Jake Gyllenhaal Dodged A Question About Taylor Swift

You can’t be a real Bostonian without being a bit of an a-hole. Hell, I’ve given three people in this coffee shop the finger just over the span of typing out two sentences. So it’s only natural Jake Gyllenhaal gets into character and acts like one on the press tour for Stronger, the film where he portrays real-life Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman. Jake and Jeff interviewed each other and it’s not so much an interview as it’s 2 minutes them sassing one another.

Jeff, who lost both his legs in the bombing, asked Jake, “If you lost your legs in real life, do you think Taylor Swift would write a song about it?” Jake, who once co-starred in several staged maple latte photo-ops with Taylor, replied, “For me, or about it?

Jeff, who got me hard by asking such a thing, said it would be for Jake…you know, a country song…LIKE HER FREAKING M.O. ALL ALONG, JAKE! DON’T YOU SIT THERE AND PLAY DOE-EYED AND DUMB! In the spirit of country, Jake did a little do-si-do around that question and just remarked how TSwift is more pop than country these days.

The two kept asking real hard-hitting questions – namely, Jeff wanted to know why Ryan Reynolds didn’t play him since he felt Mr. Blake Lively would have done a way better job that Donnie Darko. In turn, Jake asked Jeff for his favorite movie, which was Good Will Hunting since you can’t be from here and get into heaven (or the L Street Tavern on a Saturday night) without saying that. Jake seemed a little pissed that Jeff didn’t reply The Departed. Who can blame him? Martin Sheen was one fucking sexy Boston daddy in it. Oh, and I guess so was Marky Mark, which brings Jake to his last question:

“Speaking of Wahlberg, have you ever actually eaten a Wahlburger? And, if so, what happened to you two or three hours later?”

I have. Here’s a clue: if I had to describe it as a moment in history, it would most certainly be the Boston Massacre. With a side of fries.

Pic: Wenn.com


  1. Katy Goldstein

    I thought red was about him

  2. Wasn’t that about Styles/Mayer?

  3. Am I the only one how think Jake is REALLY fucking hot sometimes…then other times, no thanks?

    Either way, I respect his body of work.

  4. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ

    Doing her attempt to be Tori Amos and failing miserably.

  5. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ

    Right. I don’t wanna be reminded that this is who my people wanted me to be with because she was a “rising star” and I needed the publicity. Lol

  6. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ

    Jake needs to do an entire interview naked.


  7. man, if that was a contract, he did not get paid enough. that shirt. so sorry for him.

  8. Oh Toothy, I’d dodge that one too…

  9. Oh makes sense. I could see him being one of those tortured artists whose all damaged and fucks with your head.

  10. just conjecture but ‘she’ (as in she had writers write) wrote- never ever getting back together about him i thought. it was that period and they seemingly broke up and got back together. and i can picture him doing that head game bs of edging away….but then calling you again just when you are through.

  11. I’ll have what she’s having

  12. lol yes yes yes

  13. she has great variety

  14. Dirk'sVT, PhD

    Yeah, but it was likely a piece of shit, like so much else he’s done.

  15. He was great in Nightcrawler. It was fantastic.

  16. Venus de Merino

    Yep, just like with Richard Ramirez, Scott Peterson, van der Sloot, etc.

  17. Jeff was refreshingly bitter. Thank you for using the opportunity to bust Jake’s balls.

  18. My Cat Has 9 Loaves

    “Used to” being key here. I had an older lady crush on him back in the day. The hot has definitely disappeared, though.

  19. Joan o' Snark

    It hurts Loki to see his true love with someone else. Contract love is the cruelest love.


  20. Didn’t Jakey used to be kind of hot or cute or something?

  21. Queen Frostine's Original Face

    It was in 2010, 7 years ago. It might as well have been a decade ago.

  22. I thought Marky Mark already made a film about the Boston Marathon Bomber.

  23. Exactly. I still can’t with RS for that…

  24. That fucking Rolling Stone cover.

  25. Love Jake in so many roles. Jarhead, nightcrawler, and most recently in ‘Life’ – highly recommended.

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