Open Post: Hosted By Tara Reid’s Latest Cinematic Triumph

Taradise, we barely knew ye. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Meryl Streep successor Tara Reid here on Dlisted that I was beginning to worry about her. Had she quit the biz, and turned to her true calling – the drunk lady at table #15 at the Ruby Tuesday’s off the highway in Hackensack, NJ? No – she’s still kicking! Coming off her highly acclaimed work in the Sharknado quadrology, Tara immediately took a roll in future Criterion Classic Andy The Talking Hedgehog. That howling laughter you hear coming from Donnie Wahlberg’s house is Jenny McCarthy. (Luckily for her, she turned the role down.)

TooFab pointed us to Tara’s recently tweeted work of art above, and noted it was coming soon. Oh please please please be coming soon? Dean Cain, too? This future Oscar sweeper also has an IMDB page, where the acid trip plot is explained like this:

Tara Reid brings her Oscar award winning prowess to this documentary about a hedgehog that Dean Cain farted on giving it the ability to talk. It’s a fun loving family movie that will for sure make you say “WOWZA. That’s a stinky fart!”

Dean Cain farting on a hedgehog is definitely someone’s kink.

However, this could be a hoax. Someone tracked down the art that the obviously masterful graphic designer involved with the marketing of Andy The Talking Hedgehog used to make the poster. Apparently on GIMP? Oh, please don’t be a hoax.

Well, Tara certainly didn’t do it! She thinks cut n’ paste is actually cut n’ paste! Check out another shot from the production of Dean Cain below.

Pic: @tarareid


  1. That movie was so full of Bullshit and super mysogynistic. Jurassic Park 1 is a master piece than can still outdo most modern movies.

  2. That was sarcasm.

  3. Cute dog, but this kicks my OCD in overdrive.

  4. What negative clown image? Clowns are fucking scary. I hate clowns. Also, there have been plenty of horror movies featuring clowns.

  5. I am praying over here that the hurricanes don’t harm any of you sluts!

    I was on my knees anyway!

  6. Oh Lord help us.

  7. Omg, love it!

  8. Lefemmenikita

    That’s the snacking hour

  9. Lefemmenikita

    Head’s up: In case you see more clowns everywhere you go.

  10. I’m so fucking hungry, WHY at 3 am?!?

  11. Well that ruins that

  12. Agreed, one of the things I really respect about Mr Sea is he actually tells it like it is. I hate that Trump supporters say he does, because no he doesnt, he’s a moron that regurgitates the BS he saw on TV or his idiotic/possibly dementia riddled brain. And I’d probably be a horrible FLOTUS bc I’m ridiculously bad at being a girl. Oh, Easter Egg roll? Christmas Tree? Can we call in my Gami bc I don’t know wtf I’m doing. And, upsetting to all the Neo Nazis, I’d be ringing up all my friends (Black, white, Hispanic, Jewish, Muslim, etc) to give me pointers on how to celebrate/respect our diversity.

  13. Make America Gaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy Again

  14. Lefemmenikita

    You pretty much have to have no soul to be a politician

    With a few exceptions

  15. Working on it!

  16. Happy birthday Sea…go out & get messy!


  17. Bahaha, I’ve told him to run, since he’s got a better understanding than Trump’s current crap cabinet. But it takes money and brainwashing. He doesn’t like to play games, and we are both very direct which doesn’t seem to fair well with the political climate. We actually pay these assholes to lie to us

  18. In Tx, I feel you.. Baby Sea is a halfling (White/Hispanic) and at 13 he doesn’t understand how America can go so wrong. Have a goods night rest Tonic, we will live to fight another day 💙

  19. Productive & positive…..& movin forward ; )

  20. He’s perma-hot.

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