Jared Leto Went Method To Play A Blind Man By Blinding Himself

Jared Leto is back to playing the character the was born to play; self-serious method actor/singer/Zoolander reject Jared Leto!

In preparation for his upcoming role in the Blade Runner sequel, Blade Runner 2049, Jared went all-in on playing an evil, blind robutt maker by blinding himself for the duration of the shoot. According to a recent interview with the film’s director Denis Villeneuve, didn’t nobody ask him to do all that.

Jared talked about going blind on purpose during an interview with The Wall Street Journal (viaEntertainment Tonight):

Leto opted to wear specially designed contact lenses that made his eyes look opaque while simultaneously prohibiting visibility. It also required the Oscar winner to be guided around the set.

Denis Villeneuve says he wasn’t really expecting Jared to go that method.

“We all heard stories about Jared, how he transforms into the characters. But even this didn’t prepare me for what was to come,” said Villeneuve, who characterized some of Leto’s acting decisions as “insane.”

Jared is so extra, his director called him insane. Come on Jared, playing blind ain’t really that hard. Just channel Stevie Wonder and greet everybody you meet with a face waterfall. It really is that simple. No need to go overboard!

Still, Denis seemed quite taken with Jared’s extreme make-over. He said Jared brought “energy, tension and excitement” to the set, and then went on to give Jared Ye Olde Hollywood Handjob.

“He could not see at all. He was walking with an assistant, very slowly. It was like seeing Jesus walking into a temple,” he recalled. “Everybody became super silent, and there was a kind of sacred moment. Everyone was in awe. It was so beautiful and powerful – I was moved to tears.”

Tears of laughter, I hope. Here’s a look at creepy blind Jared Leto in Blade Runner 2049:

As we know, this isn’t Jared’s first time at Rodeo Of Self-Masturbatory Method Acting. He’s tortured his already tortured body with a number of Oscar-thirsty weight gains and losses, and tormented his Suicide Squad cast-mates with his I’m The Joker Now shtick. Whereas Joaquin Phoenix’s pseudo-performance art antics eventually fizzled out into a painfully dull middle age, Jared seems to really not get the joke. And in all honestly, I am here for it. Jared Leto is the role of a lifetime, and it’s insane and pretentious and laughably conceited and a whole lot of fun to watch. I say Jared, embrace your inner Brando, and don’t ever change!

Pic: Wenn.com


  1. in tears from someone wearing contacts? LMAO

  2. ButterscotchKrimpet

    Ugh. I just HATE him. Like with the fire of a thousand burning suns.

  3. Unfortunately loop they already did that.

  4. He certainly has taken the art of attention-whoring to a new level.

    He looks like the flies love him.

  5. I wasn’t “buying” him in Dallas Buyers Club. Ha! I was also drunk when I watched it so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  6. such an artist, such a method actor, such a thespian, wow wow wow
    why doesn’t someone in hollywood write a script about a guy who gets on a plane, flies to a remote island in the middle of the pacific ocean, with no other inhabitants, and the nearest island is 8000 kilometres away, he parachutes down there and lives out the rest of his life.
    Then give that script to Jared Leto, so Jared can method act that, and get the fuck away from us all.

  7. So, what this story is telling me… Jared Leto has no real imagination and needs cheap parlor tricks to look deep? Ugh…people need to stop appaulding this selfish, pretentious, self involved twit. He’s. So. Fucking. Extra.

  8. These comments are gold.

  9. Hey, can’t a dimwit can take a crack at immersive approaches to art?

  10. What my mind sees when Jared Leto mentioned: https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  11. I think both he and Christian Bale are very talented actors, but I’m about 1000 miles past done with their Method bullshit.

  12. WOW, contact lenses. Thats some real deeply committed work.

  13. I don’t believe I have seen anyone try this hard. Exhausting.

  14. Hopefully he does a better job than Mr Pacino’s starey disaster in Scent of a Woman. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  15. cherry-kittens

    If he plays an astronaut will he live on the moon?

  16. saraphim_deeznutz

    YES YES YES, a thousand times YES.

  17. saraphim_deeznutz

    I will get onboard with that.

  18. boredasfuckyo

    The fuck?
    That sounds like a panic attack waiting to happen, first of all. Second of all, .” It was like seeing Jesus walking into a temple,” he recalled. “Everybody became super silent, and there was a kind of sacred moment. Everyone was in awe. It was so beautiful and powerful – I was moved to tears.”

  19. Detective Latoya's Monocle

    Mayhap want to “blame” that on the director’s sessay times visual per scene.

    Remember Assica Alba in Sin City?


  20. “It was like seeing Jesus walking into a temple” https://uploads.disquscdn.c

    Dear gawd, Jared has become nauseating.

  21. Okay, that trailer actually did not look so bad. I might even go to the cinema for that. I love Blade Runner.

  22. Gidget Castrillon

    Who is never found, and he needs to go all out method on that one.

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