Open Post: Hosted By Miley Cyrus’ New Video

There’s a lot to like about Miley Cyrus‘ video for “Younger Now.” I made a list:

– There’s a puppet.
– She hangs out with what looks like an elderly, gender-fluid biker gang.
– She’s not naked on a wrecking ball.
– No one’s twerking.
– Her backup dancers are all of a certain age.
– The fact that no one’s twerking should be mentioned again.
– The Gravitron!

The theme is sort of old-timey tv shows like Howdy Doody and The Lawrence Welk Show, etc. Miley spends a lot of the video looking like Morrissey, dressed up like he played the banjo in Patsy Cline‘s band.

The best part is the Graviton, though. Remember that ride? For those who’ve never ridden it, it’s a big, round spinny thing you go in, they lock it shut, and everyone leans against a padded wall panel. It then spins really, really fast. So fast that the section of the wall you’re on (which is on a track) rises and you’re kinda pinned near the ceiling. Everyone screams and feels flattened. It spins so fast that when someone inevitably vomits, the vomit will literally FLY through the air and hit your fellow passengers in the face. I didn’t do it, nor was I hit, so it was a pretty rad thing to watch. The Graviton ruled!

Pic: YouTube


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  2. You Ain't No Sanjaya

    I also like Kenya! We will see what designers turn out once they are in the groove. The first episode never really shows what they can do.

    I think the designer who stayed stayed because her own outfit was great, and the judges wanted to see what she did, because that gray dress was obviously not her point of view but a series of bad choices. Yeah, Heidi busted her on the hole in the back, though. I have a feeling the eliminated designer is going to have an instant online following, if only for his “butter” shirt, which was showcased in “road to the runway” lol.

  3. Been out for quite awhile but I think its one of those the more things change the more they stay the same. Texas has a shitty reputation for enforcement.

  4. Your response is illogical. Try again.

  5. I did! I have to say I like pretty much all of the designers but it’s early on, haha. At least there’s no annoying Erin like last year. Ugh I hated her. Kenya (I think?) is my favorite so far. I’m rooting for her! The bottom two was correct but I would’ve given the loser one more chance. He was entertaining at least and he didn’t lie to the judges (hello! covering huge hole in the back of the dress!). On the downside – why must the models talk? A mirror confessional?! Oh lord. Let’s just focus on the designers and enough with the gimmicks, PR.

  6. You Ain't No Sanjaya

    Do you watch? What did you think of eliminations? Fav. designers?

  7. Seapharris7

    My need you Ducky, sooner tHan later

  8. MoshPitKiss

    Hear, hear!

  9. MoshPitKiss

    Thank you, tightwig! I’m hoping to! 😀

  10. MoshPitKiss

    Aw, thanks Jumbo! 😀

  11. Berry Melon

    So she wanted to break free from her Disney persona. Then she became all sexual sticking out her tongue and riding on wrecking balls while slapping her ham, then all of a sudden she wants to shed that persona too. In reality she was stoned half the time and didn’t know what she was doing – everything was a trip to her, after she stopped smoking marijuana she has calmed down, I think I preferred the older Miley, this new Miley reminds me of one of those fake nuns. I liked crazy crackhead demonic Miley – those were the days. “Can’t be tamed! Can’t be maimed!”

  12. boredasfuckyo

    hell yeah it’s a walk-off show them that blue steel.

  13. When I was a Support Enforcement Officer the two states that were reviled were Texas and California – and California’s problem was that there system was cumbersome and their caseloads huge. Your child knows who the good parent is.

  14. Don’t worry about it. Most of us have been called trolls.
    Happy Saturday https://uploads.disquscdn.c… .

  15. That is a glorious sight to behold. This pleases me.

  16. Dirk'sVT, PhD

    Isn’t 70 the number of usernames you admitted to using in order to keep coming here? Get banned, come back, get banned, return, get banned..
    And all for nothing because you’re just so limited in your thinking. Get called out on your bullshit and you either scream “HILLARY!” or accuse everyone of having alts. You have no actual thinking processes, but I imagine that’s the hatred for others and alcohol that have damaged them. You need serious help and a lockdown secure facility with limited exposure to outside events is probably best for you.

  17. Dirk'sVT, PhD

    Keep carrying on so we can keep laughing at you and your delusional ranting.

  18. OG.Straaaange

    God that’s shitty.

  19. Please and Thank You

    I’m really sorry. I imagine how hard it must have been to shell out 10K for a lawyer when money is tight and that money could be spent on useful and much-needed things for your son. I can also imagine it’s really hard not to let your son see your frustration with his father.

  20. Wow you are angry and defensive today and like your idol Trump, it is always projection with you. But here’s the thing Gladys, you sound like a wounded bird right now. You think this hurts us when you say things like this but really it makes us feel somewhat bad for you or it would if you weren’t a festering pus boil. You seem like a very unhappy person despite the incredible life you claim to lead.

  21. I highly doubt you have an eidetic memory, Gladys. And spreadsheeting was not coined for you, it’s related to Excel which is used worldwide. You aren’t special. But you are sounding unhinged. Take your meds.

  22. Huh, now I have alts as well. I guess your senility and arthritis doesn’t allow you to spreadsheet as well these days.

  23. You might reread your original response to me dear. Calling me a meth head and and committing incest is so enlightened and mature. Take a good hard look in the mirror LaChaylo. You are a hypocrite.

  24. Over a million people showed up in the first marches to protest your Fuhrer.

  25. A million people for what exactly?

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