Colin Jost Really Is Dating Scarlett Johansson

There’s been a lot of rumors about Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost doing each other, neither had confirmed if anything was going on, and photographic evidence was slim. It looks like there won’t be a big boring relationship announcement in the form of a series of clear pictures of them walking, because he just spilled all the beans to Entertainment Tonight at the Emmys.

Colin was asked who his Emmys date was, and he replied that his dates were the rest of his Saturday Night Live cast members. A successful bait and switch if I ever heard one. But ET’s red carpet reporter didn’t come to play and asked him about the rumor that he’s dating “a very lovely blonde.” Colin answered that his lovely blonde was working and then he enthusiastically handed out information like he was working the most popular sample station at Costco.

“She’s a wonderful – she’s working, otherwise she’d be here. She’s, you know – she’s pretty cool. It’s hard to have a lot of complaints, she’s pretty awesome…The first time she hosted [SNL] was the first year I was a writer on the show, so we’ve kind of known each other since then. She’s the best. I’m very happy, I feel very lucky.”

Earlier this month, a source told People that despite dating Colin, Scarlett’s feelings for her lawyer Kevin Yornhaven’t fizzled” and that she was still seeing him whenever she could.

There are so many missing plot points to this story. I wish Colin had taken a moment from gushing about being blessed and filled in the blanks. What happened to Kevin? Is Kevin still around? Did things finally fizzle?!? No really, I need to know if Scarlett broke the news about Colin by informing Kevin that he had officially been downgraded from sizzle to fizzle. It seems like too perfect a phrase not to use.



  1. yellersubmarine

    the only worthwhile love story that ever came out of SNL was that of Stefon’s and Seth Meyers. it was surprisingly touching and will probably last longer than ScarLin

  2. yellersubmarine

    when she first “blew up” and everybody was going on and on about her, i didnt really see it. it may be a matter of personal taste but she’s just not my style.

  3. πŸπŸ‚β„±Ρ—αΈ“αΈ“β„“Ξ΅ΓΞ΅Ξ΅ΓΞ΅eπŸπŸ‚

    Not sure but you are right, he is a cutie!

  4. Why don’t they also ask him about her lawyer and the third guy she is seeing according to the blinds?

  5. Oh I love it!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Tartlover!!!

  6. Tart of Darkness

    Try some clips on YouTube first, it’s a wonderfully weird and fun show but it’s an acquired taste. Now my dreamboat
    Noel Fielding is a host on the great British bake off.

  7. Some MMA dude that is the son of some other MMA dude. Dang he looks special.

  8. majormajormajor

    Ok that was beautiful, it was perfect, it looked like linda evangelista…but now also every time i see scarlett johanshjbfsdjkfe I will hear Mr. F playing softly in the background because she’s the real life Rita

  9. Not now she’s seen that jacket he’s not.

  10. I must see this. The whole thing is just gorgeous!!!! Just like you Tartknicker!

  11. Pretty much though she’s not as hot as she used to be

    Signed –
    straight-ish male

  12. Who is this cutie?

  13. Awwww so cute.

  14. His lack of lips is notable, though.

  15. Wait who is it?! I’ve always wondered.

  16. Scarlett is already through husband #2, what doesn’t Jost get about this??

  17. Tart of Darkness

    The Mighty Boosh ha ha. I couldn’t find a clip so I plonked the whole thing down. Face like a man’s thigh still cracks me up.

  18. Oatmeal meet milk.
    Milk meet oatmeal.
    You are both bland basic bitches.

  19. Immodest Goddess


  20. Words are hard. I trip over them consistently. πŸ™‚

  21. This is so boring to me I keep forgetting if he’s dating ScarJo or Charlize. One of them.

  22. Sophie's Choice

    Dating Colin Jost probably fulfills Scarlett’s affinity for Ivy League educated men who are way more smart than she is. Someone saw her at a guest party for rich people, and she tried to pretend she was smart by stating news articles like she knew what it meant. Your a hack Johansson give it up.

  23. I thought he was gay…

  24. Okay then. He reminds me of my high school boyfriend.

  25. He’s on SNL, one of the newscasters.

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