Katy Perry Might Share The Stage With Taylor Swift At The VMAs

Maybe that explains why Katy Perry had to postpone a whole bunch of shows on her Witness Tour; she just needs extra time to mentally prepare the stunt of the year! On August 27th, Katy Perry will host the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. According to The Daily Star UK – so yeah, you’re right to be reaching for a grain of salt – Taylor Swift might grace Katy’s stage with her presence at the MTV VMA’s.

A source tells the Daily Star that Taylor has new music that she wants to debut, and she just so happens to want to do it two Sundays from now. The source says:

“Taylor’s getting ready to return with new music and believes the VMAs could be the perfect place to do it. Discussions are currently ongoing with organisers who, despite knowing it will be a huge ratings winner, are calling it a logistical nightmare. With Katy hosting they know it will be virtually impossible to keep them apart.”

The Chuckie Finster to her Angelica Pickles, Ed Sheeran, did hint back in March that she would be releasing new music later this year. Taylor also has a history of attention-seeking at the VMA’s, and she does love making a situation all about HER. So showing up and violently yanking the spotlight away from Katy Perry would definitely recharge Taylor’s petty battery pack to full capacity.

Sounds great for Taylor. Katy? Not so much. Even though Katy has been trying for months now to bury the Lisa Frank nail file (it’s the middle school version of a hatchet, right?) and make nice with her longtime nemesis, she’s apparently not into it.

“While VMA bosses are secretly thrilled at the prospect of the arch-enemies being on stage together, Katy is rumoured to be fuming.”

The ratings for the MTV VMAs have reportedly been dropping faster than Katy’s Witness singles on the charts, so I have a feeling MTV is seriously entertaining the idea of Katy Perry introducing a surprise Taylor Swift appearance. I just hope Katy can handle it. I would advise her to start training now with this wax figure of Taylor Swift.

Sami Slimani unveiling the new Taylor Swift wax figure

Katy will know she’s ready to appear on stage with Taylor when she’s able to get within 20 feet of the wax figure without throwing her mic to the floor and hissing, “You just HAD to upstage me again, didn’t you?

Pics: Instagram, Wenn.com


  1. craigypants

    Broken hip?

  2. craigypants

    Exactly. Mtv don’t even show music videos anymore.

  3. craigypants

    You’d think so because that’s how it was reported. But, the tickets were bought by viaggo, which means they have to be resold to actual people. Go on their sight, you can get a ticket anywhere.

  4. I think they genuinely hated each other for a while and Katy has forgotten why like an elephant the
    🐍 never forgets.

  5. #TeamXtina4Eva talent should matter

  6. Gaga’s tour sold out though

  7. Not My First Time At The Rodeo

    Well, they need something to generate interest in the VMAs. Shit’s about as timely as the Ed Sullivan Show.

  8. SidewalkTalk

    Ok I know! They’ll do a re-written duet of ‘The boy is mine’ and replace boy with dancer!

  9. SidewalkTalk

    Maybe she’ll do a Janet and become suddenly pregnant mid-tour and have to cancel.

  10. an example to North Korea and America….just try to get along!!! if THEY can do it…….!!

  11. You know that Taylor will do that just to piss off Katy. If Katy wasn’t hosting she wouldn’t probably appear.

  12. IchLiebeDanielBruehl

    They should date!

  13. craigypants

    Her tour isnt selling, thats the bottom line. She is falling just as fast as that other bitch.

  14. Gary Burnaska

    I cut the cable cord, So I will probably be playing call of duty, fallout 4

  15. LoopyGorilla

    these two “feuding”

  16. DustBunnyUnderBed

    LOL That is exactly what I thought

  17. oh I see they’re trying to do what they did with the Christina – Britney onstage reunion to introduce Whitney and also kind of dissed Eminem.


  18. David Abbot

    It makes sense, even down to having it be about the backup dancers.

  19. For real tho, that ear worm was so bad that she’s gonna have to change her name and go into witness protection to release anything else, ever.

  20. GardeningGirl

    It looks like she robbed North Beach Leather’s garage in the 80s!

  21. I think the whole TS KP feud was stage managed by Angelina and Aniston during one of their weekly secret lunch dates. That’s how fake I thing all this fuckery is.

  22. Stop trying to make this feud happen. No one cares!!!! The VMAs suck now.

  23. giddybeaver

    “I think she burned everyone out with that craptastic call me maybe song” 😆

  24. His butt plug came dislodged at the thought of these two boring twats.

  25. Goober_Pyle

    Let’s just hope that the stage is equipped with a trap door (or two).

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