Open Post: Hosted By The Trifecta Of Pure Elegance

If you were at MoMA in NYC recently, then you definitely already saw that picture above, because it has replaced Monet’s Reflections of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond. Monet tried it, but that portrait above does a much better job of displaying natural beauty and floral delicateness.

It’s actually amazing that the sun is a thing that still exists today. Because any acclaimed scientist will tell you that the sun should immediately melt when hit by the powerful rays of perfection shooting off of the trio of brilliant human spotlights that is Angelique “Frenchy” Morgan, Phoebe Price and Shauna Sand. The modern day Iris (Frenchy), the modern day Athena (PP) and the modern day Aphrodite (Shauna) joined supremely gorgeous forces in the name of art.

In case you couldn’t already tell by the sight of every pop trick in the game applying for a job at Forever 21 since their careers are over, Frenchy has a new pop song out called Stripperland, which will definitely go triple used condom. And Frenchy asked her partners in beauty, Chicken Cutlets and the Empress of Lucite, to take her video to the upper echelons of hotness by being it. The song sounds like it’s “sung” by a slutty French toddler robot on fast-acting Ambien, and in the video, the three dance like slutty wind dancers on red wine and painkillers. What I’m saying is that it is perfect. If Charlie was the owner of a truck stop strip club, these would be his Angels.

Your eyes probably burned so much that they stopped, dropped (out of your head) and rolled to the nearest body of water. And no, you bitch, they weren’t burning from suddenly developing a case of genital warts. They burned from the sheer fire of it all.



  1. I can never find a proper video to it but my favorite is this one

  2. Lefemmenikita

    Hate to say it, but that nightmare was real: The karatrashians really are multiplying!

  3. yuck
    That punk ass kid

  4. All these celeb kids now are “models” sadly most of them are shadows of their parents. Cough -Brooklyn Beckham looks like a foot.

  5. howcomebubblegum

    Hahahaah the three witches!

  6. Check out this vid. (again) I think her advantage will be short cropped hair.

  7. lol it’s not the first time I’ve had one of those, just fucked up.

  8. I will hold you. Maybe.

  9. She does look like her mom, but it’s such an unfair advantage.

  10. Dlisters, Its 4amish and I just woke up from an awful dream. Armageddon like :X. Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh https://hafuboti.files.word

  11. I can’t sleep. Anyone see this?

    I think she might hold her own.


    Trying to play even dumber won’t work either. Bless your heart

  13. She’s the sidekick, so I don’t really know if they can get rid of her. Her story line was dumb though

  14. amp…now I have conflicting thoughts. That guy might be slightly hotter. I have to think on it.

  15. putsomestankonit

    I could’ve lived without Paula too.

  16. A dewy flower from dawn that unblooms after the naughty first eye dares to catch a glimpse.

  17. Same here, he was one of the best characters of the show, that made no sense at all. I would rather have them getting rid of Valencia

  18. Whatever you say, Janelle.

  19. I like shows that have new cast of characters each week. I loved old school Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock hour episodes.

  20. Dirk'sVT, PhD

    More like Yahoo sucking.


    I just wonder if people think I am Miss Janet…where the hell is Exas?

  22. OG.Straaaange

    Well, I’ll have to check it out then.

  23. putsomestankonit

    I couldn’t watch the lesbian one, I kept falling asleep.

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