds like it.)



  1. Man-Bun Ken Doll ✓

    No one is pretending they dont know him you lying sack of shit. His career is over. He is off the Academy. The democrats and sleazy Hollywood got rid of him. GOP blames the victims when one of their’s is a rapist or a child molester. Then you elect him. Democrats get to take the moral high ground on this one. But what do you care, your child sex trafficking, piss play, pussy grabber, is POTUS. Just like you wanted. https://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.chttps://uploads.disquscdn.c

  2. Man-Bun Ken Doll ✓

    Same thing. That makes her a minister of a pervert’s propaganda and an apologist for a pervert.

  3. Freddy Nerk

    Nonsense, it’s also about sex.

  4. Brittnay_Matthews

    Nope. Never. I have self respect and the education and skills to propel me ahead of the buckle draggers.

  5. LoopyGorilla

    yes she saw what was going to happen, being sold as an escort, rather than be a singer. so she got outta there

  6. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    I knew about Norman. I should have googled but I knew one of those 90s super models had a payday baby with him.

  7. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    I googled and didn’t find anything concrete.

  8. Ohnononohun

    That’s it! That’s the name of it! There were so many stars I was shocked about being in there!

  9. Elizabeth Taylor-Burton

    I don’t mean to imply at all that she did, just that they wanted her to. And yeah, wasn’t Cassie one of the first to spot that horrible half shaved hair trend and it was really cause Diddy did something horrible?

  10. lovesicecream

    I wonder what she has been up to ??? Nevermind, it’s probably gross 🙁

  11. majormajormajor

    yeah, i remember getting a straightdar ping or two, then googling. i figure if you’re a straight male hair stylist and don’t look crazy, you must have waded through pussy at some point.

  12. lovesicecream

    Both of them are assholes too.

  13. lovesicecream

    I wanna kick some Hollywood asses just for the Coreys.

  14. lovesicecream

    I’m glad the box has opened but..it’s just so evil !

  15. WinterOwl22

    I grew up here in L.A. and don’t think it’s a desert. 😊 We have a Mediterranean climate. That myth was perpetuated by the movie China Town. Here’s an article:


  16. CaliCheeseSucks

    Oh yes, I know of a several Canadian news sites that are so pro-Trump, you can’t believe they’re based on Canadian news sources… one group in England equally disgusting. The people you meet on Disqus 😮

  17. Sally Brite

    Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry.

  18. He has been married to a woman for 11 years. He is dramatic as fuck though.

  19. I follow him on Twitter and so far he seems pretty together in regards to all of this.

  20. majormajormajor

    there’s also a huge and growing trade in local human trafficking. basically the image of america is 1. completely fake and 2. based on middle class white anglo experiences. if you’re a working class girl here, you can easily be human trafficked.

  21. majormajormajor

    yeah when a group has a phrase and a more dominant group steals it and abuses it, it tends to become annoying af

    seriously, fucking Nene and then the rest of the stupid ass housewives snatched up all the good gay sayings and rode them until the proverbial wheels feel off. i heard some dumb bitch on TV say, “sip that tea kermit” AS IN THE FUCKING MEME, i said


  22. majormajormajor

    WAIT that’s where he comes from?

    I need to get on Kodi and watch LA Hair. Is he straight for real real? Cause I think I would.

  23. majormajormajor

    don’t worry, you’re right.

    when you have one party that has deliberately courted racists, sexists, homophobes, and other types of violent, scared, irrational people since at least the 80s…there’s a difference.

  24. majormajormajor

    when i was little my parents explained TLC to me (there was no pop music going on in that house) and clarified that almost all entertainers end up being owned by record companies. they told me about the suckindick part of getting famous later. all of this was done with mad sympathy for the entertainers themselves, but also as a warning to get educated and get a union job.

    i was a good looking child and they were constantly fending off people who saw me as $ not a child

  25. Liz said that she and Rock took bets on who could sleep with Dean. Those were some times.

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