Margot Robbie Didn’t Know Who Tonya Harding Was Before Playing Her

Margot Robbie stars as disgraced Olympic ice-skater and crispy bangs legend Tonya Harding in the upcoming I, Tonya, which apparently isn’t a mess and is getting good reviews. She told Vanity Fair that she was four years old when Harding’s ex-husband sent a dude with a lead pipe after her chief Olympic opponent Nancy Kerrigan’s leg. This means she’d never even heard of Tonya Harding and thought the script was fictional at first. Did she not ever read a textbook on important historical events? This was a seminal moment in world history – sequins, trashy people, nude photos, double axels, victimized ice queens, and a Ukrainian girl in a swan costume coming from behind to beat both of them. Open a book, Margot!

“To be honest, when I read the script, I didn’t know who Tonya Harding was, and I didn’t realize it was a true story,” Robbie went on. (Steven Rogers wrote the screenplay.) “I thought it was entirely fictionalized and our writer Steve was so creative to come up with the quirky characters and absurd incidents.”

The attack before the 1994 Winter Olympics in Norway turned the usually dignified event into a tabloid free-for-all! No one cared about the athletics! They cared about whether or not the two of them would take off their skates and use them to try to slice each other in a bloody catfight in the locker room! Was Harding’s ex Jeff Gillooly shady because he had a weird last name? Would Tanya drop a sex tape? (She later did.) Would Nancy let us know if she was actually as snooty as she appeared (jury’s still out)? Who cares about triple axels when there’s international scandal on ice?

Margot trained for fourth months, although they had to use CGI for the triple axel. Did you know that Tonya was one of six women in history who completed that move during competition? Tonya had skills and not just in pseudo-celebrity foxy boxing! Margot trained so hard that she actually suffered a herniated disc in her neck. If only she could have had that injury BEFORE she jeopardized her career with Suicide Squad.

Tonya was in on the project, having sold her film rights to screenwriter Steve Rogers, as well as being interviewed by him. Margot watched the finished product with her.

“I don’t know what I was expecting, but I had spent so many hours watching her every interview and every bit of skating,” Robbie said of her meeting with Harding. “I feel like I had done nothing but watch and listen to Tonya for the last year–so it was really weird to see that person literally in front of me. It was a bizarre experience. She was so kind. I was taken aback by how worried she was about me, weirdly. After all the things she has been through, she just kept asking if I was O.K.”

It’s still sort of unclear as to how much involvement Tonya had in the pipe incident. She acknowledged knowing about it beforehand but claims she didn’t say anything because her dirtbag husband threatened to kill her. He said that she was in on it from the start. I don’t know. Who could doubt someone with such an innocent-looking hair pouf like she did back then?

Check out more pics of Margot Robbie at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday.

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  1. Bonaly was literally light years ahead of her time. Even NOW, these female figure skaters are not doing what she was doing 20 years ago. Plus, she even got the smack down from her own country, because they didn’t want her blackness representing France at the time, even if she was the best and most awarded from the country.

  2. wikipediabrown

    gordeva and grinkov were my faves!!!!!! so beautiful to watch.

  3. wikipediabrown

    agree with all of this. huge overbite. hee haw!

    and the commentator sounds like a child.

  4. Sneaky pantsuit

    That was a great year for skating! My favorite is Phillipe Candeloro, and Elvis Stojko skated some great routines, too.

  5. Sneaky pantsuit

    I saw her using an inhaler in between jumps. Maybe it truly was the best she could do, with asthma and smoking.

  6. Sneaky pantsuit

    I absolutely agree with your take on Harding’s training. As I mentioned previously, I saw her train many times, and she only did bits and pieces. She didn’t ever go through the whole routine. Just bits and pieces, then hanging around the rink, then leaving in a hurry.

  7. I wouldn’t watch that, no matter how many people said it was great. I never want to hear about Kerrigan/Harding again. I would, however, rewatch the made-for-TV movie about Amy Fisher with Drew Barrymore.

  8. Sneaky pantsuit

    I watched her practice many times at a local ice rink. I was always puzzled why she would only practice parts of routines, rather than the entire routine. I never saw her skate the whole thing, just brief pieces. There was a lot of talk about that in the crowd that gathered. My mom was pretty outspoken about thinking that she didn’t have the endurance.

  9. The Bad Slayer

    Ditto. I remember watching the riots after the verdict was read in the Rodney King case…i don’t need to relive all that stress. Give me lame ass comic book movies.

  10. I was in Oregon when she stepped off the plane with Jeff & I was…..yup, she did it.

  11. BritsBaldHead

    I remember being obsessed with this during my Senior year in high school…you know, before reality TV and such. Nancy Kerrigan was so unrelatable to me, kind of a smug B. Tonya, on the other hand was fascinating.

  12. Never heard of her.

  13. I think she’s around 5’7″ or a little more. She lies about her height a lot. I’ve seen interviews where she claims to be 5’9″. She said 5’8″ when she was interviewed on the red carpet, and before that said she was around 5’7″. I believe the 5’7″.

  14. playa's dire twat

    Yikes! Where’s all the like minded females at?

  15. playa's dire twat

    Yikes! If you’re looking for “like minded females”, head on over to the corner where the girls are clutching their pearls over “27”.

  16. playa's dire twat

    “Lots of people are 27” 😂 I’m dying over here!

  17. Surya was another casualty of the snobby-ass skating world who couldn’t handle people who were different or thought outside the box. I loved how she had no fucks to give.

  18. ingridbergman

    Heather Langamcamp played Nancy K in a 1994 TV movie. She was FANTASTIC. I doubt this movie will be half as good ( I’m dead serious). That’s how old I am.

  19. CaliCheeseSucks

    Wow, you created an account today just to defend Margot Robbie?

    Yeah, not at all suspicious.

  20. CaliCheeseSucks

    She was busted lying about her age. Save your “yikes” for people dumb enough to think they can still get away with that shit in 2017.

  21. It was also a class war, with Kerrigan being the Homecoming Queen/Ice Princess and Harding literally coming from a trailer park. As long as I live I won’t ever get the picture of her on her honeymoon, proudly showing off a fistful of her husband’s sperm.

    This story had everything. It’s like if *racks brain* a demolition derby driver had a feud with Duchess Kate.

  22. It was so beautifully clueless.

  23. Yikes. Some people are 27,it’s not that young nor unbelievable. Chill. Yikes,hard to find like minded females like me who don’t trip off this dumb shit like age,itso not that serious. Yes,many actresses lie about their age,of course we all know this. But she’s actually 27 and that’s not all that young. Relax .

  24. ? She’s not pretending,she’s 27? Lots of people are 27,almost 30. What a rude,extremely stupid and unnecessarily bitchy thing to say. Maybe you should get out more.

  25. Remember the sob story they used to tell about Oksana? About how she was an orphan who was discovered by her figure skating coach (at a skating rink) who took Oksana under her wing and made her into a gold medalist.

    Except Oksana did have a living parent and extended family. It was all bullshit PR.

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