Kanye West May Soon Be Allowed Back At The Carter/Knowles Castle

Just when things between Kanye West and Jay-Z looked frostier than the Night King’s panties on Game of Thrones, it appears the rappers are ready to let bygones be bygones and get back to their favorite activity: making a shitload of cash.

A source, who presumably went by the name of Tris Brenner, told TMZ that Kanye has reached out to Jay-Z to settle their shit. Yeezy ditched Jay-Z’s Tidal streaming service because he claimed the company owed him more than $3 million. That, and he was probably weirded out by Madonna’s antics when they reenacted the signing of the Declaration of Independence at its launch. Benjamin Franklin did NOT throw his leg up on the table like that, so why did Madge think she could?!

Jay has previously said he was willing to play the “I don’t know her” card while Kanye went on tirades about him, but when he took to the stage to go off on Beyonce and Blue Ivy, that was when the shit began to stink.

While Beyonce probably did her normal shocked-but-secretly-loving-the-press look (maybe she does steal from Taylor Swift after all?), Jay went HAM and some thought he was shooting daggers at Kanye in the song “Kill Jay Z.” Kanye’s people think Jay should cut him some slack, as he clearly wasn’t in his right mind last fall. I mean, along with the vent, he was also showing up to Trump Tower to meet with the then-president-elect. And are we forgetting that he is still married to a Kardashian?!

Sources added that the Tidal shit is getting hashed out, but money isn’t the issue (“Yeah, okay,” said the ATM). What’s important is mending fences, which appears to be happening. Considering the years spent where Kanye was the only accessory in the Carter-Knowles house valued more than the diva fan and team of 15 professional Photoshoppers, it seems like the Prodigal Son will more than be allowed to return. Even if he does demand just as much time in front of the diva fan as Queen B!

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  1. It’s all yoga Pilates and fillers darling

  2. PinkIsTheBlondeofColors

    Someday Kylie will realize how toxic Khloe was to her in her formative years and she’ll hate her for it. Kris is bad too but Khloe really seemed to glom onto Kylie.

  3. putsomestankonit

    Bey probably had him sign an agreement that Kim is not allowed within 2ft of her or any member of her family at all times. I’m sure Kanye eagerly agreed to her terms just to back in Jay’s good graces again.

  4. midnightcoffee

    Seriously. Now I just wanna listen to nas

  5. midnightcoffee

    And didn’t Khloe take her for the lip injections? And birth control?

  6. SnarkySassyandLilHalfAssy

    But not Kim right?

  7. OMG I haven’t seen this! I don’t blame B, why would you want the KTrash slores around you. The vipers will take everything right under your nose.

  8. “or being Tyga” made me laugh loud enough to scare the dogs.

  9. These 2 are as dull as dishwater. Even their fights are boring.

  10. PinkIsTheBlondeofColors

    Khloe really is the main reason Kylie turned out so bad. She was acting sexual and raunchy and foul mouthed around Kylie when Kylie was like 8 on the show.

  11. No, not Prodigal Son, more like a huge pain in the ass.

  12. DustBunnyUnderBed

    PMK is pulling all the stops on this one. There are several blind items (not so blind) that say this is a big lie.

  13. These two both have such large egos that they can’t fit into the same room together. As do their women.

  14. Queen Mab of the Unseelie

    Me too, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

  15. Wow, she looks like Kourtney here. I can see the (original) family resemblance.

  16. I absolutely agree with you!

  17. I’ve lost what little respect I had for them. I knew they’d be friends again when he dumped the Hobbit. Kimye and family are so vile and foul mouthed, I wouldn’t let them near my children. He’s probably like the rest of us and feels sorry for him.

  18. She couldn’t keep Reggie if she wanted to. Unlike the other men the Kardasians trap, Reggie had a family (and sense). They told him to run for it. Now he has a Kim look a like without the drama. Even Kim’s brother went to Reggie’s wedding but not Kim’s.


  19. but drug dealers, pimps & porn “stars” have an inevitable connection…

  20. I’m sure her publicist is living very well. Now, if someone could teach Taylor the concepts of overkill and giving people time to miss you.

  21. Yea Jay. How dare Kanye say he’s upset with your wife. The horror of someone talking about your wife and mentioning your daughter. We’ll just ignore the fact that you’ve been calling women bitches and hoes for two decades and making light of the fact that you enjoy using women then tossing them aside like trash. But, no one better not ever say your wife isn’t friendly. That’s so disrespectful.

  22. What a goofy looking picture

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