The Apokalypse Is Upon Us: Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly Pregnant

Do you hear that? That sad little whimpering noise? It’s the sound of Tyga weeping softly and dabbing at his tears with a variety of repossession notices and PAST DUE bills. For it appears another rapper has done what he didn’t do, which is set his bank accounts up for life (or at least 18 years) by knocking up millionaire makeup mogul Kylie Jenner.

According to TMZ, 20-year-old Kylie Jenner is pregnant. And just like that, there’s now a reason to tune into Life of Kylie. Congratulations, Kylie!

TMZ says that the father is 25-year-old rapper Travis Scott. Kylie and Travis have been rumored to be a thing for about five months. TMZ says that Travis was allegedly telling people that Kylie was pregnant at the Day N Night Fest in Anaheim earlier this month. He was reportedly heard saying the same thing at a recent event. Sources tell TMZ that Travis has told his friends about Kylie’s baby, and claims she’s reportedly having a girl. How nice, Kris Jenner will soon have another poor girl to exploit…er, I mean – “manage.

TMZ seems to think Kylie has been dropping hints that she is pregnant on social media. She has been posting older photos and ones cropped from the neck up to Instagram, and today this picture appeared on Snapchat:

She was also seen out shopping last week in the kind of baggy t-shirt that will make you squint and convince yourself you can see some first trimester action in her midsection. A source is also telling Page Six that Kylie is pregnant, and has been looking pregnant-ish for about four months. Multiple sources tell People magazine the same (aka that she’s knocked up).

I’m sure the timing of Kylie’s knocked-up news is no coincidence. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians 10 year anniversary special airs on Sunday night. So my guess is that it happened today because Kylie is a good daughter who wanted to give her mama the gift of an extra boost of publicity for that shit show. But I really want to believe Kylie is an evil mastermind who has been planning this pregnancy for months, waiting to announce it at just the right time. Thus yanking all the 10-year anniversary attention away from Kim and officially usurping her position as the family’s fame whore supreme!

Pic: Instagram


  1. A la Courtney Stodden and her “fall”

  2. ☥Ghoulish Scum of Satan☥

    Sadly, you’ve got a point.

  3. Marla Hooch (League of Their Own) with a unicorn accessory

  4. What is PCOS mazohyst?

  5. AlexandriaLighthouse

    I’ll be surprised if they wait that long.

  6. Diana of Balkan

    Maybe the hurricanes and earthquakes were signs? It is the end of the world -. –

  7. I agree. I think too that with Kim doing surrogacy not birthing from your own loins could possibly drive her to consider other options. No fan of the Ktrash but when you want a baby and cannot conceive that is heartbreaking.

  8. CaliCheeseSucks

    I hear you but the other side of it, Trump seeps into everything. Tonight he was encouraging the NFL to “fire” players who don’t stand for the National Anthem. The lines aren’t as clear as they used to be, though I do wish they were.

  9. That explains why she didn’t appear on that Megyn Kelly’s interview, then.

  10. I liked it. Does she sound like this throughout the album? I like her singing here better. At times she would annoy me a bit in her early years.

  11. I think Farrah’s daughter looks mostly like her dad.

  12. That we know of…

  13. She could adopt a kid, surrogacy… I don’t know, she’s got options and the money to fulfill that wish in case she wants to.

  14. Well, good for Jenny! I know she was so happy with her first, so I’m happy for her. And I always felt she was kind of the one that reeled Jeff in when he was being too much. And I can’t remember if Gage was around then, maybe they had just started dating. Zoila was the best, I’m sad he’s being terrible to everyone. How us Jenny handling him? It seems weird she’d stick around if he’s being so abusive? Like she’s got other things going on and doesn’t need that stress

  15. Kylie has successfully archieved her goal of becoming Kim’s copy. I wonder how Kim feels about that.

  16. I wish this neantvss could hang up her Jr. Ho-stroll shoes but none of them seem to slow down. It’s only going to sideline her a few months. These people don’t sacrifice anything for their children. 😕

    ETA: my heart did break for her when I first read it though. It flashed forward to all the post baby surgery her body and face will endure. 😔

  17. That’s what they said about Kum the first time though. 😟

  18. Get that jacket back. Their merchandise always costs a fucking fortune. Probably why I never buy some. ^^;
    Just realized that she also collaborated with The Eagles of Death Metal. Cool. 🙂

  19. Could be fake. Fake pregnancy, then fake miscarriage, try to get lots of pity and of course, attention. And viewers. Her fucking show is so boring, because she is a lifeless plastic doll with a vacuum for a brain. It takes her forever to form sentences and she doesn’t have any hobbies beside sitting around and trying to look sexy. Ugh.

  20. Kylie might be Kim’s surrogate.

  21. Let’s all hope Botox doesn’t cause birth defects.

  22. Kim’s kids are cute.

  23. Just another broke ass, gold digging loser. At least her kid won’t be Dream’s half-sibling and first cousin IF this baby doesn’t belong to Tyga.

  24. Again, so tired of politics infiltrating everything! Sometimes I just want to snark, and not think of any that bullshit for a moment or two. Just to relax and have some fun.

  25. Kanye doesn’t have any money.

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