B.o.B. Needs Your Money To Prove That The Earth Is Flat

B.o.B., whose real name is Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., used to be known as a rapper, a singer, and a songwriter. But recently he’s most well-known for his extremely confusing, sometimes hilarious commitment to his belief that the Earth is flat. 28-year-old B.o.B. is so serious about the Earth’s flatness, he got into it with actual scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson (that debate ended with B.o.B. releasing a diss track).

B.o.B. has been preaching the word of 180? truth on Instagram, but he wants to take his message further. The only problem is, it costs money to be that crazy. Luckily, he’s started a GoFundMe to help raise funds for his nonsense journey.

CNN says that last week, B.o.B. started a campaign called “Show B.o.B. The Curve.” B.o.B.’s goal is to raise $100 million to launch one or multiple satellites into space to see if the Earth is round. B.o.B. wants to see the Earth’s curve.

According to the internet, the cost of launching a single satellite can range between $100 million and $290 million. So far, B.o.B. has raised just shy of $2,000, which could buy him a GoPro tied to a dozen helium balloons.

Personally, I want to see B.o.B. reach his goal and send a satellite into space. In fact, I want to see B.o.B. ride a shuttle and see for himself. You know, just in case those tricky scammers at NASA try to fake a round Earth on him. And then, when B.o.B. comes back after staring at Mother Earth’s sexy curves, I want to see what kind of insane tinfoil hat explanation he has for why the Earth didn’t look flat. My money is on chemicals from shower water warping his vision or good old-fashioned lizard people.

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  1. Of all the billions of people in earth, why has no one photographed the edge???


  3. He’s not THAT dumb.

  4. It was but it fell off the edge of the Earth.

  5. Ca-ca-Caroline

    What specific type of insanity us this? Who the hell even learns that the earth is flat in our times?

  6. The earth is flat; we never landed on the moon, which by the way, is made out of cheese; humanity/earth is only 5000 years old; Illuminaty/Freimaurer are everywhere; the Holocaust is a lie because Hitler was totes nice; there’s a giant monster in Loch Ness, which is not a dinosaur because they never existed; climate change is a lie; did I forget something? What is wrong with people? How are psychiatrists not all billionaires with that much crazyness in the world? Oh I forgot; psychiatry is also a lie. So is medicine. And Thetans are what’s making people crazy/ill.
    If I ever have the money I’m gonna buy myself a cabin in the woods. On the top of a mountain. With no roads leading to it. Yep.

  7. So beautiful.
    Edit: I just spent so much time watching that.

  8. How? Just How now is this real?https://www.youtube.com/wat

  9. Lol- I went down the rabbit hole with this one drunken night on youtube. It was actually super fun and I recommend it! You obviously know it’s wrong, but it is hella entertaining!

  10. OG.Straaaange

    I kind of hope this is what happens, although I’d still be pissed at him.

  11. OG.Straaaange

    oh GOD! Fuck them!

  12. The Truth is Out There

  13. As long as they get rid of their money and jump off some cliff I’m happy. Life’s too short to be so stupid.

  14. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    That ain’t weed he’s smoking…..

  15. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    Apparently he also missed the advice to never go full retard. Lol I don’t get the point of not believing the truth of the Earth being round……

  16. dayum! 😀

  17. They had one like that about mermaids that my mom got sucked into. Something about finding possible mermaid fossils. My husband had to show her the IMDB page to prove the “experts” were actors.

  18. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    Sadly he’s far from alone.

  19. Her Many Cats

    For why doesn’t Bob just go get with one of the Kardashians? He could actually make money acting a fool instead of asking for the Public’s money.
    Oh that’s right they’re almost all pregnant right now.

  20. Fremdschämen

    I think what bothers me the most about this whole scenario is he actually has raised money. And dude, you want to know a cheaper way to see if the world is round? Take the money you’re raising to hire someone to fly you in one direction around the world. If the world is flat, you should not be capable of flying east from LA and eventually landing in LA again.

  21. Alexander C. Skitch

    He must be runnin’ some sorta scam! https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  22. Fuck I want Pizza

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