Taylor Swift Is No Longer A Defendant In The DJ Ass-Grab Lawsuit

Taylor Swift’s recent, extremely withering courtroom testimony must have made an impression on His Honor. Because U.S. District Judge William Martinez has ruled that she should be dropped as a defendant in former radio DJ David Mueller’s wrongful termination lawsuit. Judge Martinez probably didn’t want Colorado taxpayers to have to foot the bill for an asbestos bodysuit for Mr. Mueller. Because Taylor set that dude on fire when she took the stand.

To recap, Mueller brought a lawsuit against Swifty, her mom Andrea Swift, and KYGO radio promotions director Frank Bell for his firing after Taylor accused him of groping her ass during a meet n’ greet photo op in June of 2013 in Denver, CO. The judge doesn’t think there’s enough evidence against Taylor and approved her legal eagle’s motion that she be dropped from the suit.

CNN says that Taylor got emotional after the judge’s ruling. In fact, she supposedly blew her nose so loudly that the judge looked up while he was explaining his decision. Why isn’t there a courtroom artist’s poor representation of THAT moment? Unfortunately for Team Tay Tay, her mother and Mr. Bell will remain defendants in the suit. Taylor’s own legal clapback to DJ Grabass’ suit is still a go, too.

A jury will hear closing arguments in the case and in Taylor Swift’s countersuit against Mueller beginning Monday morning.

Taylor’s lawyers declined to call any witnesses in her countersuit. Witnesses including her bodyguard and the photographer that took the infamous photo testified that they witnessed Mueller grabbing Taylor’s butt.

Taylor’s a blonde cyborg that came here from the future to conquer and rule in the form of a “Golly Gee whiz! I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy…“-type pop star. But even a terminatrix in the guise of Holly Hobbie’s semi-sophisticated older sister doesn’t deserve having her ass groped by some corny DJ twat. Yes, I probably just joined the Squad for a brief moment. Now, where’s Karlie Kloss with the complimentary pet costumes for my cats? It was SUPPOSED to be in my welcome kit!

Pic: Wenn.com


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  3. craigypants

    Whatever, your not snow white bitch. https://uploads.disquscdn.c… Thats Taylor for you, Rainbows as moonbeams. Shes an ass.

  4. oilybohunk7

    That cat is clearly into it.

  5. oilybohunk7

    I froze. It was at a work Christmas party I had been drinking heavily and other co-workers were around when my boss’s husband started stroking my arm. It sounds somewhat innocuous but it wasn’t and I didn’t know what the fuck to do and making a scene about my boss’s husband, in her house I might add, around almost everyone else I work with didn’t feel like an option. I know I wasn’t just making things up either because when I started to get myself out of there he pulled me into an empty room and asked me “Was that okay?” I stammered out a “I’m respecting my boss” and ran. I should have said “No. It fucking wasn’t. In any fucking way” and then hit him but I was just too stunned. After that I resorted to avoiding anything he might be at and hiding when he visited her at work which, unfortunately, was often. You do not know how you will react in a situation until you are in that situation. So I sit here and applaud Taylor. It feels like a little victory for all woman who were taken advantage of by a guy that got away with it.

  6. oilybohunk7

    She said something to his boss with in days, HE sued HER two years after the incident. She did not go after her after the photo surfaced.

  7. You worry that we might not respond to a non-white, non-faux virginal woman’s molestation in the same supportive way? Think the jury came in on that a long time ago. It would be nice, though. I imagine a woman of color who did not rock the faux virgin attitude would in fact be criticized for her crude use of the word ass, even.

  8. J Harvey is a secret Taylor fan? Cause that’s what I just read.

  9. Why is her mom still a defendant then? That’s ridiculous. There’s not enough evidence for Taylor to be a defendant but there is for her mom? Presumably the only involvement her mom had was saying, “my daughter said he grabbed her ass”. Whatever he’s still going to lose.

  10. It was $250k

  11. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    Also trying to maintain professionalism? If she’sd freaked out or spazzed on him, rightfully so, he could have made her look crazy in front of everyone and/or brought bad press….. If that makes sense? Especially since she had a tightly controlled brand/image m

  12. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    I can’t totally picture Taylor saying ass. Lol but good for her!

  13. Anahata Love

    didn’t taylor give kesha a shitload of money for her court case? like 100k?

  14. ScotchBonnet

    I think just about every woman everywhere has gotten that treatment.

  15. KappaPride Hulk

    There are rotten apples everywhere, predators of any orientation flourish when people start lowering their defenses by thinking that what they do “doesn’t happen” or “happens less” in their own communities, no excuses.

  16. ScotchBonnet

    Freezing or otherwise not making a scene an extremely common reaction, which guys like this count on it.

  17. Gary Burnaska

    these creeps NEVER get busted on their first time.

  18. This guy is a complete creep and he messed with the wrong woman. Sadly, I am betting this asshole has pulled shit like this on women that do not have the same power/money as Taylor and have gotten away with it. I was watching some old footage from this guy who worked as a videographer for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and he has some crazy video from the late 80s and Flea (Bassist for the band) literally took the panties off a female reporter. She tried to handle it like a pro, and joked around with the guys but when I was watching it it was straight up beyond assault. It was so awful and I couldn’t believe no one helped her. They weren’t taking her interview questions seriously and they literallly were sexually harassing her in front of her crew and others. It was beyond disgusting.

  19. Gary Burnaska

    look up Jimmy Saville of the BBC, after his death it was discovered that he was a total world class pervert. This guy was respected DJ and TV personality and was even Knighted. Year after his death child sexual abuse allegations came out that launched a police investigation.

  20. Gary Burnaska

    As I mentioned before, this guy likely has a history and a pattern of behavior of this, but was ignored and enabled by his employer. Which means He thought he could get away with it, but he grabbed the ass of a A+++ pop star with a legal team that can scorch him into ash

  21. You Ain't No Sanjaya

    She was being a steely faced professional. Any woman who works in a restaurant or a bar has gotten this treatment, and haven’t been able to respond the way they would if they weren’t at work.

  22. You Ain't No Sanjaya

    F that guy, seriously. For all the young women who couldn’t shake off a creep who took advantage of the fact that the woman was stuck working with the public, Taylor is a fucking hero today.

  23. Ugh. Gross. He wouldn’t happen to wear a hat backwards by chance?

  24. Queen Mab of the Unseelie

    One of my high school classmates is now a local radio DJ. He was a ball bag in high school and he’s an even bigger one since he’s become a local ~ celebrity ~.

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