Open Post: Hosted By Gal Gadot Making Out With Kate McKinnon On “Saturday Night Live”

Last night’s Saturday Night Live was kind of a meh affair for two reasons. One is that America is still reeling from what happened in Las Vegas, and no one seems to be in a very joking mood. And two would be last night’s hostess Gal Gadot (aka Wonder Woman) needing cue cards. Gal couldn’t STOP looking at cue cards. Gal seemed like she got every script except for her monologue five minutes before she went on. Damn, Wonder Woman! Her Wikipedia page doesn’t mention any stage work so maybe live performance isn’t her thing.

She did make out with Kate McKinnon in a sketch where two butch lesbians wash up on Wonder Woman’s home-island of Themiscyra. To Gal’s credit, this wasn’t some “we’ll briefly brush lips cuz’ I’m not a lezzie in real life, fellas! *tee-hee*” peck. Gal went for it! If Kate McKinnon has difficulty separating herself from the characters she plays, Gal might be getting a massage oil gift basket and some interesting Snapchats from Kate in the near future. Chemistry!

Gal did do a pretty good Kendall Jenner during an unfortunately accurate sketch about E!’s programming. Then again, mulch does a pretty good Kendall Jenner.

Country star Jason Aldean, who was the performer on stage during the Las Vegas shooting, cold-opened the show by paying tribute to the victims and their families. He covered the dearly departed Tom Petty’sI Won’t Back Down.”

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  1. Lefemmenikita

    he works that hustle 😉

  2. Tart of Darkness

    Hasn’t stopped Richbitch 😀

  3. Lefemmenikita

    And for that same crowd:

  4. Tart of Darkness

    First rule of Fight Club, it’s not really about fighting bros.

  5. It’s great. It’s a millennial take on Back to the Future.

  6. Lefemmenikita

    Some fans are pretty out there and seem to miss the point of satire (which I am assuming this was).

    It’s kind of like the meathead fans of Fight Club who decided to start their own versions of it in real life (*sigh*)

  7. Tart of Darkness

    It’s a great show but like with any popular show the most loudly enthusiastic fans are pretty damn obnoxious. The sauce thing is weird, isn’t it? It’s McDonald’s, not ambrosia.

  8. Sing it All Hoes!! He has creeped on both the girls & the guys.. for ever…..
    This is just excellent..let’s pull up a chair…
    So disappointing for me it’s happened on my time with the kids….
    I’ll have to wait to party till next week…f’n kids…. 😉

  9. Lefemmenikita

    Damn! poor trash panda being compared to that festering bag of trash

  10. That raccoon is Harvey W.

  11. Lefemmenikita

    I’ve never seen Rick and Morty, though this sounds interesting

  12. Sorry, but I don’t think you’re as okay with it as you claim to be, or one comment from a female friend wouldn’t have caused this doubt and confusion.

    You also didn’t say that you see each other regularly (as you did in your response to me). That makes a difference. If you see each other on a regular schedule, that changes the scenario that you presented. If, however, you just sit around waiting for him to call you for a date, that’s not okay. Guys get tired of doing all the heavy lifting, too.

    Even people who live together sometimes call or text each other just to let the other person know that they were thinking of their partner. You don’t have to spend hours on the phone to connect with someone.

  13. All_Hoes_Are_Good_At_Math

    I was just saying that I really hope Harvey pulls a “If I go down y’all coming with me” so he starts outing all of them. Because most male and some female powers to be in Hollywood are predators

  14. Scousebadger

    The only people whose opinions matter are yours and your partner’s. Unless you are in a polygamous relationship, why should anyone else’s opinion, of how you conduct yourself in your relationship, matter?

  15. I need 20 margaritas, 30 Xanax, a massage, good sex ,50 puppies, 20 kittens ( not cats)
    & Some chocolate, then I’m good to go.

  16. Tart of Darkness

    Hey that’s great! Oo fancy schmancy! Have a lovely night.
    As for how I do it, honestly I don’t know. It’s all about my peppermint spray and ice crunching.

  17. ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    Wear loose fitting clothing and prepare for underboob sweat

  18. MahatmaCoat

    Maybe you will get gnat superpowers and have the ability to fly into other people’s eyes – GNATCEPTION!!!

  19. Ooo rooftop bar….mmmmm

  20. If that happens …. life will be complete.
    I’m going to go & prey to ma dawg…..

  21. TheBluebirdOfCrappiness

    Ahaha, I can’t read your mind, but your lips…

  22. I don’t think you’re calculating. You’re just forked up, like evrrrrone.
    Margaritas would def be good for you & your dude.

  23. ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    I think that if one has had previous experience in a relationship where they could only dream of what having their partner give them their space is like, it’s easy to swing to the farthest point in the opposite direction if they let themselves. IF you’re you’re being your true authentic self then fuck what haters say about it.

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