WIG Threatened Legal Action Against NeNe Leakes For Calling Her A Racist

Before NeNe Leakes was wishing ride-share rape on a female audience member at her standup show in Oakland, she was back to her mudslinging ways with Kim “WIG” Zolciak. As we have covered extensively, Kim’s daughter Brielle Biermann shot a Snapchat video from inside of one of NeNe’s bathrooms and spotted what were labeled as roaches (but didn’t really look like riches). NeNe took that for racism and labeled the Biermanns as racists. She also said that Brielle brought the roaches into her home by way of her snatch. There, you’re all caught up!

WIG has had enough. Even though those two were friends again for all of a hot minute, she has threatened legal action. TMZ says that Kim hired a lawyer (sadly, it wasn’t Phaedra Parks) who has fired off a letter demanding NeNe retract her racist claims on social media and apologize – or else! Of course, because this is a legal letter from one Housewife to another, it also says that NeNe is just jealous of Kim’s successful spinoff.

It seems like NeNe has taken down the Twitter and Instagram posts, which is a good thing since the letter hissed, “Your conduct exposes you to multi-million dollar liability.” I know NeNe is very rich, bitch, but I seriously doubt she has that kind of disposable income from Fashion Police and those bedazzled hats she’s always hawking on Twitter. But if Kim is feeling particularly bossy and still goes after NeNe, it does seem like she’s close again with Sheree Whitfield:

Maybe she can get Sheree to take out a home equity loan on Chateau Lincoln Logs and help out with the defense fund!

Pic: Wenn.com


  1. WhoGonCheckMeBoo??

    No worries there !

  2. WhoGonCheckMeBoo??

    Which one? Both of these clowns wear wigs!!

  3. saraphim_deeznutz

    looks similar to….

  4. We all have out opinions. Appreciate that you took it as just joking. I don’t like that platinum wig on her and probably wouldn’t like it on anyone.

  5. Is that Dave Foley?

  6. Didn’t Kim fail to compensate Kandi a percentage of the money she made from Don’t be Tardy for the Party?

  7. Is this your “say something nice”? 😂😂😂

  8. Dirk Diggler-Kojak

    Wow. WIG looks rough!

  9. pregnancygas

    There is some weird shit going on with Kim’s wig length, where her cleavage starts and the collar of her jacket.

  10. Forklift Foot

    Don’t be tardy for the paycheck. OoohhOoHhh

  11. The New Housewives of Whatever Shitty Place They Can Find has managed to bring some of the ugliest women (inside and out) on television.

  12. shade_throwa

    Kim is a sad long faced horse with synthetic plastic wigs and bucked dentures.

    Nene has a wide width bosom, a wandering eye and a nose that reminds me of a strange Groucho Marx – Humpty Hump hybrid.

    Sheree looks like Storm’s unemployed and untalented sister, Scattered Showers.

  13. shade_throwa

    Hoe-ray for sHe-ree!

  14. Oh, ladies. You’re both vile. Stop fighting and do some work on yourselves.

  15. plentyleft22

    All these thirsty housewives this week and Andy. Must be time for a season premiere.


  16. Maybe it was that because it was a racket & I was genuinely afraid of what the hell was in the bushes! 🙂

  17. LookieLookie

    My dog usually killed the water bugs that got inside the house. Reason enough to get a dog for me 😂 Though I’d have to get to the stink bugs before she did or else…

  18. Lol. Was it a locust year or just general cicadas, I wonder. Locusts come in cycles of every few years and are maddeningly loud.

  19. Why are Kim’s breasties so very, very low?

  20. 🎃🦇 BishStoleMyLook🦇🎃

    I live in coastal NC. Water bugs are everywhere. We have our house and yard sprayed once a month for bugs. They still get in (but die quickly) but I’m forever picking up water bug carcasses. And I’m almost OCD clean so that has nothing to do with it. The South = bugs. It’s nothing to get so upset over.

  21. 🎃🦇 BishStoleMyLook🦇🎃

    Put on with a trowel!

  22. Oh that’s the truth – grew up in Jersey – we had lots of mosquitos because it’s very marshy but on a road trip we stopped for the night in Laurel, MS – damn I never heard noise like that at night from insects – so loud it freaked me out & I went inside!

  23. LookieLookie

    Oh yeah. Forgot about that name for them. There are so many of them there, we need multiple names for them! They are so disgusting. I don’t miss them at all!

  24. FluffKitteh

    I moved out west too! And the bug situation is much better, I haven’t seen any bugs except spiders.
    In Georgia people called those big flying roaches “palmetto bugs”.

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