Patty Jenkins Is Now The Highest Paid Female Director Of All Time

So what if Wonder Woman isn’t really helping women in your mind, James Cameron. You know what is? Cold. Hard. MOOLAH!

Wonder Woman has raked in $816 million worldwide, and now it’s time to pony up the Benjis to keep that success rolling since, well, it was one of the few things anyone went and saw in theaters this summer. Gal Gadot is back for the sequel, and original Wonder Woman (and mail-order contacts maven of my childhood!) Lynda Carter has signed on. So it only makes sense to keep the sisterhood alive and well. Variety reports director Patty Jenkins has closed a deal to return for the sequel, which should come out sometime in December 2019.

Deets on the payday haven’t been released, but sources say it’s close to $8 million for Patty to write, produce, and direct Wonder Woman 2. If true, this gives her the biggest female director pay day in history. Let’s hear it for the boooooys….er – giiiiiiirls!

Patty will also reportedly get a big chunk of the film’s profits, which means that $8 million is really just a starting point. To put everything into perspective, Patty was reportedly paid $1 million for the first Wonder Woman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources claim the previous record holder was Nancy Meyers with somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 million at her peak.

I really hope Patty uses some of these dollars to get a Bentley with the license plate “FMNIZM.” And maybe also that she makes a point of parking it in grouchy old James Cameron’s parking spot at SoHo House or whatever lair he goes to when he needs to ruminate on single-handedly saving the female species. Girl power!



  1. Dirk Diggler-Kojak

    Charlize’s interpretation was so real and intense I find myself incapable of watching the movie again. The rape scene was extremely disturbing.

  2. Don’t get it. That movie sucked sweaty balls in my opinion. It started nice, and went soon downhill after that.

  3. LMFAO!!! You do realize Israel’s military service is mandatory, right?

  4. Some people liked the movie (I did), some people hated the movie.

    That is irrelevant when it comes time to showing Patty the mon-AY for what she threw up on that screen that made $800+ million dollars.

    She deserves that money, possibly more!

    If Patty was Patrick, we would not even be having this discussion, nor would it even be headline news.

  5. Das_ist_ein_Dreck

    I’m all for feminism, i saw the movie and it sucked. It sure didn’t help that instead of an actress they hired a fucking model for the lead.

    (and if i dare say it sure didn’t help that sad model is a former child murder instructor for a fascist apartheid regime)

  6. That’s awesome! She deserves it. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  7. Well shit, good for you Patty. On an unrelated note, can you spare a few of those sweet mega bucks? Y’know, cuz girl power.

  8. I’m so curious what her version would have been.

  9. Fuck yeah! Hopefully it’s a trend.

  10. MayorChapStick76

    I’ll agree with that.

  11. PinkIsTheBlondeofColors

    Go, Patty! It’s ya birthday!

  12. I as the opposite. Idk Think Charlize deserved more credit for the movie than her. She was doing a lot of heavy lifting in that movie. I think Patty deserves more credit for WW strictly because let’s be honest Gal isn’t the best actress and she as really good in this.

  13. I thought the first 3/4 were perfection but thought it had a weak ending. Also, I hate how D.C. Movies always have to become a cgi mess at the end. I think she did a very good job overall. I do think she runs the risk of being too expensive for other projects though. Again not saying she doesn’t deserve it but she’s paid more than others who have had more than 2 hit movies. I’d like to see her a lot in the future and hope this doesn’t old her back.

    Also, I feel bad for the writer of WW. They are giving him absolutely no credit and I will side eye Patty for that. I think everyone is owed their dues for turning out a great movie.

  14. She looks like whatshername with the big teeth on SNL

  15. MayorChapStick76

    Eh. I think Monster is a better movie than Zero Dark Thirty.

  16. Hopefully in her actual deal it doesn’t say “profits” because with creative Hollywood accounting, movies that make $800M can still show next to nothing profits. I’m sure her people aren’t dummies and instead mentioned a portion of gross box office.

  17. Pine and Jenkins (and her husband)again work on a mini série

  18. Get it gurl! I hope she made an RDJ level backend deal.

  19. Katherine Bigelow deserved this honor #JustMyOpinion

  20. Good for her, collect, Patty !

  21. Agent Dana Scully

    She deserves every penny, go Patty! 😀



  23. I didn’t know she directed Monster. Great movie.

  24. Congrats….its tough being in a club of ONE.

  25. More Cow Bell

    10/10 will tune in to get my decade’s worth of cringing in one sitting.

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