Maria Sharapova Claims Serena Williams Called Her A “Little Bitch”

Former Wimbledon champ (and doping suspendee) Maria Sharapova’s memoirs come out in September. People (by way of Metro UK) got a hold of an excerpt in which Maria addresses her long-running professional feud with tennis superbeing Serena Williams. Maria says that beating Serena at Wimbledon in 2004 resulted in the tennis legend referring to her as a “little bitch.” Maria got off lucky. She could have shared the same fate as one of Serena’s racquets!

In a passage from Unstoppable Except For When I Test Positive For Performance Enhancing Drugs: My Life So Far, Maria says that her Wimbledon victory over Serena at age 17 made the both of them into even fiercer competitors. And she claims it’s all because Serena knows that Maria overheard her losing her shit that day. She says that, after her win, Serena congratulated her on the court and was cheesing it for the cameras. But it was a whole ‘nother story in the locker room.

What I heard when I came into the locker room was Serena Williams bawling. Guttural sobs. I got out as quickly as I could, but she knew I was there.

People often wonder why I have had so much trouble beating Serena; my record against her is 2 and 19. To me, the answer was in this locker room.

Later on, Maria says that a mutual friend told her that Serena wasn’t exactly singing her praises.

I think Serena hated me for being the skinny kid who beat her, against all odds, at Wimbledon. But mostly I think she hated me for hearing her cry. Not long after the tournament, I heard Serena told a friend – who then told me – “I will never lose to that little bitch again”.’

As Maria pointed out, she has only beaten Serena twice in her career. Serena, on the other hand, has kicked that ass 19 times. That is a motivated lady! Serena must have spent her training time just slamming balls at the head of a cardboard cutout of Ms. Sharapova over and over as well as boycotting Russian vodka and caviar.



  1. Especially when you lose to someone, who the record would show, is nowhere near as good as you. That would be extremely frustrating.

  2. No she isn’t expected to turn down easy money but she could maybe not pretend that the reason Williams isn’t her biggest fan is because she saw her cry and is skinny.

  3. πŸ™Œ to all of this. I know I’m not really a target market for sportsball related marketing (because I call it all sportsball for a start) but the idea and apparent reality that people will be more inclined to open their wallets on the say so of a two time fluke winner (possibly drug assisted as it turns out) over and above a 2 decade smash all competition so thoroughly it’s embarrassing winner is down to nothing but racism.

  4. GothyMcGotha

    This is stupid. She’s acting like a little bitch.

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  6. Gladysjlewis


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  7. Turtle Dove

    you’re a fucking loser racist. fuck back off to that shit hole home town of yours called trump land with the rest of your white trash neighbors, asshole.

  8. Turtle Dove

    omg this comment is giving me LIFE

  9. Turtle Dove

    i would hardly call Serena entitled.

  10. Turtle Dove

    oh, fuck off, asshole.

  11. Turtle Dove

    no, it does not drive Serena nuts because Serena concerns herself with other things, like winning another Wimbledon title. Maria is nothing to her.

  12. Turtle Dove

    100% on point. thanks for this.

  13. craigypants

    Well thats one way of looking at it.


  14. craigypants

    Simply put. She hasn’t beaten Serena in the last 13 years. There is no Rivalry, she kicks her ass everytime. So According to her Serena hates her because she is skinny? Dumb Russian, deport her.

  15. TheBreakdown

    Let’s just call this what it is:


    And although Serena has not always handled the issue in the best manner when it comes to how she is regarded in the sport, she has every right to be upset considering how the media tries to portray ‘Serena vs. Sharapova’ as a true rivalry.

    A rivalry would mean that both of them are winning against one another, that it goes back and forth, that you are never certain who will dominate whom in each match.

    This match-up has NEVER been that.

    What it HAS been?

    Is the tennis community, which is primarily white, that is SO upset that this black woman has become the dominant figure in the sport for nearly 20 years and they cannot STAND it.

    So, when Sharapova first came onto the scene, they lifted her up, hoisted her HIGH, and all she had to do was win ONE major, and instantly, she is making millions more than Serena AND Venus in endorsements simply because she is white.

    So, yeah, considering what Serena has had to deal with in this sport, I would say she has been extremely gracious, because I know firsthand how it feels to be called a n*gger on a tennis court, because I was playing tennis before there was a Venus or Serena and I can just imagine the vitriol they’ve had spewed at them over the years for daring to excel at a ‘white sport’.

    And furthermore?

    Sharapova tested positive for drugs last year and had that been Serena, they would have banned her for life, dragged her to the ends of the earth and back, and tried to strip her of every title she had ever won, or at least question it.

    But Maria tested positive and hardly a word was said. It was swept under the rug, barely reported on, and silenced. Because at the end of the day, the tennis leagues AND the marketers of it AND the networks that cover it, want a white face on THEIR sport.

    *drops mic*

  16. Ideally we’d live in a world where talent mattered more than looks when endorsing athletic products. Also Serena is still an attractive woman and never got caught cheating.

  17. People always bring this up but it’s not Maria’s fault. It’s the job of the her sponsors to choose the woman who will help them move the most product. It’s basic business principles. You see this happen in men’s sports as well when endorsements are concerned. Is she suppose to turn down easy money because there is someone better at tennis out there? Serena is all-time great but Maria is also excellent.

  18. Average white girls do not win Wimbeldon. And by any account, Serena is much better at her job then Obama was at his.

  19. Maria for several years made more money than Serena despite Serena being a much better player with a much better record. A tall skinny blond gets a lot more endorsement deals than an athletically built black woman with far more talent because people suck. But now Serena makes way more and landed a rich man so the little dopper needs to use her name to sell books.

  20. She played A LOT better than Ana.

  21. LoopyGorilla

    Any pages from Maria’s book about Adam Levine’s cock size?

  22. zeldafitzgerald

    I’m rolling my eyes so hard I can see out the back of my head

    Shut up

  23. *fist bump* very astute.

  24. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    That’s kind of her point. That even with the drugs Sharapova couldn’t maintain number one….. Jus saying……

  25. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    She needs to out that friend who’s the biggest bitch, going around tattling.

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