Ryan Phillippe Responds To His Ex-Girlfriends Allegations By Fixing To Sue Her

While he’s at it, he might also want to think about suing whoever told him those leggings were a good look, but that’s not high on the priority list right now.

Earlier we found out that Ryan Phillippe’s ex-girlfriend Elsie Hewitt filed a $1 million lawsuit against him for allegedly getting violent with her. Sources close to Ryan accused Elsie of having the cruelest of intentions, aka trying to get money. TMZ says that Ryan is preparing to fight back and has lawyered up.

Ryan hired a high-powered civil litigator, and he’s planning on filing either a defamation lawsuit or a malicious prosecution lawsuit against Elsie. Ryan maintains that Elsie made everything up for money and/or attention, and that she was the violent one. If Elsie’s lawsuit is thrown out, Ryan plans on filing a counter-suit for defamation as well as a malicious prosecution counter-suit.

In a statement released to The Blast by Ryan’s rep, he says he’s innocent.

“As a staunch advocate for the health, well-being and equality of women, Ryan is completely devastated that these false allegations have been made and circulated. Domestic violence is an incredibly serious issue and fabricated and proven false claims should not be used to unjustly slander the falsely accused. The claims are false.”

TMZ says that Ryan is inspired by Taylor Swift’s butt-grabbing court victory. Taylor was sued by a Colorado DJ who accused her of getting him fired and costing him future jobs after she alleged he grabbed her ass. Ryan reportedly wants Elsie to admit she was lying. If she won’t, he wants a judge and jury to decide that he’s the real victim in this situation, and that her lawsuit is based on a lie.

Ryan will donate every dime he wins in court to domestic violence charities. Although sources tell TMZ that Ryan isn’t confident she’s even got any money to hand over. Elsie is also reportedly claiming that she’ll donate any money won in court to domestic violence charities.

This has gone from messy to MESS in less than 12 hours, so I have no idea where it’s going to go from here. I guess if there’s any upside to this story, it’s that now when Ryan Phillippe opens the internet and searches his name and the word “mess“, the top result will no longer be a link to Catch Hell.

Pic: Instagram


  1. He looks like a sulker………

  2. I know what you did last summer. Only other movie I’ve ever seen him in. Spoiler: He plays a douche.

  3. Forever frat boy.

  4. He doesn’t look younger but suffers from perpetual babyface. Super unattractive. Maybe a beard would help and some better fashion choices. But then there’s still his personality.

  5. peruvianpuffpepper

    mid-life crisis pants

  6. That, too.

  7. He’s such a fucking babyface, I think older women just aren’t attracted to him. He looks like a college frat boy but with all the baggage of an adult. Who wants that?

  8. peruvianpuffpepper

    women of a suitable age wouldn’t have the patience for his antics

  9. That’s because that’s the only time he actually was attractive. I think it’s the character that made him so damn hot.

  10. Even if I knew nothing about Ryan I could tell by this picture alone that he’s a douche. The sleeve tattoo, the gold chain, the ugly pants. Check, check, check. Taking a selfie in the mirror not even looking up from the phone. Check. Douche Accessory 101.
    Anyway, that PR message made me laugh so hard. So ridiculous.

  11. Ava, I grabbed something from your closet because mine’s all in the wash. You don’t have a problem with that right?

  12. It’s weird. The only time I find this man remotely attractive is on True Blood.

  13. Not saying he did or didn’t do it but getting a temporary restraining order isn’t hard. The permanent one requires a hearing.

  14. This gif always makes me cackle aloud!

  15. He heard they were really comfy and wanted to see what the hype was about. He’s going for their Disney collection next.

  16. Accidental or on purpose?

  17. I usually find her annoying but she was good in Big Little Lies. Nicole Kidman though-so, so good.

  18. Hehe:)

  19. He seems to like them really young. His ex-fiancee is only about 23, 24. And this girl. That doesn’t help his douchey image.

  20. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    I just keep thinking of rebel Wilson case and thinking he should take it to Australia where he’d win record amounts even if he did beat her with more than just his dick. (And yes I’m bitter about rebels lying ass winning)

  21. Ryan Phillippe is the biggest douchebag. Even his name is douchery. Douche can’t act either. Everything he’s in? HATE. He has a punchable frat boy fat face.

  22. He looks disegaged ALL the time. He gives me weird vibes. He is not comfortable in his own skin.

  23. He uses fillers and Botox. It’s obvious in some photos.

  24. He’s lying like Depp was. That’s why she was successful in getting a temporary restraining order on his short, roidy ass.

  25. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ

    He was in the fictional take on Studio 54 a year after CI. TBH, I also don’t remember him much in movies but he’s a pretty face so they always used him for whatever flop film they had an opening in. *shrug* Think he’s on a TV show now that’s doing good though?

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