Open Post: Hosted By Kate Winslet Revealing Idris Elba’s Foot Fetish

Finally, the foot fetish community has a sexy role model that they can all get behind (I wish). Because Quentin Tarantino isn’t exactly the most wholesome example of a foot freak.

Idris Elba and Kate Winslet appeared on The Graham Norton Show, and Kate revealed that Idris is into feet. He’s so into feet that he made Kate cover her peds up while they were filming a sex scene for their new movie, The Mountain Between Us. I guess so he wouldn’t bust for real if he caught a glimpse of her giant hooves?

As Entertainment Weekly points out, Kate had to take control of a sex scene with Idris, because he had never done. Neither had the director of the movie. So she took charge, and Idris only had one request. He asked her to “keep your socks on” before they began filming. Kate initially took it the wrong way.

Winslet, who admits she has “very, very big feet,” was a little offended as one might expect. She assumed her costar did not want to see her feet because he didn’t like the appendage in general and was afraid hers were particularly hideous.

Nope, it was because Idris didn’t want to get heated for real when he saw Kate’s arches, balls, and toes.

“It’s the opposite, ladies and gentleman,” Winslet announced. “Idris loves feet.”

There wasn’t a lot of further elaboration on Idris’ fetish, but he did confirm he has a “foot thing” and he made this sort of “get back, Satan” gesticulation when demonstrating how he would have had to react if Kate showed off those clod-hoppers. Either that or he made up the foot fetish thing as an excuse. Maybe it was so Kate would keep her socks on because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings by looking alarmed when she showed off those Titantic-sized boats.

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  1. BarbaraMillicentRoberts

    my girlfriend takes them – she’s so tiny but she has to stick them in her stomach?
    She takes them bc she’s B deficient & depressed & she’ll notice a slight energy increase once she takes them.
    I worked with some GORGEOUS girls in the past who didn’t need them but took them for energy & weight loss & hair, skin, & nails.
    I know they went to some kind of doctor or estetician(sp?) who administered them.

  2. BarbaraMillicentRoberts

    trying for appointments is a nightmare!

  3. BarbaraMillicentRoberts

    sapphire is right, you ARE amazing.
    hugs over the interwebs, keep your head up proud.
    your compassion & wisdom & any struggles you’ve been through only serve to make you even more beautiful inside & out.
    you’re a lovely person living in a fcked up world – no group of fabulous, productive, fantastic members of society should ever endure the outright hatred we’ve seen from this administration.

  4. Bunny Merenstein

    Can’t you go to AA? You should. When you have the come to Jesus moment, tell them that you’re attending and do it. No matter where you are there are meetings, look it up. Do it for your job, do it for you. Of course, if you are far gone go to rehab if that’s an option otherwise it’s AA. You can do this. Best of luck sweetie.

  5. Shots)) but Fe ( iron) i use intravenous, i had anemia few months ago, doctor said for anemia and stuff like that only intravenous will help

  6. No)) that’s fine)

  7. Madam Pince

    I’m up late doing laundry and other sundry housework and watching Up in Smoke. I saw this originally with my ex-husband shortly after we got married, but have absolutely no memory of it. Speaks volumes about my weekend midnight consciousness in 1980.

  8. I was having a chat with a male friend of mine who is in his late 50s and I couldn’t help but focus on his eyebrows, he didn’t cut them for a while and they freaked me out

    I am weird

  9. MsTxnHeartOlyphant™


    No words.

    Twirling the Lil girl’s hair?????? 🤢

    Where’s this girls parents ???

  10. ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    But not in a good way

  11. ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    Optometry isn’t the sexiest specialty. There is something off about a person who is ok with poking around in someone’s eye but anyone who performs lasik surgery is super freaky.

  12. Lefemmenikita

    Link to the SNL Wonder Woman sketch

    It’s on dailymotion so probably doesn’t have a region block

    The official SNL version which does have a region block

  13. That’s ignorance and their need to be superior. Everyone is fucked up in their own way, some more than others.

  14. I know that 😛 but it’s just sick to see what people think of certain groups. Just sad.

  15. Lefemmenikita

    Yep. She was formerly a Ms Universe contestant from Israel before she got into the army and acting from what I recall

  16. Unfortunately, they are all overbooked, I even checked in another town, it’s everywhere the same. We have way too few of them

  17. She is Gorgeous.

  18. ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    I thought the Steele dossier said the models peed and it was on the bed!

  19. Remember that you are an amazing person. 🙂

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