Madonna Talks About Her Adoption Drama

Madonna just opened up a state-of-the-art children’s hospital in Malawi, the home country of her four adopted children; 11 year olds David and Mercy, and more recently, 5-year-old twins Estere and Stella. In a recent interview with People, Madonna vehemently denies that she’s the baby snatching celebrity she-devil she was made out to be in the wake of the controversy surrounding her adoption of David back in 2008.

Madonna’s adoption story has always been filled with some kind of drama, starting with David. Not long after she scooped him up, people (including David’s biological dad) accused Madonna of some child-snatching skulduggery. David’s bio dad and Madonna are allegedly fine now, but Madonna just couldn’t shake that whole “alleged kidnapper” thing at the time.

“Every newspaper said I kidnapped him,” Madonna says. “In my mind, I was thinking, ‘Wait a minute. I’m trying to save somebody’s life. Why are you all shitting on me right now?’ I did everything by the book. That was a real low point for me. I would cry myself to sleep.”

Meanwhile, Madonna was still on the prowl for other adorable Instagram-ready babies to take home, and so she also initiated adoption proceeding for Mercy. Mercy’s adoption also came with some bio parent baggage, as well as questions of Madonna’s relationship status. Madonna was recently divorced, and the Malawian authorities didn’t think she was “capable of raising a child” on her own. I don’t know why she didn’t just point out the miles of young studs she’s helped “raise” over the years, but I guess that’s not what they meant.

Madonna says they were being sexist, but maybe they just Googled “who is this rich lady snatchin up all the Malawi babies” and a picture of her rock-hard arms came up and they were like “yeah no, those aren’t cuddlin’ arms“.

But Malawian orphans are much like Pringles; once you pop, you just can’t stop. Madonna decided to grab a pair of twin girls the next time. Madonna did all the right things, and went through a more than vigorous vetting process, but the adoption was still surrounded by controversy.

“Because I’m a public figure, people don’t want to be perceived as giving me any kind of special treatment, so I get the hard road.”

In the end, Madonna says it’s all been worth it. She calls Malawi her second home and she and the kids spend time there doing good works with her charity Raising Malawi. Honestly, if Madonna decided that she was open to adopting 45 year-old American orphans, I’d be first in line. I would LOVE for Madonna to be my mom. I would agree to call her “Mombo” like her other kids do, and even try to do it with a straight face. All of her kids seem very happy and live lives you and I could never imagine. The only downside I see here is that these kids’ accents are going to be all over the damn place.

Pic: People


  1. ChicanoSpeaksUp!

    I wish a rich white famous woman would adopt me!

  2. Frank Kozamer

    Madge always gets what she wants.

  3. Poussie McCuntie

    Posing with the help. How noble of her…

  4. playa's dire twat

    Well said!

  5. I do think she should keep the newly adopted children off of social media for awhile. They have just lost their original family, home country, language, customs, traditions, spirituality (she will raise them in Kabbalah). It is a time of both highs and lows (losing and grieving the old and sensory overload at arriving at a first-world life of luxury). It’s a big adjustment to make.

  6. Not every parent terminates their parental rights when the children go to an orphanage. Here in the US, that seems to be the crux of a lot of cases. There is a Christian adoption agency (who I won’t name) that actually moves women to a state where the father’s consent is not needed for an adoption to take place.

  7. It’s a common practice in financially impoverished countries to allow their children to stay in orphanages for lengthy periods so that that they can receive education and meals. (It also happened in the US in the 20th century.) That’s why the first/bio father was surprised the adoption was “permanent.” This happened in Haiti during the hurricane when kids were taken out of the country because Americans didn’t realize this was a common practice and that many children most likely had biological family.

  8. “I sure as hell don’t think she should be congratulated for relieving impoverished people of their children.” https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  9. Many people have bought children from orphanages. Again, have you seen the film or read the book Philomena? Or the Magdalene Laundries? Or Oranges and Sunshine? Again, if you are going to be an adoptive parent, you need to be acquainted with what’s good and bad in adoption because trust me (as an adoptee), you child will. If you want to be the best adoptive parent you can be, you must acknowledge and be acquainted with it all in order to support them. That is the best adoptive parent. No, it’s not easy, but as you’ve already said, adoption isn’t.

  10. Adoptee activists are not “haters” about adoption; they are just intimately familiar with its very real inadequacies and the history that has included some very real abuse as well as human trafficking. If you are adopting, you have to recognize that is a reality in the history of adoption.

  11. And her ignorance on the subject

  12. There is actually a lot of downside, Mieka, if you are familiar with adoption history. Not being snarky, it’s just true. And it’s not “Madonna’s adoption story” because she isn’t the one experiencing adoption – it’s the children’s – and they are too young to articulate what they have been through. Most activists believe that one should first try and keep children with their biological family in kinship adoptions, where they can remain with their original family and retain their original home country, customs, language, history, etc. In this way, support can go to the families to keep them together instead of fragmenting them in separation. That is why Madonna received criticism, along with the fact she bent the rules for her adoption and at her age is risking the possibility of them having to lose yet another primary caregiver at a young age. She did not “all the right things,” either, by not following the meager rules for adoption in their country. She has not been a good role model for showing how a rich American can break and ignore rules that are there to protect children. Just by the fact that their biological father did not know the adoption was permanent shows how little information and consent was obtained for the adoption. This is a huge red flag for any adoption in any country.

  13. Her instagram post of the twins are absolutely wonderful. I prefer her over the Saint Angie and Madonn’s children look happier.

  14. Brittnay_Matthews

    That was payment for the kids she bought.

  15. 100% agree.

  16. Penny Dreadful

    Sounds great. I am very suspicious of the charity’s founded and managed by pseudo-religions like Kaballah (the one that originated out of LA) and Scientology. I know that their devotees try to infuse everything they touch with indoctrination.

  17. My understanding is that the K-center school program was abandoned after they grossly mismanaged funds, so she partnered with a legitimate NGO to actually complete the schools. I don’t think the K-center is affiliated in any way, nor should they be.

  18. ButterscotchKrimpet

    Harpo, who dis woman?

  19. Penny Dreadful

    She’s spot on about the Kardashian’s men!

  20. Penny Dreadful

    Prove to me that the schools aren’t using kabbalah materials and then I’ll give her kudos.

  21. Thanks. I’ve said things like this and other stuff on here before and gotten into fights. I can deal with it. I always speak my mind and I won’t let myself be bullied. 🙂

  22. I’ve worked on some adoptions and it’s a long process. How wonderful you’re giving a child a chance at a better life while making him/her a part of your family. Wishing you all the best and a smooth adoption process!

  23. Her Angie hands scare me.

  24. Looking at the photo, the thought that came to mind was that she did this so she can have people in her life who don’t judge her and will be thankful no matter what stupid stuff she does. She lost her son because he can put two and two together and figured out who she is — he didn’t want to be a prop in her act (those instagram posts were major cringe-y). These kids she ‘saved’ from Africa are permanently in her debt, so she is beyond scrutiny. It’s pretty obvious — I just don’t buy it. With her money, she could have adopted some impoverished kids from the US, but then she wouldn’t have had the image boost. Whatever the case, it’s probably nice for the kids — although in each of her adoptiosn there were relatives who objected, so who knows. It’s tough to take kids out of their culture and away from their family networks, no matter the wealth.

  25. Her kids look happy. The no cell phone rule doesn’t seem to be hurting them.

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