Lena Dunham Says Her Friends Were Triggered By Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy News

When you first heard the news that 20-year-old Kylie Jenner is knocked up, how did you react? Did you scream? Did you shudder? Did you e-mail your resume to every Calabasas-based child care agency in hopes you’ll score a lucrative million-dollar contract as one of the nannies who will inevitably raise Kylie’s kid after she gets bored with it? Did you feel extremely triggered. If it’s the last one, you’re probably one of Lena Dunham’s friends.

Peoplesays that Lena hopped on Twitter not long after the news broke, saying ten of her friends told her they felt “triggered.

Lena Dunham is 31, doesn’t have kids, and suffers from endometriosis. If her friends are in their 30s and want kids but don’t have them, that might be because they can’t afford them or are having a really tough time trying to get pregnant. Whatever the reason, seeing a 20-year-old get knocked up after a month of dating her boyfriend Travis Scott or possibly for sisterly surrogacy must have had some people in Lena’s circle sweating. Lena says relax, Kylie’s pregnancy is nothing like regular people’s pregnancies.

I don’t know if that last one was a subtle dig at Kylie just barely avoiding a teen pregnancy. But since Lena got a prominent middle spot on the friendship shirt of Her Snakiness, I’m taking it as a maybe.

I can’t focus on the fact that Lena is the kind of friends with people who would get triggered by a celebrity’s baby news. So instead I’ll ask: what in the hell is this fertility industrial complex Lena speaks of? I’m a woman with a uterus – should I be concerned? I’m sure I’m not the only one searching for more information. Kylie and her mom are no doubt researching the fertility industrial complex. Although they would most likely be researching how to capitalize on it. Morning sickness-proof lip kit in Fetu$ coming soon!

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  1. Ca-ca-Caroline

    Yeah/ she’s just being vindictive about fertility, directing it at a random 20 year old? Why this particular one? This nonsense blows my mind

  2. Ca-ca-Caroline

    What are you even talking about you preposterous lunatic? How can you possibly make this about YOU?

  3. leeuhnotlayuh

    I can’t wait to see her die a painful death on AHS.

  4. Yet she keeps posting pictures of it. Strange…

  5. It’s the new “narrative.”

  6. Yeah, no kids here either. Biology took care of that for me, but even if I could have kids, I don’t want them. It’s enough for me to work with them.

  7. Hmm. Maybe not friends, really. People who invite her over when they have a house guest they’re desperate to get rid of. Or pests. If they need to move, they can ask her, because all their old neighbours will help carry things, just to stop that plan…”I want the best table/discount/upgrade etc, or I will return with my friend Lena Dunham.”

    Still, I’m not sure it would be worth it.

  8. Prancing-est of all Nougats

    She’ll nestle her artistic vision in the middle of a crapload of shiplap so she can be on top of the HGTV trends.

  9. An undocumented person that is not a natural born citizen living in the USA is living here illegally.

  10. More often than not, being single and not having children has nothing to do with feminism. Also, a lot of women are just fine with it. And while I understand 3rd feminism being hugely misandrist, you coming in here with mysoginistic insults doesn’t make you any better.

  11. Yes, it’s becoming totally ridiculous.

  12. What the fuck is the fertility industrial complex? Is this some 3rd wave feminist shit?
    Anyways, I’m 34 and I don’t have children. I’m fine with it. I’ve got pets. And I think the best age for women to have children are their 20s. That way you can still enjoy life once the children are adults.

  13. yaaaaaaawn….

    (Can someone wake me up when this twathole has something intelligent or interesting to say?)


  14. Did you enjoy being spanked by your mummy when you were a teenager?

  15. What was life like for you growing up Amish?

  16. Same.

  17. you know what, asshole? i don’t like your republican kind who calls undocumented immigrants “illegals” and pushes a republican agenda.
    fuck off.

  18. Charlie Hunnam's butt

    you have ten friends?? get out of here!

  19. Decorative item

    Oh gag! She’ll probably throw hers against a canvas and hang it in her living room, ensuring endless “intellectual” discussions about her reproductive bits. *Shudder*

  20. Isn’t her fat ass supposed to be in Canada now?

  21. Lumpy lolz

  22. Lord Have Mercy

    I was triggered at work today when Thompson was announced lead on the new project, but then I remembered the new company project was setting up in Minnesota during winter and I would be helping the San Diego office during that time. Enjoy freezing your ass off Thompson. (No disrespect to Minnesota, it’s actually a underrated state and I always have fun when I go to the twin cities, but the winters are epic there.)

  23. I saw an Avocado TV Commercial. I was soooooooooooo triggered! WTF is this trend for “Triggered”????

  24. I’d say leave Lena alone…hanging off the coat-tails of reality stars and Taylor Swift is all she has left….I would say that…if i cared :/

  25. LOL!

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