Chip And Joanna Gaines Allegedly Left HGTV For More Shiplap Cash

Everyone panicked last month when it was announced that HGTV was about to drop its Waco rudder. Chip and Joanna Gaines said they were packing the shiplap into a U-Haul and driving off into the sunset to “catch our breath” at whatever goody-goody camp those two preach at in the off-season. But it appears that breath will be more than caught if someone comes along promising to add a few zeros to the Gaines’ joint checking account.

Page Six says HGTV is kind of a terrible place to work, and no, the worst part isn’t the anxiety of running into one of those mannequin-faced Property Brothers or that turd of a husband from Flip or Flop in the hallway. A source said the company has imposed pretty strict contracts on talent ever since its parent company, Scripps, never saw a dime of Rachael Ray’s EVOO empire:

“Many years ago, when Scripps, which also owns Food Network, signed Rachael Ray, they didn’t think about Rachael starting a magazine, launching product lines, getting endorsement deals and her books selling millions of copies. And so while Food Network turned Rachael Ray into a star, she made tens of millions and Scripps got none of it.

After Rachael, they made sure no talent deal would ever put them in that situation again. Since the Gaineses were relatively unknown when they started, they signed the general Scripps talent contract.”

Chip and Joanna signed a deal with HGTV to get their show started in 2013. But now that they’re the number one hussies in televised home improvement (well, until the triumphant phoenix revival of Hildi Santo-Tomas on Trading Spaces), they want HGTV’s paws off their silos. While they’ve been able to keep HGTV away from their offshoot businesses like their line at Target, Chip and Joanna still reportedly feel like they’re getting overworked:

“As Chip and Joanna grew more famous and popular over the years, the HGTV conceded to a few changes to their contract – like not taking a percentage of their Target collection – but they still wanted the Gaineses to shoot long days, promote the show and just work their butts off.”

The source doesn’t expect the duo to stay off the boob tube for long. Discovery is reportedly trying to buy Scripps, and the sources are saying that Chip and Joanna are hoping Discovery approaches them with a better deal. You know, since Discovery is apparently way more generous with their talent and makes them global SUPAHSTAHS, like TLC’s Cake Boss. I guess they also like the idea of Discovery’s legal defense budget, should Chip ever get a DWI like the Cake Boss. Just kidding! The stiffest drink Chip has had in the last ten years was a bottle of Yoo-hoo.

But the real interesting thing in this whole deal is that, should the deal go through and Chip and Joanna’s reported “Holding Out For A Discovery Hero” ruse actually works, the Gaineses would be under the same corporate umbrella as TLC. As in, who owns the Trading Spaces revival. As in, please hay the shit out of that prized shiplap, Hildi! We’ve been waiting for this!

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  1. There was one where she wanted to do the army song for a veteran. I figured she’d do a line or two from it. Nope, she did the entire song. It took up like half a wall.

  2. That clock is too small.

  3. They wanted their chance at fame and were willing to strike a deal with HGTV to get it. Without that exposure, they wouldn’t have any of the success of their merchandising crap so I don’t see anything wrong in the terms of a contract that gives HGTV a cut.

  4. Robert Heikkila

    Brown & beige, Beige & brown what could go wrong?

  5. I’m so tired of these two being shoved down everyone’s throats. They are always on the cover of entertainment mags alongside those mole looking property bros.

  6. Eric Larson

    Scripps wanting all the cash is the reason the Food Network has become nothing but competition shows with “chefs” you never heard of. All the old guard like Emmeril and Ina Garten and Paula Dean had their own publishing deals and such so they got tossed in favor of unknowns that Scripps could license for themselves.

  7. I like my idea better too! 😉

  8. Frank Rizzo

    tithing money to their gay bashing church costs cash!

  9. one of those mannequin-faced Property Brothers

    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh Muuuuuh GAaaaaaw it’s so true, those flat, dead eyes, the creepy smiles, they’re fucking mannequins!

    Seriously, though, Scripps needs to go away permanently. Their time has passed. All the matchy matchy formulaic shows where every bland house gets a wide open floor plan and hard wood floors and tiled backsplash and plain white furniture. Sooooo fucking boring. Used to watch HGTV and DIY and Food Network almost exclusively, now I don’t watch any of them. I miss the days of good tv :*(

  10. Andromeda_Deadface

    I KNEW IT!! I knew it wasn’t about “spending more time with their family”. These two are all about the dollars (not saying they can’t be like that). They have a colossal gaul though feeling like they can’t do what they want because someone is stifling them when they tried to do it to the homeowners whose homes they renovated when they said they couldn’t use the renovated houses as B&Bs afterwards – like as if they have a say over someone’s home after all they did was renovate it.

  11. K.K. Urine Inspiration

    What in the crime scene hell?

  12. Sandra Lee was honest about not making everything from scratch.

  13. Yeah the one I can’t hate on is Sandra, she had a nightmare childhood.

  14. that was hildi on trading spaces….she did the weirdest stuff on that show…she painted a couch hot pink and one time she made everything in the room out of cardboard……the hay room…the people had small children and they were rightfully pissed

  15. Trash Panda

    I like these two. They don’t offend me in the least. That being said, thank god someone else things the Property Bros look funky. I would not.

  16. Mitt Zombie

    We made a beach room in college for spring break when we were too poor to fly, not nearly that much sand involved though.

  17. Mitt Zombie

    Next idea, making a kitchen counter out of sponges.

  18. Mitt Zombie

    You could never get the Trump pee off those flower walls,

  19. Mitt Zombie

    People of Maine are pissed!

    Maine is the whitest state in the nation by the way.

  20. Mitt Zombie

    You paint a house all black and see how that goes…. I don’t think that part is racist.

  21. Mitt Zombie

    “We are the party of Lincoln”!

    Lincoln was mortal enemies with the confederates and you are flying the confederate battle flag.

    “NO comment, uh wait, Murica!”

  22. Mitt Zombie

    The bible says to kill an entire village and their animals if a single person worships a false god. Think about that, that means slaughter pretty much every town. I swear most bible thumpers have never read the bible except the aprs about what “other” people to hate.

  23. Mitt Zombie

    She grew up living in cottage Ya’all! Well, for one week a year on vacation maybe…..

  24. Mitt Zombie

    Her ratings are down, she must have used up any decent recipes she had a long time ago.

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