Shannen Doherty Isn’t Feeling The “Charmed” Reboot

The only reason to reboot Charmed is so actress Finola Hughes (who played the mom of the dopey witch-sisters) can grace primetime screens once more. Shannen Doherty probably saw that Finola wasn’t on any of the call sheets and told them to keep Prue Halliwell six feet under. Shannen is not on board for the proposed Charmed reboot.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Shannen at a Farrah Fawcett Foundation benefit, and asked her if she was into it. Shannen, perhaps remembering how well she reportedly got along with co-star Alyssa Milano before Aaron Spelling chose Samantha Micelli over Brenda Walsh and threw Prue through a wall, gave a resounding “nope!

“It’s not happening,” Doherty, 46, told THR from the red carpet at the Farrah Fawcett Foundation benefit before teasing something less definitive. “I mean, I just don’t ever foresee it happening now.”

Shannen went to opine that the show, which she said was inspired by the movie Practical Magic, needs to rest. As in stay dead. As in “I wouldn’t piss on Alyssa Milano if she was on fire, so do you really imagine that I would work in the same building as her, you fool?

“It would be far too soon, but I also don’t think you need the original cast for a reboot. I know our fans really want us back, but who knows? We were basically a reboot of Practical Magic in its own way, so they could redo it, but now it should just rest.”

Shannen isn’t down on all reboots. The actress, who is in remission from cancer, is starring in the Paramount Network’s Heathers reboot. Hopefully, she’s playing her iconic Heather Duke character and hopefully Heather Duke has already requested that every other character stop pulling her dick. And it doesn’t sound like Shannen’s just making a cameo. She’s got five-page monologues!

“I was on set the other day, and it was like the best feeling in the world. It didn’t matter that it was basically a five-page monologue I had to do. I was like, ‘Yes! Give me more pages!'”

Give her more pages! Give Shannen her own prestige series on HBO and let Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling gnash their jealous teeth!

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  1. No chemistry at all is kind of sad for that they were a real life couple. I like them together. I can’t stand Blossom though.

  2. That is a good possibility as well.

  3. I hope Shannon is taking care of herself first. I can’t see a reboot being very good… Although I loved the show with Shannon and after she left. Let’s hope for the best and if they do a reboot all the previous cast is involved.

  4. GothyMcGotha


  5. GothyMcGotha

    Oh he’s quite lovely and so festive!

  6. GothyMcGotha

    Or she’s confused it with Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

  7. Petunia Van Winkle

    Forget punctuation and grammar… jesus freakin christ…

  8. caught the show a few times, back in the 90s but didn’t continue with it. i didn’t find it particularly…charming.

  9. *triggered* ;p

  10. It had nothing to with her personal life since it was long before she got married. I just don’t think she’s a good actress, and on that show her acting was moving her lips slowly or quickly. I don’t mind her on BBT, but she’s only a small part of that show.

  11. Either her or auto correct confused Alyssa with Melissa.

  12. I like her enough but the story line was idiotic.

  13. Lol b shows how well I paid attention lol

  14. I didn’t think she was all that bad.

  15. It has risen from the dead on my feed.

  16. Are you sure we’re talking about the same show?

  17. I think he had gotten so much praise for his films that ABC was so overjoyed at the possibility he’d “slum it” for TV that they snapped him up no questions asked.

  18. GothyMcGotha

    That’s true and incredibly depressing. Another reason why I think it’s incredible ABC let David Lynch onto network TV in 1990.

  19. Julian is in season three

  20. I watched most of season one, mainly because Julian McMahon was really hot but it was kinda lame. I tried again when they added Rose because I love her but it was pretty bad.

  21. If they reboot it with or without the original cast Shannen wouldn’t be a part of it either way. I wouldn’t mind a reboot with teenage witches if Rose or Alissa were the mother. But i was never really into it, it just was not on par with the other WB shows like Buffy and the Creek.

  22. I used to make my two younger brothers play the parts of parts of Piper and Phoebe. I was Prue, of course. I was a pretty gay kid. When she was killed off I was devastated.

  23. LookieLookie

    Serial killer Timothy was hot. Any Timothy is hot. More Timothy gifs please is what I’m saying.

  24. LookieLookie

    I just got to that (on Netflix) and now I’m struggling to finish the series.

  25. I love BBT TOTALLY :)) But i have never understood the Penny/Lenny relationship. No chemistry at all – and i cannot stand her.

    Love me some Shamy:)))

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