“Rick And Morty” Fans Demanded Szechuan Sauce, and McDonald’s Delivered, But Not Enough

What you are looking may appear to be a picture of some goofy-looking cartoons next to four crappy chicken strips, but it’s much more than that. It’s a symbol of WAR. A war between the bratty fans of the Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty and McDonald’s. A war that almost ended in bloodshed until McDonald’s waved a white flag covered in tangy Szechuan sauce.

The war started back in April after Rick and Morty aired an episode called “The Rickshank Rickdemption,” in which time-traveling scientist Rick Sanchez professed his love for McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, a promotional McNugget dipping sauce made for the 1998 film Mulan. Fans went crazy on the internet, demanding to get their mouths on Szechuan sauce. Two months later, McDonald’s decided to play along by sending Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland a giant jug of the sauce from “the past.Rick and Morty fans refused to shut up about the sauce, and so McDonald’s decided to release a limited number of Szechuan sauce packets on Saturday.

The only problem was that McDonald’s underestimated what fans with too much time on their hands would do for a tablespoon of Szechuan sauce. Thousands of fans lined up at various locations across the country and waited hours to get their hands on the sauce and a promotional poster. McDonald’s didn’t end up having enough sauce, and the fans turned on them like so many stomachs have turned after binging on Dollar Menu items.

Some Rick and Morty fans got so angry that they threatened to file a class-action lawsuit against McDonald’s. Entertainment Weekly says it’s not going to get to that point, because McDonald’s announced on Sunday that they’ve decided to release more Szechuan sauce.

More Szechuan sauce will arrive this winter. If you can’t wait until then, well don’t worry; it doesn’t sound like you’re missing out on much.

All this over a dipping sauce. But I think I can sort of understand where those Szechuan sauce crazies were coming from. If McDonald’s announced one day that they found a pizza from 1991 under a stack of beef patties in the bottom of a freezer? Let’s just say I would sell my soul and a good portion of my dignity just for the chance to burn the roof of my mouth on one of those deliciously disgusting pizza-style discs again.

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  2. I’m convinced there is some overlap between those fanDUMBs.

  3. Tits 4 Tats

    My brother worked for them, too. Said the same thing.


  5. People are fucking idiots.

    Chinese Mustard- now that was the shit.

  6. *mic drop*

  7. KittahLove83

    While I worked at Whataburger, we had a bird flu outbreak that ruined where we purchased some of egg products. Whataburger runs breakfast from 11pm to 11 am, but with the shortage, it changed their hours to 6-10 am. This one sweet old lady, who came every day for her egg sandwich at 5 am, was livid. She told me, through the menu box (which also plays in the kitchen) to go fuck myself.
    Those were some of the worst days working there, I remember I finally lost it one night after a drunk was way too mouthy about it, I just said, “You know who didn’t make the birds sick? ME. You know who didn’t decide on changing breakfast hours? ME. You know who is really trying to make it through the day without people yelling about things one cannot control? ME. If, in your life, the worst thing you have going for you is shortened breakfast hours, I’d say you’ve lived a pretty good life”

  8. Agreed

  9. KittahLove83

    I’ve never had it, but I imagine it’s like a sweet/tangy sauce. Almost like what you get with Sweet & Sour chicken at the Chinese buffet.

  10. K.K. Urine Inspiration

    Great point! What’s wrong with us?????

  11. At least a phone is useful. The people who rioted over iPhones are rocket scientists next to these freaks. And I say this as someone who loves the show.

  12. KittahLove83

    To me this is nothing new, my friend is a 911 dispatcher in a major city, he says he often gets calls over fast food. “THEY forgot my nuggets, or there’s only 5 when there should be 6”. People have strange priorities and what they consider emergencies

  13. Take_a_seat

    I swear I wish all these worthless oxygen thieves would just jump out of the fucking window and end their miserable lives. Fucking pieces of shit!

  14. Take_a_seat

    THIS!!! Fandoms ruin fucking everything. Harassing and threatening actors/actresses, writers etc. makes one legit mentally unstable. Get a fucking life and get help.

  15. Yes, I was surprised to see 1976.

  16. Goober_Pyle

    Enjoy it while it lasts:(

  17. Goober_Pyle

    There seems to be a lot of people with too much time on their hands. Never heard of this show and by the look and behavior of it’s fans, don’t care to ever see it.

  18. ☥Crayola Ghoul☥

    I want them to bring back the wings!

  19. ☥Crayola Ghoul☥

    Yeah, they’re all probably chronic masturbators and their dicks don’t work anymore when they’re with actual women.

  20. ☥Crayola Ghoul☥

    Like that fucking “Pickle Rick” joke? Ugh.

  21. ☥Crayola Ghoul☥

    I’ve seen clips and quite frankly I found them all obnoxious.

  22. ☥Crayola Ghoul☥

    It’s just super intellectual and the plebes don’t get it, man.

  23. ☥Crayola Ghoul☥

    Oh believe me, said szechuan sauce would have ended up inside a piss-soaked garbage bag or smashed into the baseboards.

  24. ☥Crayola Ghoul☥

    I worked at McDonald’s for a long time and it honestly disgusts me knowing what they must have put those employees through.

  25. ☥Crayola Ghoul☥

    I hate fandoms, I really do.

    Why can’t people just enjoy a TV show/movie or listen to a band anymore? Obviously it’s socially acceptable enough to threaten and harass an establishment over a novelty item I doubt any of these special snowflakes even remember the first time around never mind even liked that law enforcement had to get involved? Grow. The. Fuck. Up.

    Your affected zeal isn’t cute, cool, or impressive. Anyone can sit down in front of a TV screen for a half hour once a week. Nobody’s handing out awards for how many references you get.

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