Jimmy Fallon And Seth Meyers Dragged Trump On “Weekend Update Thursday”

There’s very few things that could make me appreciate the wig-patting simper of Jimmy Fallon. This isn’t one of those things. Fortunately, Seth Meyers passes muster, and he offset his former co-worker’s presence last night on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday.

Unless you live in the echoing void where Paris Hilton’s brain should be housed, you’ve heard about POTUS decrying the recent trend of states tearing down their monuments commemorating racism honoring Confederate soldiers of the Civil War. White supremacists’ tiki-torch protest of a Robert E. Lee statue being slated for demolition in Charlottesville, VA last weekend resulted in a woman being killed. Afterwards, President Donald Trump bemoaned that the US will next be tearing down statues of Washington and Jefferson (that’s when he wasn’t lifting the spirits of bigots everywhere). Jimmy and Seth got into the seriousness while dressed up as those presidents. Personally I’d rather watch Tina Fey preach the truth and eat grilled cheese dipped in sheet cake, and luckily we get that too.

Jimmy played a smarmy Washington, so basically just Jimmy Fallon with a powdered wig on. He protested Trump’s comparison of him with Robert E. Lee. Weekend Update host Michael Che called him out for treating Donald Trump like he was a cute plushie toy when he did Jimmy’s Tonight Show owning slaves.

According to EW:

“You gonna do me like that on national TV?” said Fallon as the first president. “That was bad. That was wrong. But if you want to talk about owning slaves, you should really be talking to Thomas Jefferson.”

That’s when Seth Meyers came out as Thomas Jefferson and they bro-ed out.

“You’re going to make me the slave guy, really?” he told his fellow former president. “Look, we’ve all done bad things. But the difference between us and Robert E. Lee is that we also did good things.”

The Tina Fey sketch is phenomenal. Tina preaches! With cake! Haven’t you always wanted to just attack a sheet cake from Costco when times are bleak? Set up a high-dive over it! Sheet cakes have that particular Play-Doh-like taste and the preservative-riddled frosting that triggers an intense sugar high. Delicious! We could probably solve a lot of problems if we could all just gather around a sheet cake. Tina knows.

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  1. craigypants

    Gotcha, I new it. His face looks 10 years older now.

  2. Starrynight

    Oh now Colbert, he is my true God and ruler!

  3. Please and Thank You

    I read CNN, USA Today, MSNBC, and NYTimes every day from my phone, in addition to lots of of various WaPo, LA Times, News and Guts, etc etc. I even wander over to Fox News sometimes because I want to see what they’re spewing about certain big news topics when they hit (e.g. did they denounce the Saturday hit and run). While I find your viewpoint interesting, I have to say that I’ve read numerous critical articles and Op Eds on CNN regarding Trump and his ever-changing administration. And if there is some sort of favoritism in regards to giving extra air time to Conway and his other cronies, it only has served to give them enough rope in which to hang themselves.

  4. Because Trump’s “feud” with CNN is about as real as his “firing” of Bannon. CNN’s president Jeff Zucker is a Trump family friend (he vacations with Ivanka and Kushner) and he’s made sure their coverage is subtly skewed toward softening Trump’s crap. Thus, the CNN reporter at Charlottesville asking a white guy witness about the “terrible WAR” going on there, and him answering her that there was no war – all the violence was coming from the Nazis and white supremacist marchers. Thus, not surprised at this “omission” about Kennedy Center honorees threatening to boycott the ceremony if Trump is there. Zucker is nothing if not dedicated to putting Trump in the best light he can, even if it’s becoming harder and harder to do so.

    CNN also hires the most egregious of Trump surrogates, and always give Conway, Gorka and Sanders lots of on-air time to spew their garbage about Trump.

  5. Fallon has been trying desperately to remove the taint of his Trump-stroking, but no one’s buying it. Plus he’s the only completely toothless late show host – Meyers, Colbert, Kimmel, Corden and Bee all make him look like what he is: the second coming of Jay Leno. UGH.

    Fallon is also boring as f**k and a terrible interviewer, as well as being a wimp. There’s a passage in Tina Fey’s Bossypants in which she writes about Amy Poehler’s first day at SNL. Poehler pitched a sketch idea which was profane and dirty, and Fallon, giggling, said something like, “Oh don’t do that – that’s offensive, that hurts my feelings.” Poehler turned on him with “I don’t give a F**K about your FEELINGS.” And Fey was like, “YAY, my friend is here!” And that’s all you need to know about Fallon (and Poehler, for that matter – she’s a goddess).

  6. TurtleTime2017


  7. but you’re Tina Belcher and that’s pretty cool too.

  8. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat

    BOston is having a huge rally against hate right now. Thousands are pouring into the streets.
    “Fine People” don’t walk with Nazi’s or racists

    ETA: This is going to take more than a day

  9. Purple Hays

    Pretty much always is the rumor.

  10. Purple Hays

    I love Tina Fey even more now. Speak the truth. Racism is wrong.

  11. Seapharris7

    Mr Sea & I have always loathed Trump since he became the Nom. I heard about the neo-nazi/white supremacy but I figured the douche was just appeasing his base/voters. But when Trump REFUSED to condemn them, even after the murder, I was like, “oh shit!, condemning fucking nazis is a fucking gimme for politics.” Even Republicans who have, in the past, spoke/cater to such, they understood it wold be political suicide to condone it publicly… It is disheartening, but hopefully NOW people fucking get it and actually vote. Get this fuck face out and all his cohorts. Now more people have become politically active

  12. Please and Thank You

    Wow, I only read a quick thing about it on CNN and they made no mention of the boycotts. I wonder why they omitted that info, especially considering how much they’ve been under fire by Cheeto and they really shouldn’t pull punches.

  13. He wouldn’t know honor if it sat up and bit him.

  14. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat

    He refused their invitation. He’s such a shit

  15. bluechip123

    He just announced he’s not going to the Kennedy Center Honors, but only after three of the five honorees said they would boycott. He’s the king of “You can’t break up with me if I break up with you FIRST, neener neener!”

  16. Marcus Miller

    The RepubliKKKan party.

  17. Intellectual by Nature!

    This saddens me. Not the picture, but what it depicts and the truth behind it.

  18. Charlie Hunnam's butt

    they can keep trying…that ain’t happening though.

    And like Tina Fey said, I really hope they try to have a march in NYC so they get beat up by drag queens. Real Queens don’t play.

  19. Seapharris7

    Mr Sea created this and I figured some of you Ds might appreciate it https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  20. Ana Filipovic

    Uugh insufferable

  21. He’s his own kind of horrible. Two words: Terry Schiavo.

  22. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ

    That’s how I look at things myself.

  23. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ

    They need to let Fallon go.

  24. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ


  25. yeah. we’re in a sad fuckin’ place.

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