Netflix Isn’t Happy About That Peen In “Maya The Bee”

The real tale as old as time around kids cartoons is the one where countless smartass illustrators take out frustrations/get some LOLs by drawing inappropriate shit in your three-year-old’s favorite show. So it should not come as a shock that a big ol’ illustrated sausage found its way into Maya the Bee. And Maya’s bosses at Netflix ain’t happy about it.

Michael K noted yesterday that viewers of Maya the Bee: Episode 35 were treated to an anatomical meat and two vegetable plate. That didn’t exactly play well, since the average viewer of MtB is closer to six than sixteen. One Million Moms loses its shit when Ellen DeGeneres does a little dance on weekday TV, so I’m sure the group was renamed One Million Headless Moms once all their heads blew off from the site of a thick piece of man meat. To keep them off their jock, The Hollywood Reporter says that Netflix burped up an apology:

“An absolutely inappropriate image has been discovered in a four-second fly-by scene in one episode of the total of 78 episodes of the series. The origin of this image obviously results from a very bad joke from one of the 150 artists working on the production.”

Bad joke? Girl, did you take a look of that thick pipe in the cartoon? If I was riding a pogo stick like that on the regular, I would scrawl about it everywhere. On the subway, on a foggy window in my Uber home, on my dog’s forehead…EVERYWHERE!

Pic: Netflix


  1. CountChoculuh


  2. Yeah. I saw so much age inappropriate shit when I was a child and I did fine. And that was long before the internet. Fucking helicopter parents. No wonder all these college students demand safe spaces and shit.

  3. I love you and your comments. Carry on!

  4. I think it’s much safer to explain these things to kids so they are informed than just ignore them and attach stigma and shame to such natural things as boobs or a penis. They’re not going to become promicious just because they know what the function of a penis is. Some people have seriously twisted views about nature and particularly sex and bodily functions.

  5. I’m sure none of the kids has noticed, so what? Also, it’s just a fact that men have a penis. It’s an important body part. So, why so upset? Boys know they have a penis. Girls know boys have a penis. The people getting upset about this are the same people upset about sex ed.

  6. Also why girlfriend has all this hate for the sausage?
    sausages are fun, sausages taste good, sausages bring joy.

  7. Yup. Kids at my school used to repeat that line too. It really is a classic.

  8. I’m blind too. Feel like I’m missing out … 😒

  9. Mine says titties. Thanks grandma, not embarrassing at all!

  10. when the kids are dropped off at school, husband is away at work, these bitches sitting at home popping pills and finish a bottle of red wine for themselves while watching netflix to find penis outlines.

  11. those desperate moms really need to get some dick, when you watch things soooooo careful, to find a peen outline in a split second frame, you know you are really hard up for some dick.

    And perhaps if you put that much effort into getting dick, your uptight ass wouldn’t be so dick obsessed right now.
    and if your husband aint giving you the dick because he has a leonardo di caprio dad bod, then girl, there are plenty of other ways to get dick.
    i.e. the 30 year old little league coach, the 32 years old squad team swimming instructor, the 24 year old wannabe pro-am golf instructor, the 34 years old tennis coach, the 24 year old personal trainer, the 26 year old wannabe chef working at the hip pop-up Vietnamese Mexican fusion restaurant everybody is talking about.

    point is.

  12. Upside-down Flower

    Did they watch it frame by frame looking for penises?

    They sound like desperate mom’s whose “afternoon delights” quit on them. This is what happens when soap operas are cancelled.

    Wow, those mom’s are the epitome of life fulfillment.

  13. When they aren’t writing parental content advisories on IMDB. Very strange, pervy little subculture.

  14. These watchdog groups get their fluster-rages on, and the only thing they ever seem to accomplish by pointing this stuff out is to make people go “oooh, WHERE?!”

  15. I read somewhere it’s a “crudely drawn phallus” on the inside of a log. Do with that information what you will.

  16. lmao @ “housebroken, or whatever it’s called.”

    Pediatrician gave me grief a few years ago when she heard me use the word “bits” with my kids (2 and 3) at a well check. I got the full-on finger wag treatment. She explained, “if they’re ever victims of molestation, they must be able to describe the abuse in anatomically correct terms.” I just kinda looked at her, torn between thoughts of “oh, for f–k’s sake,” and “can’t I please just have maybe one more year before my daughter is yelling about vaginas and whatnot to every stranger we pass on the street??” Because I knew she would. And she did.

  17. PinkIsTheBlondeofColors

    I almost think that’s like an animation “in”. As soon as you get assigned to be the animator for something you know a lot of people are gonna see, it’s like “Alright we gotta slip a dick in here somewhere. If we don’t then all our animation compadres we went to art school with won’t be impressed with us.”

  18. What is a toddler supposed to call them?
    Dare you to teach her to call them tits.

  19. where? am i blind

  20. I said this on another post, my toddler watches this show. I never noticed, and still don’t care. But, I’m the parent who got the proverbial hand slap at “school” (fancypants daycare) because my toddler said she had “boobies” in front of the other kids. I don’t know where she learned that word, but it’s apparently offensive to the daycare. Because I generally give no shits, I informed my child (in front of offended teachers) that she had breasts. They never did complain after that. I’m sure she’s now telling them all about her ladybits, in appropriate anatomical terms, now that she’s housebroken, or whatever it’s called….

  21. Agree – I watch that show with my granddaughter & I would never notice the things these people do – I just think it looks pretty.

  22. “I want my two dollars”!! My sister’s boyfriend was obsessed with that movie when it came on HBO back in the 80s – I swear he said that to everyone for a year straight! 🙂

  23. OMG, I remember that! I think that’s about how old I was when I saw this. I was left unsupervised with HBO a lot.

  24. Never mind, it’s not there. It’s on the previous post on the topic.

    That said, this kind of shit makes me insane. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!! Who don’t even know what a penis is, let alone what to do with it, let alone whether or not there is anything offensive about a cave drawn dick.

  25. How in the fuck do people ever notice these things? Is there some pearl clutcher out there who looks for this shit as a hobby?

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