Megyn Kelly Didn’t Exactly Have A Smooth First (To)Day

When Megyn Kelly announced she was jumping off the Fox News ship for more mainstream NBC, she likely hoped it would be a swan dive from her high “Santa just is white!” platform into cooking demonstrations and free liquor thanks to her timeslot butt-bumping against the fourth hour of Today with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. Day one is over, and it seems like it was more like a belly flop.

Slate notes how good ol’ Meg tried to flee the dark lords and lordesses that made her famous by kicking off her show with the claim, “the truth is I am kinda done with politics for now.” Considering how the ratings were for her more politically-charged Sunday news show, that political break-up might not be of her own doing. Some took her pussybow wardrobe pick as sartorial shade at her old sparring partner Donald Trump. Beyond that, Megyn did all the shit you’re supposed to do on a morning show – especially if you’re trying to shed the stiff, race-baiting ghost of your old employer! She smiled, she had on the cast of Will & Grace, and she still somehow managed to piss off the gay community. Wait, wha?

AOL notes how she brought up a gay W&G superfan who became a lawyer because of the show. Megyn, who used to be a lawyer herself, joked, “Is it true that you became a lawyer — and you became gay! — because of Will?” Oof. Nature not nurture, Meg-ANN. She then gave the guy a free trip to catch a taping of the show and noted, “I don’t know about the lawyer thing, but I think the ‘Will & Grace’ thing and the gay thing is going to work out great.” Girl…

The Washington Post is calling Megyn Kelly Today “a morning-show Bride of Frankenstein.” Having read Megyn’s memoir last year (don’t shoot me! I come from a Red State, and it was a stocking stuffer from white Santa my mother!), none of the show shocked me that much. The entire thing was kind of a giant fap fest of her accomplishments, and the WaPo notes that translated onto the TV:

“Most of the episode devolved into an intentionally meta hall of mirrors, inviting the audience to admire Kelly as much as Kelly admires Kelly — a morning TV show about the birth of a morning TV show.”

There was even a scene where Hoda and KLG introduce Megyn to the make-up room as though she had never seen one before. Granted, maybe they just wanted to show her one that offered more than blonde highlights and CVS pancake batter make-up like the one over at Fox News:

“A middle segment featured the “Today” regulars welcoming Kelly to 30 Rockefeller Center, a predawn festivity of studied smarm, with the added delight of seeing Kathie Lee Gifford sit in her makeup chair and play nice-nice with Kelly the way an old house cat would welcome a naive and extra-squeaky mouse to the kitchen.”

Everyone is kind of expecting this thing to flatline sooner than later. Meredith Vieira and Katie Couric‘s shows didn’t last too long. Even Bethenny Frankel‘s equally self-involved show croaked after one season. Meanwhile, I assume Tamron Hall must be somewhere cackling singing along to, “Swish, Swish, bish!” Glad someone is!

Pic: NBC


  1. Republican morons.

  2. Executed how? Guillotine?

  3. I LOVE this!! Caught her over and over and over!! She towed the Fox company line, spewed evil and hatred, used their phrase of the day like a puppet and is now trying to be mainstream. Nah bitch, nah!!! I hope her show goes down in flames. Fuck her. That’s what Fox shows do. They coin a bigoted, right wing phrase, then every show would repeat it throughout the night. She perpetuated it. Evil.

  4. What kind of law did she practice? We took classes on how to interview clients and make them feel comfortable. More than anything, this woman lacks empathy and compassion. You can be clumsy with questions but still likable if you have an ounce of care. Apparently, she doesn’t.

  5. Jerome T Miner

    Who watches this shit?

  6. Like the song says, “She ain’t pretty, she just looks that way.”

  7. Ugh. Vile! I hoper her new show flops!

  8. Oh for fuck’s sake. Non news. It wasn’t any good, wasn’t super terrible… just basic as fuck… nothing to see here… Gonna youtube L7 throwing out tampons at Reading just to recalibrate my brains non-existing baseline.

  9. Man-Bun Ken Doll ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Megyn Kelly is a Nazi and like their German predecessors, should be executed for peddling propaganda. If it was acceptable for German Nazis, it’s acceptable for American ones too. No one is going to forget where she came from and who she is and how she helped divide a nation for the Russian oligarchs and the fascists. Jesus wasn’t white.

  10. Charlie Hunnam's butt

    that feeling you get when you find yourself alone in the elevator with that person you avoid at work. Like you know its polite to make small talk but you have no interest to know about said person, so there’s awkward silence.

    she IS that feeling.

  11. “CVS pancake batter makeup”….hahaha.

  12. I think it’s because she looks and sounds like a bully? Maybe she’s a nice person off-air but she really doesn’t come off well on TV. Not classy at all. I think NBC is really regretting their decision now.

  13. RedHeadTheGinge

    I saw about 5 minutes of the show. She is not cut out for morning TV, it was painful to watch. She’s more the pitbull type – that’s not a slam, it’s just the truth. The same as Katic Couric worked well in the morning and sucked at the evening news, you just need to play to your strengths.

  14. I just don’t like her. She has unwarranted confidence in herself. Seeing her crash & burn will be entertaining.

  15. She thinks she’s smarter than everyone else. Newsflash: girl, you ain’t nothing special. Tamron, on the other hand, is special. NBC now stands for No Brain Central. Get rid of the idiot and bring Tamron back! With a big fucking raise!

  16. IchLiebeDanielBruehl

    Reminds me of a fake sorority sister type.

  17. Exactly this!

  18. Haha!

  19. Ooof!

  20. Haha! Let’s not mince words!

  21. Yaaaasssss. “Calamity Jane” was one of my fave movies as a weird 4 year old in the 80’s.

  22. Hahahahha! Right? Who has time for fact checking when there’s jurn-a-lysum to report!!!

  23. The coup de gras for dragon lady, would be her emasculated husband divorcing her bloody ass, getting sole custody of the children and lifelong alimony.

  24. Totally failed at being witty and charming…. nothing wrong with her but she’s just NOT goddamn likable, lol. NBC f’d up.

  25. Megyn is not a warm, likable Mom type. She is an ice queen. Give her a judge show like Judge Judy or something. Or have her be a mean game show hostess. But this is just not her thing.

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