Taylor Swift’s Music Video Director Is Still Yammering Away

When the Beyhive saw a teaser clip of Taylor Swift’sLook What You Made Me Do” music video, they angrily buzzed, “Look at the Rachel Roy take-down you’re about to make me do!!!” Taylor had the audacity to stand front and center in a line-up of her dancers, which had never been done by a pop star until Beyonce Queen of the Universe and Our Lord and Savior Knowles-Carter Christ deemed it necessary to do in her video for “Formation.” I really wish it had just ended there, but (to borrow a favorite Dlisted phrase) the Butterscotch Don pulled her foundation move and sent in a minion to fight her battle.

Music video director Joseph Kahn first told people to take a seat and wait until the vid came out and recognize that no one was ripping off Beyonce. And then it ended there, and people went along with their lives.

Wrong! It keeps going.

Joseph has since gone on long-winded Twitter rants against those mean critics and even accused ‘Yonce of ripping of Taylor first. Honestly, I didn’t think Joe had a job beyond Taylor’s social media defender and part-time director until he popped up at the Toronto Film Festival with a non-Taylor project, the rap satire Bodied. He then immediately corrected me by sitting down with Variety and, you guessed it, defended Taylor again.

“The biggest insult anyone throws at her is that she’s manipulative. What does that mean? As an artist, because you know what clothes you want to wear, you know what edits you want to make, you know what the set-ups are, you know what the theme of every idea is, you know what your lyrics are. Is that manipulative or is that just being smart?”

Taylor must have given everyone a bigger allowance than usual this week, because this comes just as Zayn Malik told The Fader (via Entertainment Weekly) how professional and cool she was.

While Zayn’s praise is more in the “I’m just saying this because I’m boinking one of her friends manner, Joe’s reeks well past the usual amount of desperation from a Taylor Swiftie. Joe, you’ve been at it for more than two weeks! That check has surely cleared by now, so what Candyland spell does this chick have you under?! Blink once for okay, and blink twice for “Olivia Benson has been instructed to claw my eyes out if I so much as think of filming a 7-Up commercial that runs during American Idol.”

Pic: YouTube


  1. The minimum this guy deserves at this point is a pap stroll to Swifty’s car. Hand by hand.

  2. IchLiebeDanielBruehl

    It’s the worst song ever, if you even can call it a song.

  3. Making “Repetitious” the name of her album sound more appropriate day by day. Swifty, your old listeners are in college now and into better music these days like Nickelback and Dave Matthews Band.

  4. Taylor trying to be sexy? Ah, Not working.

  5. Really? I mean Really, Seriously?
    Cut the dummy spits and put that pacifier back in your mouth.

  6. Ha. I wish she just own that she is calculating and manipulative. There’s nothing wrong w it. She obviously knows what she’s doing, who her audience are, and what works and doesn’t w her core fans… it’s a formula that’s obviously works well for her

  7. playa's dire twat

    Some people are just really upset when people call out rapists and child touchers, which is… Weird.

    I’m so glad to be back! I hope you’ve been well, it’s so good to be bullshitting with y’all again.

  8. I loved the video but this dude needs to give it a rest.

  9. That eye make up is not her friend. Also, those breasts. Maybe it’s the light but her right boob looks kinda wonky. But at least she’s wearing a bra unlike some other hoes.
    Her director needs to shut up. He’s been embarassing him on twitter enough for a lifetime.

  10. Creative personality or not: a middle aged, well seasoned and established professional man obsessing over a young client this way is fucking creepy.

  11. I want a T-shirt with this on it.

  12. Melissa Michelle Wray

    I’ll admit, Hiddles does look attractive here. Here’s to hoping he keeps his trap shut and work on not being an attention whore.

  13. Melissa Michelle Wray

    At first I was like:

    Then I was like:

    And now I’m like:

  14. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ

    It don’t help if they’re brainless themselves.


  15. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ

    Dude’s almost 50 bitching and moaning on a social media site.


  16. there was MUCH worse shit going on in that show than that husband, but i dont disagree

  17. has nothing to do with her lipstick skills, rather her MUA

  18. lmfao oh man

  19. Contessa Bel Raven

    Prob cause someone went to get the gear who had no idea which is for doms and which is for subs nor did they really care as long as she looked good in it.

  20. you know what?
    it was funny at first
    but now its just boring.
    Stop giving him publicity and air time.
    hopefully he will crawl back into the hole he came out of it, that is taylor’s asshole.

  21. Flora Posteschild

    So cute! It’s a kitty TARDIS.

  22. Lol damn girl! What the deal with the pedophile defenders?

    P.S. It’s nice to see you postings again! I’ve missed your witty commentary! 😊

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