Open Post: Hosted By Liam Gallagher Being Forced To Make His Own Tea

Expecting a Gallagher brother to bring a bit of sunshine to the world is a bit like expecting Pete Doherty to lead this weekend’s Sunday School class; not likely to happen. With that being said, you might want to remain seated for the following. Because watching Liam Gallagher looking like a lobotomized elephant as it works its way around the kitchen making tea is such an unexpected ray of light.

Earlier this week, BBC Three tweeted out a video of Liam making his own tea. That’s it. But don’t be deceived by its simplicity. Liam swears, Liam complains, but Liam does thoroughly enjoy his tea.

After Liam takes that first sip and orgasmically says, “It’s faaawkin good, man,” Liam starts to yearn for the good ol’ days of the 90s. And, no, not because he’d go downstairs not knowing if it was going to be Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell passed out in his garden. It’s because those were the golden years when NOW That’s What I Call Music CDs were the closest thing to Spotify, and an artist still made enough coin to employ four groupies to make tea after a good shagging. These days, nobody is making enough of a cut from Spotify or Tidal. Hell, even the owners of Tidal aren’t making money from Tidal.

As a result, Liam must go pilfer tea bags from the nearest Hampton Inn and make a cuppa himself! Poor Liam. These days, Kate and Naomi are more likely to turn up to a Saturday X Factor watch party at Noel’s (SNAKES!) than a rock star rager, and Noel is forced to make his own tea in what looks like the worst dorm room you can find on a community college campus. Please, someone bring back CDs so this man can hire a tea groupie!

Pic: Twitter


  1. You have a good heart. I like you.

  2. Yummmm. I am sure they will enjoy anything you offer.

  3. As I am seeing my friend again (and his grown up “kids”) tomorrow, and as I love feeding people, I am making these today

  4. He is a foster puppy so I will only have him for a few weeks. My job is to look after all kind of pets, I am used to the madness πŸ™‚

  5. Oh, I don’t disagree, just the way they believe he can do no wrong, when he’s obviously insane, reminds me of a cult. “Obama was worse”, oh please, pray tell, how was Obama worse? I never felt like we were on the verge of nuclear war when O was President in 8 years, less than a year with like lunatic everyone (who is sane) is terrified of it

  6. Adding a new puppy to mix is madness.

  7. I went to the Gaudi cathedral in Barcelona yonks ago and was stunned. I’m agnostic but could still appreciate the majesty of it all. Gawjus

  8. AAAAANNNND he’s still a pea-brained foolio as you so aptly put it. No recovery for you! (Said in the soup Nazi’s style.)

  9. Brings back memories. Had to have a C-section and had no idea and needed a catheter. I was a little freaked out to say the least, bitch nurse was like, oh you’re just being a baby, surgery is so much worse (thanks…). Nice medical helper at least suggested they could use a numbing gel, I’d still feel it go in, but then the gel would start numbing. Then there was the nurse while I was in recovery that kept saying she’d bring me water, and NEVER did for 12 hours while I had a fever.

  10. Oh god, I’m rolling laughing!

  11. Oh! I suggested this to a coworker! She said she had a date night with her man/free tickets and didn’t like horror/gore type things. So I suggested Kingsmen and showed her clips from the first one bc she had never heard of it (gasps!). Hopefully she listened


  13. Homemade ones either come out fantastic, or creepy in my opinion

  14. Chad Williams

    Like a lot of nostalgic tunes, it’s already hardwired in me, a part of me, and so I don’t dwell on it. Something newer might stick in my mind.

  15. Chad Williams

    Perfect imitation, I froke out too.

  16. Especially now with a new puppy at home, it’s so difficult to get enough beauty sleep during the night and attention from the hooman slave during the day

  17. I came across this, the other day I love birds but I must admit, that freaked me out a little

  18. Being a cat is hard.

  19. πŸ™Š … πŸ’©πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ … 😘

  20. They are a cancer IMO.

  21. Happy Caturday everyone !

    Here’s one of my fur baby doing what she does best. She has such a stressful life…..

  22. Trump supporters are a cult

  23. Who? Never mind the madness is indescribable.

  24. I don’t deny that I am charmed by the talent…it’s the tune.

  25. Back at you Doll face.

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