Divorce With The Countess: Rebound Edition

The artist formerly known as The Countess Luann de Lesseps might need to send her ex Tom D’Agostino a copy of Class With The Countess. Because getting engaged one month after announcing a split does not seem like the proper way to handle a D’ivorce.

Radar Online says Tom popped the question to Lu’s former friend, Anna Rothschild, and this is totally the real kinda hunka-hunka burnin’ love that piece of man meat has been searching his whole life for…until the next fresh hen pops into a Long Island dive bar of his choosing. A source who spoke to Radar about this mess seems to think it’s legit:

“Tom gave Anna a huge diamond ring. They’re very in love. This is the real thing.”

A source of many words! This would be easier to believe if, you know, he wasn’t known for playing tonsil hockey with half of lower Manhattan’s lady population while still attached to Luann. Or that his last “real thing” lasted all of eight months.

The plus for Luann is that this does give her added job security in Andy Cohen’s Harem of Hot Messes. Anna knew Tom for 12 years and was apparently also friends with Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan. So this is certain to lead to the type of Pinot Grigio-fueled scream arguments that only Bethenny Frankel’s dog Cookie will be able to hear.

Either way, Tom and Anna were spotted out in the Hamptons over Labor Day Weekend, and the source notes Tom is free to marry 90 days after the divorce is final. What is with the women in this circle?! Can’t they bump up the radius on their Middle-Aged Lady Grindr or whatever the fuck hook-up app they use to 10 miles instead of 10 feet? They’re all batting around the same Upper East Side Boy Scout leader at this point, and the poor thing is getting worn out and running out of room to put all those merit badges!

Pic: Wenn.com


  1. I can honestly say I have no Idea. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  2. Gross. Lu needs to Purell every orifice that Tom has visited.

  3. Betting her real name is Anna Resnitsky.

  4. Finding someone middle-class would be a step up for these broads. They all come from trash.

  5. They dated for a nano-second. She used the murder to get herself in the spotlight.

  6. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat

    Or a sausage puff pastry

  7. Pic pleeeease… I’m dying to see what a New York preppy killer loser looks like

  8. Money can’t buy you claaahaaa….haaaass…
    And apparantly taste and brain.

  9. Was that the preppy loser whose allowance was cut off? At 40?

  10. I guess less isn’t always more – she looks like she’s melting.

  11. her last boyfriends in jail for murder so all those who think toms a step down…get ready because its about to feel like opposite day

  12. Ladyfromthe80swithNewWaveHaird

    she really lies to use blusher and bronzer and no other make up to define her eyes, nose and mouth.

  13. Ladyfromthe80swithNewWaveHaird

    eyebrows in the state of constant surprise. hahaha. she looks like a clown and a dragqueen and like bret michaels.

  14. Whattttt? U I have to spill

  15. If she is one of those banking Rothschild..hell I would Tijuana divorce too. That hold ain’t gonna dig itself.

  16. Ladyfromthe80swithNewWaveHaird

    is anna rothschild a real rothschild (banking/illuminati family)? Marrying someone with more wealth than luann makes sense if you are a true goldbricker like tom is.

  17. Chad Williams

    Debutante on 38th Street. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  18. So THAT’S what that is.

  19. At least Kelly was hot once & had the sense to strut in the “walk across the lobby” scene.

    But really these people are all so sad and desperate.

  20. Is Anna Rothschild looking to get cast on RHONY???

  21. ☘️🍀ℱїḓḓℓεÐεεÐεe🍀☘️


  22. Holy shit. I guess I’m glad she has cheating scum Tom then.

  23. I’m guessing she’s really rich. I don’t think Tom actually is. He goes after the desperate rich ladies.

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