Amber Rose Is Being Sued By Wiz Khalifa’s Mom

There is a very messy feud happening at the moment between Amber Rose and her former mother-in-law, a woman named Katie “Peachie” Wimbush-Polk. But unlike regular people, Amber’s fight with Katie isn’t about what kind of fabric softener she uses (“I didn’t realize you used sandpaper instead of towels, dear“). It’s more like the kind that escalates to the point where both parties involved need to call up their lawyers.

Almost three years ago, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa decided to end their 1-year marriage. They share a 4-year-old son named Sebastian, and for the most part they get along pretty well for two people who got divorced (although it was a little rocky in the beginning). The same can’t be said for Amber and her ex-MIL Katie.

According to TMZ, Katie recently slapped Amber with defamation lawsuit. In it, she claims Amber made a “profanity-laced” phone call on June 19th, accusing her of being responsible for the death of Wiz’s older sister Dorien “Lala” Thomaz back in February. Dorien died of complications from lymphoma. Amber allegedly accused Katie of allowing Dorien to die, then claimed Katie was unfit to care for Sebastian. XXL says that Amber’s phone call was allegedly answered by the 5-year-old daughter of a friend of Katie’s.

What makes this exponentially messier is that Amber’s angry phone call was allegedly made after Katie was accused of calling California child services on Amber (Katie denies in her lawsuit that she ever made such a call). Katie is suing for damages, but it’s not known how much that might be.

How has Amber Rose responded to the lawsuit? By taking a long look in the mirror, sighing, and telling herself: “This is going to make Christmas really awkward“? No, TMZ says she went ahead and got a restraining order against Wiz’s mom. Sources tell TMZ that Amber is furious about Katie’s lawsuit. Amber believes Katie is just sore that Amber left her son three years ago. Amber also believes Katie will take any opportunity to shit on her former daughter-in-law. Oh really? I wonder what gave her that idea.

Sources claim Amber got the restraining order to protect Sebastian from Katie’s hate. Amber thinks that being around Granny Katie might expose Sebastian to some not-nice things said about his mommy.

Katie is no Tokyo Toni (aka the current gold-standard of messy mother-in-laws), but this situation still isn’t good. But it’s not totally hopeless. One quick peek at Katie’s Twitter account shows she likes to retweet Iyanla Vanzant. Iyanla, if you’re listening, get thee to a tastefully-decorated hotel room with a camera crew and help Katie and Amber fix their damn lives.

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  1. Stupid I know.

  2. LookieLookie

    He definitely does NOT have an Oedipus complex. His mom is a narcissist, his ex was hated by his whole family not just his mom, and I’m hated by his mom because I’m brown, educated, and a damn job stealing immigrant. And she hates that my man, his ex, and I get to see my stepdaughter more than MIL does (DUH! We’re her parents!).

  3. She died at 44…she never met her…don’t ask a lady’s age lol

  4. Your kids last name is whatever one you choose whether she changed hers or not

  5. She hates all the women he’s been with huh? Oedipus complex. (Shudders)

  6. Hmmm…well she’s no virgin…

  7. But no shade to werthers, they bump lol

  8. Grandma I like to f—

    Vile-rabbid-beast I like to f—

  9. I agree. I never took my husbands name. My dad died when I was young and I kept my daddy’s name. We all have our reasons and marriage does not mean I’m purchased or property and have to change my name like a slave. To each his own but she a bitter betty.

  10. She’s never claimed to be anything other than what she is – mixed.

  11. Mad that Amber never took Wiz’s name? HUGE MIL red flag right there. That statement alone puts me on Team Amber!

  12. Seapharris7

    I’m 33 now, and I was dating Mr Sea at 28, he was 26 (she died a week before his birthday) my SIL was also 28, and the baby brother was 21 when his mom passed 🙁

  13. Sorry to hear that. 44, that is way too young. How old are you if your second MIL was only 44, that is young.

  14. Social media is the death of any hope that humankind can transcend into englightement. Or maybe those who keep off of it will reach a better understanding of life, and shit like Twitter and instagram will give us the foresight to stay far away from these crazies. Still, it is just awful these people are given a forum to spew stupidity to the masses.

  15. Hehe. That’s the biggest thing you notice. Alright. Not the hair nose makeup weight loss and surgery?

  16. seriously how come she doesn’t get called out on it more often?

  17. Immodest Goddess

    MAN! That spray tan is INSANE!

  18. Immodest Goddess

    Bwa hahahahaah!

  19. Yes. Yes she is,

  20. How can an alleged phone call answered by a 5 year old be considered defamation? Nobody heard about it until Mama Wiz made it up and told us.

  21. BloodSweat&Tea

    Isn’t Amber actually mixed, though?

  22. she discovered bronzer and never looked back, didn’t she?

  23. Wiz Khalifa’s mom probably just realized that Amber suffers from Dolezal-itis and that must be the real reason why she’s suing. She feels betrayed.

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