Billy Bush And His Wife Split Up After 20 Years

Sadly, it looks like nobody wants to be around Billy Bush. Al Roker sure as shit doesn’t. Today doesn’t. And now it appears his wife doesn’t. Only Donald Trump seemed to enjoy having Billy around, and that’s the problem.

In case you’ve been living under a rock (and I don’t blame you with the ongoing North Korea slap fight), Billy was the Robin to Trump’s Horny Batman in that “grab ’em by the pussy” tape, and it apparently didn’t sit too well with his wife. Billy’s wife Sydney Davis may not have found the tape too endearing, and Page Six says it could be a factor in the two heading to Splitsville after 20 years of marriage. Billy’s lawyer confirmed it while a source close to Sydney said she is “10,000 percent out of there. It’s splitsville. They are done. [Billy] is not a victim.

A source at the time of PussyGate implied the only thing Billy would be grabbing was the number for a couples counselor:

“She was so furious that she refused to speak with him for a while — and she’s still furious. They are having marriage problems. He didn’t apologize to her for the embarrassment he caused in his statement.”

Fast forward to now, and Billy’s team is saying claims of Sydney leaving are not true. They’re separated, but just evaluating life and this is all just normal married couple shit. Mmhmm. Meanwhile, here’s Billy this afternoon:



  1. Literarylioness

    Or “Bro.”

  2. Literarylioness

    Remember, “please clap”?

  3. Nice try you racist troll.

  4. If things are so bad you are seperated to evaluate your lifes, your realtionship is pretty much done. Good for her divorcing his creepy ass. I hope she gets lots of money and full custody. That grabbing pussy tape can’t be good for him in family court.

  5. Billy Konstantine


  6. CountChoculuh

    Explain this.

  7. Why does a grown man still call himself Billy?

  8. This gives her hope.

  9. Lululemon.

  10. No political son can come close to the perfection that was JFK Jr.

  11. Hehe funny you put Bush and dem together:)

  12. And from a political family too.

  13. Or she got pissed he allowed his douchebaggery to be aired in public.

  14. hows this not racist?

  15. Honestly, narcissists are like that. They love bomb people and make them feel great, then later they knife you in the back when they have gotten whatever they want (attention, $, sex, whatever)

    You have to call a narcissist on their shit early & often. Even then, others currently being love-bombed will blame you or act like you’re the petty one.

    Like if you say, “LOOK! The Emperor has no clothes!” everyone can respond in these baffling ways. “HEY! The Emperor is a really great guy! Why are you being such an asshole?”

    It’s all really strange and manipulative.

  16. Ugh. JEB! Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but at least he seemed like he meant well sometimes.

    Honestly I think both parties were putting up candidates from families that many voters were just sick of. People were like, “Wait, Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama and then another Bush or Clinton? WTF?”

    The Dems were stuuuuuuupid to go against Bernie’s growing momentum. They should have helped him meet/work with groups that weren’t his natural supporters, instead of hammering on how great Hillary was.

    And Jeb was just…he called himself a grateful tortoise in a news segment. He wasn’t even fun in the “dumb uncle who plays football with the kids” way Dubya was. Jeb was too wooden & stupid to be helped.

    Of course they were both better than this mess.


  17. That is a tight, angry smile on her face. And he’s like, “Hahah…I’m in trouble, aren’t I?”

    Great photo choices today!

  18. I’m surprised he didn’t get invited to host the Emmy’s.

  19. Now he can get all the bush he wants.

  20. Oh yeah the pussy grabbing thing. My bad, I thought it was a new story.

  21. I hope she gets 50%. He is such a sleazebag. He, and Ryan Phillipe make my skin crawl. Gross!

  22. Whose bush?

  23. I relate to that dog spiritually. I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner. Also 20 years? Is that an old picture?

  24. Chad Williams

    Trump v. Bush is a matter of what’s worser, diabetes or stroke. The thought of the Bushes back in the WH is beyond unpleasant. Not only was the second invasion of Iraq an unnecessary disaster, but the first one was also. It’s a long story.

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