Iggy Azalea Has Financial Problems. Again.

My favorite part in a Real Housewives of Anywhere reunion is when one of them brags about her wealth and another one of them whips out her Swarovski crystal-coated iPhone with county courthouse records of tax liens and unpaid bills, catching the heifer in said lie(s). American Express is that cunning bitch for most of Hollywood.

TMZ reports that – shocker – Iggy Azalea has racked up a hefty AmEx bill. As in, $300,000 hefty. Meanwhile, I’m over her praying to the good LAWD that there’s enough room on my Vanilla Visa to pay for a macchiato when I go to Starbucks after posting this post.

Iggy’s account is reportedly $250,000 over its limit, and I couldn’t possibly imagine why. Oh, maybe it’s because she spends money on stupid ass shit like that $12,000 popsicle art she bought earlier this year. AmEx wants the full balance plus its legal fees.

This isn’t even the first time Iggy has been caught living beyond her means. The IRS has come for her twice: first for nearly $400K and then again last year for nearly $270K. Don’t fret, Iggy. There are so many words you can rhyme with “tax lien” and “maxed out,” which will go great on that song you’re working on with fellow credit abuser and ex-nemesis Azealia Banks!

Pic: Wenn.com


  1. TheBreakdown

    This is what happens when you pay for all those injectable fillers, new asses, and glorious tittyballs, yet the corner still has zero f*cks to give and your trick traction goes B-U-S-T!

  2. BarbaraMillicentRoberts

    Jennifer Lawrence is so “rill” I’m sure she’s hungout at a truck stop or two for her “cool normal people escapades” & will be regaling us with the story soon.
    … Iggy’s just copying her truckstop FASHUN.

  3. craigypants

    Silly bitch. Wasting cash like water. These entitled celebrities get no sympathy from me.

  4. is the one on the right her old face? She looks fine, if oddly like Tracy Anderson.

  5. bless_this_mess

    this was my exact thought. or a surgically enhanced haley bennett.

  6. sister_mary_rotten_cr0tch

    They have an internal limit based on a number of factors. In her case they should have shut her off at 20K above (which is what they do to most regular folk)

  7. Vera Charles

    Iggy is giving me truck stop hooker Jennifer Lawrence.

  8. LoopyGorilla

    But I read that Iggy Azalea’s net worth is $10 million????

    Ah well Iggy, probably shouldn’t have turned down that Russian oil tycoon then.
    $1.5 million to have dinner with an oil driller and potentially extra $1.5 million to get drilled by the oil driller.


  9. And the Tori Spelling school of plastic surgery. Iggy looks bonkers.

  10. WinterOwl22

    This is even older I think: https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  11. FluffKitteh

    She looked like a busted Paris Hilton before, but the “after” photo looks freakish.

  12. Hugga Bunch

    Was she going for the midnight in Paris special? Tf

  13. Well you know, a wise woman said, don’t be a dumb ho, that’s a no no.

  14. Hugga Bunch

    Someone please post that Viola Davis gif lol bc this some bulls***.

  15. ZombieDjibuddha

    Word. Iggy better land a Candy quick.

  16. Queen Mab of the Unseelie

    Tori Spelling Syndrome.

  17. Immodest Goddess

    Iggy? You look good, girl!

  18. Immodest Goddess

    She looks deformed

  19. so close

  20. A dingo ate her nose

  21. That’s a mannequin, right?

  22. Wtf was Amex thinking letting her card go $250k over the limit??? I thought they shut off when you hit whatever limit you have.

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