Jaime King Says It’s Unfair To Ban Skinny Models From Fashion Shows

When someone mentions Jaime King these days, usually I just think of all that Taylor Swift squad drama fanfiction I wrote when 1989 first came out. She was notably absent from the “Bad Blood” video, and I don’t care if she was 900 months pregnant: Preggo Polly deserved a spot alongside the rest of those ass-kissers. Especially considering the super-special bond she shares with the Don Corleone of Care Bears! Because of this, I often forget Jaime does stuff beyond having kids and being a 38-year-old full-time Swiftie. You know, stuff like modeling!

Jaime is model-sized, and she spent some time at New York Fashion Week reminding everyone that skinny people have hearts with feelings and checking accounts that need filling, just like those of us who spent a good chunk of adolescence at Taco Bell. French fashion companies Kering and LVMH (they own the good shit like Dior and Louis Vuitton) made news last week for banning models who are size zero or below (you can go below?!). Jaime told The New York Post (via People) how she thinks it’s not right:

“I think it would be radically unfair to say if you’re a size zero, then you can’t work, just like it’s unfair to say that if you’re a size 16, you can’t work.”

Jaime sort of confirmed what we all know, and that’s that Hollywood is one giant body-shaming turd of an employment zone. She gained weight when she was treating an illness with hormones, but producers were not feeling her curvy ways. On the other side, people can be real assholes when she’s skinny, too:

“I’m naturally really thin, and sometimes it’s really hard for me to gain weight. When people on Instagram say, ‘Go eat a hamburger,’ I’m like, ‘Wow, they’re body-shaming me for the way I look.'”

Don’t let people on Instagram bring you down, J! It’s kind of like WebMD; Just look at the pictures and don’t read anything or else you’ll just want to breathe into a paper bag for the rest of the afternoon while lying in the fetal position.

I get it, though. Jaime is basically saying we shouldn’t limit our talent pools because if we keep limiting who can get hired, all we’re going to be left with is that SNAKE-dashian Kendall Jenner mucking up the runway. And do we really want someone who is related to a known Taylor Swift enemy ruling our fashion? Oh, I was so right. She is a full-time Swiftie!

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  1. Well it really depends on the cut and I think their sizes run big. I’m sort waisted and so for higher rise pants that are loose fit I have a smaller size than if I go for lowerv rise pants that I wear around my hips. My family is all thin but wide broad shouldered and kinda wider hips like a bunch of Flat Stanleys lol. I’m fine going up a size and wearing my pants low I think it makes me look much more proportionate.

  2. Oh, you are trim as hell!!! A 31″ waist at Nautica??? I don’t think I know a single dude in my family who has that measurement after middle school…but we’re all from the land of giants, I’m 5’9″ and the dudes are all 6’2″ and above, so I guess that influences measurements. I always have to remind myself of that. The nice way to say it is “We’re just a tall drink of water.” Or, alternatively–“that’s a huge bitch.”

  3. If I would’ve ever had money like Oprah, I’d have just had all my clothes made by custom couturiers- tailors. Why not? But also like, why not employ a 24-hour-a-day chauffeur? I thought that’s what all people with extra bucks did. The “mass market” shit is for the rest of us poors.

  4. Ha, probably not so much a trick as a marketing strategy. Make us women think we’re thinner than we are because there’s no longer a true sizing standard and it will…make us buy their clothes more, I guess that’s what they think. Imagine if a shoe company decided to do this with shoes. HELL NO. Well, at least for me–I refused after the age of about 20 to ever wear uncomfortable shoes ever again (I have very Hobbit like club-feet, though).

  5. The only choice for your good clothes is to go back to taking it to the tailor’s. which there are many of in NYC, a few in Chicago, and even fewer on the west coast. As if anyone has money to do that…My mom used to do it for me before I got grown because I would just buy men’s clothes at the Salvation Army so it wasn’t cost- irrational…if the shirt cost 50 cents, then her taking it in was definitely work it. But then again, she made all my prom dresses too, because we used to go out to stores in the 80s and look at the supposed prom dresses and she’s say, “Well, I’m guessing you probably don’t really want to look like a prostitute, either, so…” She let me pick out Vogue patterns (when that was a thing). She is a good mom.

  6. Yeah they totally tried to hide her emaciated body.

  7. Immodest Goddess

    Ah. Well. More money in the mole I guess…


  8. Immodest Goddess

    I agree. There’s a range of sizes that is healthy and we have to be honest that this range works both ways

  9. It’s sad actually. It’s like she’s mentally stuck at 20 which is why she prob can tolerate Taylor and her “squad”

  10. I think people like Tess Holiday are really doing a disservice because she is grossly obese and she is normalizing it as though her weight isn’t life threatening which to me is as made as being anoxeric.

  11. Whether they want to admit ithe “supermodels” of today are just glorified instagram models. without the following they have on social media and because of their wealth and or family name they would never have had a chance at modeling if it was based on looks alone which is kinda the premise of being a model!

  12. I HATE seeing her shoulders. They remind me of coat hangers every time I watch White Chicks

  13. TellMyMom2StopTripin .

    Lol same face in each had a lot a range that one

  14. TellMyMom2StopTripin .

    Yuck. I remember when she called herself “James King” and was doing ALL the drugs with her family’s money in the Limelight 90’s scene. She’s lucky she got anywhere, it blows my mind she actually somewhat became a model.

  15. Can we all hold hands and roll our eyes in unison?

  16. Queen Frostine's Original Face

    Don’t feel bad! I’m the one who misread it at first.

  17. I think that bone (is it part of the collar bone? I have no idea haha) that is sticking out on top of her shoulder is a dead giveaway, too!

  18. Thank you – there’s nothing healthy about starvation or being skeletal, ever.

  19. My theory has been that some designers label 32″ as the length of fabric and others as designed to fit a person with a 32″ waist.

  20. Oh no! no….I am a jerk, but hopefully not THAT much of a jerk 🙂 I was absolutely talking about this 00 bullshit. Sorry…I feel terrible now.

  21. Flora Posteschild

    I can’t remember which series that clip is from, but Ja’mie King is a character on We Can Be Heroes: Finding The Australian of the Year, Summer Heights High and Ja’mie: Private School Girl. If I had to guess, I’d say We Can Be Heroes.

  22. Ca-ca-Caroline

    Where’s that gif from?

  23. Ca-ca-Caroline

    Oh my goodness I just realized I’ve been thinking about pressly this whole time

  24. I enjoyed watching you on “Hart of Dixie”, Jaime…..but naturally thin, huh? Well, I suppose heroin does come from poppies, so that’s natural.

  25. Yup. Details or some other mag I was reading in someone’s bathroom once sent out a writer to buy five or six different pairs of “32s”. Not. A. One. Was a 32 inch waist.

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