Cuba Gooding Jr. Crashed New York Fashion Week Party

Notorious skirt-flipper Cuba Gooding Jr. is up to his old partying ways again. This week, Cuba crashed a party during New York Fashion Week on Wednesday night with a wingman/assistant/procurer in tow, reportedly with the express purpose of pulling some wool. Several party goers spied Cuba at the party and watched in horror as he strode into the room and screamed “Show me the poonanny!”. Ok, so maybe it didn’t go down quite like that. It was actually worse.

Sources gave Page Six the scoop on Cuba’s night at makeup artist Pat McGrath’s voguing dance-off party, the Mothership Ball.

Spies saw the star – who we once reported was at a party introducing himself to women as “Dick McWilly” – arrive on Wednesday with a pal. Sources tell us he was not invited. Rocking a man bun, Gooding stood on a chair in a corner to see all the eye-popping action at the venue. With Gooding was a perky young man who kept an eye out for eligible ladies.

A. Man. Bun. A MAN BUN, people! I mean “Dick McWilly” is enough in and of itself to turn this seemingly harmless anecdote into a gut-wrenching saga of a man’s downward spiral from well-respected Oscar winning actor and family man to sweaty, pervy lothario. But a MAN BUN?!?! I have scoured the internet for recent pictures of Cuba, and in none of them is his hair long enough to pull this off, not by a mile. Only this one where it looks like he has a tiny little dook on top of his head.

Clearly I’m fixated on the man bun, but there is more to the story. Apparently his assistant spent the evening fetching Cuba drinks and bringing ladies over to meet him. There were a lot of drag performers at the club, but Cuba’s scout allegedly assured him “The good thing is, I can tell you if it’s a man or a woman.” Sadly, none of the ladies seemed to catch Cuba’s interest but all was not lost.

Either way, fun-loving Gooding “did seem to be having a blast. He was touching someone’s feathers and was really into a patent leather, Maleficent-style look.”

I guess if you’re going to crash a party, crash one where Naomi Campbell and Brienne of Tarth are judging the dance competition.

Cuba’s been divorced since January, and Page Six says he recently split from his girlfriend “amid cheating allegations.” So my advice to the world is watch yourselves, the Juice is loose!



  1. wait did i fuck you and didn’t call you back?
    bye felicia.

  2. Chad Williams

    Didn’t know that, thanx.

  3. Dion flowerboy

    Fun fact: That hat belonged to Spencer Tracy. Katharine Hepburn gave it to Henry Fonda.

  4. He fucked you and never called you back?

  5. My tubes just untied

  6. mid life crisis.
    man trying to stay young by fucking young things.
    lucky he has money cuz he aint pretty to look at and those girls must be hard up for money if they letting that pot bellied, droopy tits, sweaty, pudgy, dough face, pilsbury donut boy, jab their pussies.


    I keep coming back to this and laughing! So funny

  8. He has been a car crash for years.

  9. The Leguminator

    I don’t know why because this is such a fucking random connection in my odd brain but I always sense that Cuba Gooding Jr. smells like baby powder and baby oil covering up a slightly detectable aroma of baby urine.

  10. yes SUHHHH!

  11. Venus de Merino


  12. That man bun looks like a nipple atop his head.

  13. Patchcord Adams

    Khal Drogo forever.

  14. Noice!!

  15. JackShepardsTheWorst

    And Terrence Howard. Baby wipes for everyone!!

  16. Chad Williams

    https://uploads.disquscdn.c… I could have had it for $40 but purchased Squiggy’s ascot.

  17. Chad Williams

    Don’t purchase a hat after renting On Golden Pond. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  18. Okay one more if it has feathers and patent leather its probably a queen.

  19. MayorChapStick76

    Cuba seems to be stuck in college frat boy mode.

  20. Sad. That’s all I have to say

  21. MayorChapStick76

    Yes. Alcohol overdose, I that think.

  22. Goodness gracious he’s fine. Deeeee-licious!

  23. ☘️🍀ℱїḓḓℓεÐεεÐεe🍀☘️

    He was touching someone’s feathers” LOL https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  24. Here’s my tea. Many, many moons ago I tended bar in Harlem. The owner Pat was probably in her 50’s. She was fucking Cuba Gooding. Jr’s dad. He’s an old school r&b artist. Anyhoo, they did tons of coke. TONS!

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