Open Post: Hosted By The Costco Wedding Of Miss Tina’s Dreams

The Queen Mother of the Beyhive, Miss Tina Lawson, drew a tear to my eye when she did me proud back in 2015 by announcing her favorite spot to do Sunday brunch was not some high-fallutin’ $45 per mimosa spot. It was Costco!

Fast forward to today, and an Australian couple has done me even prouder by tying the knot somewhere between the tire department and food court at their local Costco.

Bulk-sized love is a lifetime of love! Australia’s 9 News (via Mashable) reports Sue Berkeley and Eli Bob got married Saturday in front of 90 of their friends because it’s a beloved big box of a place where they spend a lot of time. Sue elaborates:

“I get to spend another day at Costco, that I love. Where else can I get married to the one I love, in a place that I love, surrounded by the people I love.”

While some snarky bridezilla probably coughed out “somewhere that isn’t hawking a box of 500 personal bags of Cheez-It crackers for $9,” the last laugh is on those naysayers! Weddings can zap a savings account considering how much it costs to keep grandma happy with a mashed potato bar and the good chardonnay. Sue and Eli’s wedding cost just under $8 a person! So what if 200 weekend shoppers and that mammoth teddy bear also got to look on?! Just as I was getting stoked since nothing gets my chonies going like a Costco hot dog, you can apparently only have a Costco wedding if you’re a “special guest.” I guess we can just hope Miss Tina gets a say in choice of venue when it comes time for Blue Ivy to walk down the aisle.

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  1. HA! Thanks.

  2. I should have had it already, but if I don’t, I’ll try out your suggestions. Thanks for helping out this no-tech-knowledge hor out!

  3. i havent seeing it yet

  4. yeah Putin should be in there with his hand up Trump, controlling his little puppet

  5. lol

  6. howcomebubblegum

    Have you seen Mr. Right? She and Sam Rockwell are so funny in it!

  7. Quiet night.
    See you all tomorrow, sleep well.

  8. Thank you))I am not alone lol))))) love them)

  9. Kevin Kline is that you?!

  10. Thank you babe)

  11. Lefemmenikita

    Do you have an adblock (or similar) installed on your phone?

    It has to be ‘rooted’ on your phone, but once installed, it can block all ads including in-app adverts

  12. That is a brilliant screen shot. I don’t think it was acting. She was being herself and showing real her feelings.

  13. I got Free AdBlock browser on my Android & I don’t how to get rid those annoying videos on the phone when I view the D’s main site (I already know how to do that on my laptop browser–thank you Tarty!).

  14. Looking for trouble.

  15. MsTxnHeartOlyphant™

    Sowwy 😢

    *panda hugs*

  16. You have quite a naughty boy look in your eyes ;D

  17. She has gone all Norma Desmond on us. Sad. Her ego has gotten the best of her.

  18. Chad Williams

    You will get your wish, because she is so totally snark-worthy, with the added attraction of having no clue how she comes off.

  19. I tuned into Colbert. I suspect this will be all over the sites tomorrow…I sure hope so.

  20. Chad Williams

    I avoid Kimmel, Fallon et al. because I can’t stand their pumped-up hyper audiences, screaming on cue over nothing every 10 seconds, but I just watched Madonna walk on Fallon’s set and she seemed to have two cantaloupes in the seat of her pants, turned around and leaned on Jimmy’s desk, and twork a few seconds. She is a cross between Charo and Norma Desmond.

  21. Thanks Vamp. I will look into harvesting the wisdom of the wonderful tech nerds here on the D.

  22. Lefemmenikita

    Which adblock version do you have?

    With the Adblock pro, you can alter the filter list and use wildcards to block those ads

    It’s the same with the ‘react to post’ thing (can’t remember the name)

  23. Golden Retrievers are a love of mine, but I WANT that cat. So gorgeous.

  24. I can block them on my laptop browser but not on my phone (when I view the D’s main site). Can a tech nerd here help out us no-tech-knowledge hors on our phone? 😛

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