Alexander Wang Pissed Off Everyone With His Messy Fashion Week Party Bus

Every year, drama-filled fashionistas like to write about the meanie designers who make them wait around like the rest of us do any given day at the DMV. Because he is never to be outdone, Kanye West kind of took it to the max last year by making everyone pass out waiting for his collection to show on Roosevelt Island. This year, it was designer Alexander Wang’s turn. Page Six reports he hosted his show in a Brooklyn alley because, gurrrrl, have you seen what rent is like in Manhattan these days?!

The whole show was based around a party bus rolling up with models teetering out in scowls and stilettos and whatever else you wear to the show dubbed #WangFest. That’s interesting. I’ve been to a Wang Fest before, but that usually takes place in Provincetown over July 4. What gives with your off calendar, Alexander?

The only thing is, the party bus didn’t arrive on time. Far from it, actually. According to Page Six, it was supposed to arrive at 9pm. It didn’t pull in until 10:30pm. And apparently it was chaos while they waited for the bus to arrive. People were reportedly flabbergasted because there was “pushing and shoving.” Also, heaven FORBID, but Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner were allegedly forced to stand. On a sidewalk. In heels. NOOOOOOOOO!

Anyway, the Fung Wah bus eventually arrived after reportedly making a few stops in Manhattan for fans. Fans? Or were they just driving up and down the West Side Highway to annoy Bella Hadid into her lifeless, dour expression that designers pay good money to front their frocks.

Once the thing finally showed, out poured Bella and sis Gigi Hadid, as well as Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber, to rock the latest Wang-wear. I don’t get why everyone seemed so pissed off. It wasn’t like anyone was fashion roadkill. And The New York Times says there was a live rock concert AND a bouncy house. If I had the opportunity to watch Pimp Mama Kris hop around an inflatable barn, and possibly hear a Guns N’ Roses cover band, AND feast on a food tray that was almost certainly left untouched, I would have cartwheeled out the damn bus singing “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Because honestly, that sounds more like Christmas morning than a fashion show!

Pic: Instagram


  1. TellMyMom2StopTripin .

    She’s super young for sure, I replied to someone else there’s a lot of stuff written online about him and underage girls.

  2. If I want to see a bunch of sad hos in an alley, I need not go far.

  3. TellMyMom2StopTripin .

    I know, it’s gross, if you believe all the stuff that’s written on Jared Leto on Data Lounge and sites like that underage is his thing.

  4. Melissa Michelle Wray

    I just like to play “Find the Nepotism.”

  5. Brian!

  6. GardeningGirl

    I wouldn’t wait an hour and a half for ANYONE!

  7. Hi Hekki!! : )

    Yeah, me too. I can totally see them participating in satanic rituals lol

  8. Her eyes remind me of that guy from the PC Matic commercial. Ever see that guy?

  9. Yes late 80s/early 90s

  10. The only difference between this and Gap is the sweats don’t say GAP on them.

  11. Ugh. People keep complaining about the models being lackluster but Wang is one boring ass over praised designer. Remember his ADIDAS collection.
    Black track pants with a white stripe down the side, revolutionary. What’s this collection called, Frat House Laundry Day?


  12. RyanSeacrestShouldBeLynched!

    That is a deeply unsexy and boring photo, models LMFAO.

  13. Kaia Gerber has been pimped by her mother almost as hard as the Jenner/Kardashians. I guess Cindy is less desperate than Kris, though. But I get an “Eyes Wide Shut” vibe from the Gerbers. Something is off with those people.

  14. If I were Kaia Gerber, I wouldn’t even stand next to Kendall. Ain’t nobody got time for ho residue!


  15. What models?

  16. Don’t forget now they are hired if they have large amounts of followers in social media. I live across the street from a building that houses photo studios and all day I see the most beautiful creatures come out with their portfolios, way more beautiful than the parade of nepotism we see these days yet these girls rarely get the campaigns anymore because of the daughters of the RH.

  17. OMG! I had completely forgotten about Wang! Blast from a distant pass.

  18. I accidentally caught the Lafayette St. show and I liked the out of the box thinking for the show (I guess also because I wasn’t stuck waiting for it to start) but after awhile everyone on the street was joking about the nepotism with the choice of models. Happy he mixed in some real models too.

  19. Generally get stabby about nepotism but Kaia Gerber at least looks like a damn model, unlike two other hos who shall remain nameless.

  20. I hate to Google, and I’d say the son has a lot more Cindy and I think he could model. Her daughter looks like an actress I forgot what her name was, well, there you go. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  21. hahaha


    I agree. The problem lies in that almost all American designers sold their fashion houses a long time ago. While the European ones have a rotating slew of designers coming and going.Fashion really isn’t what it used to be.

  23. You can tell in her shoulders. If she were naturally that thin her shoulders wouldn’t be as wide. She’d look great with some LBs.

  24. parissucksliterally

    She is missing the space between her eyes that Cindy has too. Her eyes are her Dad’s.

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