Justin Bieber Reportedly Tried To Get Acting Advice From Adam Sandler And David Spade

Singing isn’t exactly Justin Bieber’s thing at the moment, so he’s considering a career in acting. Justin didn’t come up in the Disney or Nickelodeon system, which means he’s going to need some acting lessons. According to UsWeekly, he went straight to the industry’s most revered and esteemed actors: Adam Sandler and David Spade.

A source says that Justin asked The Sandman and David Spade to join himself and his manager Scooter Braun for dinner after the Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Harvey Relief on September 12. While there, Justin picked their brains about worming his way into the film industry.

“They had a great time! Justin had a lot of questions for them about the movie world….He is trying to educate himself about the industry and learn more about it,” the insider added. “He wants to break into acting and directing/producing.”

I would love to know what kind of advice Adam Sandler and David Spade gave him. I’m picturing something like this:

Adam Sandler: “Repeat after me: Shababa doo. Rabbada doo. Shibbidy dee. And move your hands like you’re trying to catch an invisible apple.”

David Spade: “Can you look smarmy? You can? Congratulations, I have no other advice.”

This isn’t the first time Justin Bieber has dipped his tiny toe into acting. He’s appeared in various SNL sketches, dramatically died in an episode of CSI, and technically acted in commercials.

Justin can barely sell it when he has to pretend to like his fans, so I have very little confidence that he’ll be any good at acting. Still, Adam Sandler’s acting and directing advice probably won’t make him a good actor, but at the very least it will guarantee Justin a big award nomination. Sure, it will be a Razzie, but an award is an award.

Pic: Wenn.com


  1. craigypants

    Nobody wants him anymore. Poor dear.

  2. Raja Hindustani

    All your choices are funny so need to be defensive. You were the one making judments first, afterall 🙂

  3. Why, so you can judge all over it? Oh, I guess that’s fine, this is DListed after all! I never liked Adam Sandler and I came of age in the 90’s, peak Sandler time. Tina Fey, Steve Martin, Larry David. They are funny to me.

  4. Michael Girouard

    I’d fuck him. And if his big black bodyguards ever pulled a train on his ass, I’d pay to watch the video. You know Johnny Rapid offered him a lot of money to do a scene? Sadly, pornstars don’t make quite enough money to make that event happen.

  5. I’ve got some acting advice for this little cunt: Act your age.

  6. I guess it’s all luck of the draw these days. Any schmuck can be an actor. Maybe the Weinstein purge will reset Hollywood, or suck the whole entertainment industry into the Hell Mouth. I don’t go to the movies these days anyway. Celebs need a reality check, and I think what happened to Soap Stars between the 80’s and Now (Read, they dont get paid shit anymore) will happen to big names….the money just isn’t there. Unless it’s a Disney product.

  7. mybrainistired

    And MC Hammer for accounting advice. And Wesley Snipes or Willie Nelson for tax advice.

  8. mybrainistired

    He was also shot and killed in the second Zoolander movie.

  9. Jerome T Miner

    I have zero idea how his “fame” or “success” continues? Who’s writing the check for this Usher?

  10. I don’t feel like reading much today I’ll only comment on the photo and I’ll say that bitch is aging *fast*. He looks like a shop assistant at Home Depot or something. I wonder who his fans are because his original fans must be having like their first babies now.

  11. JasonSantoro.com

    I’d let this dude fuck me hard, but with my luck he will want me to fuck him instead. I’ll show myself out.

  12. Click was pretty good, and Spanglish

  13. Adam was funny and made a lot of good movies but he’s just been slacking and getting paid to go on vacation with his buddies.

  14. 👻 Khooni 🎃

    Justin at the Oscars and Jaden Smith at the Olympics?

    It’s great to be ambitious ya guys but know your limits.

  15. I would love it if he approached a self-serious Ack Tore like Daniel Day Lewis for advice.

  16. One of my former co-workers went to HS with him. They are FB friends now.

  17. Beautiful.

  18. Where’s the gif of him botching his fall on CSI?

    The little shit did get killed, at least.

  19. This is a joke right? If he thinks he can earn an Emmy or an Oscar, he is delusional.

  20. Raja Hindustani

    Who is funny to you then?

  21. Prediction: This scrawny annoyance will be met with jeers and derision,
    proving that there is a God and He is not a Beleiber.

    I hope he learns everything from Sandler.

  22. … Literally asking two un-funny people for “acting” advice. …. Did I expect anything more? So the Biebs has no sense of humour.

  23. thunderstorm

    First, I think people have to find you entertaining, little man. Phil Hartman might have some advice for you.


  24. Maybe he was asking them for advice so he can be sure to do the exact opposite?? Lol

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