Jennifer Lawrence Damn Near Blew Out Her Diaphragm While Shooting “Mother!”

No, not that kind. Although it would be pretty funny to read about Jennifer Lawrence acting SO HARD, she shot a rubber birth control disc out of her business like a Frisbee and almost took out an assistant director, a gaffer, and the craft service table.

This diaphragm story is about the body part. The Daily Mail says that while walking the red carpet of the London premiere of mother! on Wednesday night, JLaw admitted she gave it so much of her all during filming, even though she wasn’t sure she was even right for the part.

“That’s what scared me and I thought I was severely miscast. I found time to find who she was while working with Darren and I was able to pull out this personality that I didn’t know existed.”

And apparently part of that personality-reaching caused her to do some damage:

“I tore my diaphragm from hyperventilating. People thought I was beaten up, so I want to clear it up that I did it to myself. It was my own doing.”

Somewhere master thespian Jared Leto is probably like, “Oh yeah? Well…um…those contacts I wore to make me look blind totally made my eyes water.

Darren Aronofsky (director and boyfriend of JLaw) seems like one of those intense types who gets a director boner from encouraging the kind of on-set performances that will either require a medic or a therapy visit. So it doesn’t surprise me that Jennifer Lawrence ACTED! to the point of rippin’ and tearin’ her screaming muscle. That’s what the diaphragm is, right? I missed that episode of Slim Goodbody. But before Jennifer hit the red carpet, I wonder if she and Darren went over which fun filming story she was going to tell?

Jennifer: “Remember that day I farted and the whole set smelled like chicken fingers?”

Darren: “Yeah, cool cool cool. Listen, I’ve got a reputation as a deep and serious director to keep up here, so let’s go with the diaphragm tear one, okay?”

Here’s Jennifer working some 80s wrestler hair at the Paris premiere of mother!, as well as her scarf-enthusiast boyfriend at the unveiling of his own beach locker at the Deauville American Film Festival earlier today.



  1. She was awful in that movie. Just awful.

  2. She went from cool to insufferable in record speed.

  3. She’s dumb as a bag of hair.

  4. IchLiebeDanielBruehl

    She is full of shit. Maybe the diaphragm stuck up her twat.

  5. IchLiebeDanielBruehl

    Can you really tear your diaphragm from hyperventilating? I’m too lazy to google, but I call bullshit. I think that would be very serious and require surgery.

  6. I’ve read this story on like five different websites and NOW you tell me it wasn’t her birth control type of diaphragm? Awwww. I was looking forward to watching the movie and guessing which scene was so emotionally wrenching that her yoni shredded her birth control.

  7. DuchessGummyBuns

    Honey it’s called acting. You’re not supposed to hurt yourself for real. Dumb bitch.

  8. DuchessGummyBuns

    bitch knows what everyone thinks of her ‘roles’.

  9. I can’t believe she built a career on that porno with Frosty the snowman.

    Winter’s Bone.

  10. LoopyGorilla

    oh good, good to see we have the old “I’m realz you guys, I fart, piss in sinks, fall over myself, eat pizza” JLaw.
    Whatever trick her PR agents tried, obviously she wasn’t getting much publicity so they thought they go back to the “i’m realz” storyline and it worked because the Daily Mail wrote it up.

  11. Ithought the same thing.

  12. Chad Williams

    I don’t know how you’ve managed to do it by internet, but I smell chicken fingers.

  13. I wonder how much bonking she had to do? Someone needs to write a (truthful) book about the slim balls and their Hollywood couches

  14. stellamaris73

    Jesus Christ.

  15. BonnietheShihTzu

    I agree with almost everything you said. But I do think she is talented. I just don’t think she’s used that talent in a long time.

  16. Geez she has become annoying almost to the point of Anne Hathahate.
    I just saw on the news she is blaming Donald Trump for the Fucking hurricane. This shit is getting ridiculous. I hate Trump guts as well but Its not like the hurricane wouldn’t have happened if Hillary were president. She is sounding like an idiot.

  17. I called it talking shit. You’re a crybaby. I’ll comment any way and any time I choose, and to whomever I choose. I’m not the thin-skinned one, Che. Go away now. You’re a boring asshole.

  18. I don’t really hate J-law, though her overexposure a couple of years ago got on my nerves, but I loathe all the bullshit that goes into promoting all those big budget turkeys, like actors telling “hilarious anecdotes” or going on about how hard they worked for the role… Not because they shagged the director or something! Like please…

  19. Che's Hot Rod (Ben)

    If you call what I wrote, “talking shite’ then you’re pretty thin skinned. Go play with Dog and WisconsonCheezeWhiz. You all can slather each other in your virtue signaling. I’d rather get my news from all sides excluding neo-nazis.

  20. When you are an empty attention-seeking shell with little to no talent, overacting is your only option. She needs people around her telling her how amazing she is so she is led to believe this breaking her diaphragm shows her commitment to acting and how real and raw she is. When in fact is shows the opposite.

  21. I would rather hear her talk about politics, which in these times is life and death issues, than head her blabbering on about stupid attention-seeking fake stuff.

  22. I’m no more or less defensive than you, Che. And you are so very welcome! You talk shit to me, you’ll get it right back, like your phony “concern.”

  23. I am laughing so hard my ribs are breaking. Oops, I just pulled a J-Law.

  24. But I love Dustin Hoffman. I love him in Last Chance Harvey. That is one of my favorite romantic type movies. Also love him and Maggie G in Stranger Than Fiction. Of course I love Maggie Gyllenhall in anytbin.

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