Serena Says Popping Out A Baby Makes Her A “Real” Woman

Someone better go check and see if Gloria Steinem is still standing. Serena Williams is having a baby with fiance/Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Rather than wait and do one of those “Ask Me Anything” sessions on her piece’s website, she blabbed to an Irish magazine about how she doesn’t like watching birthing videos. She also said pregnancy takes her up a notch in the woman caste.

“I have so much respect for so many women [for giving birth]. I am about to be a real woman now, you know? It’s going to be something incredibly impressive to go through.”

Oooo, child, good luck in that next doubles match with sister Venus Williams. She doesn’t have any kids, so I’m sure she’s going to take her fake woman tennis racket and pop you over the head with it!

The Grapevine is out saying the feminist hornet’s nest has been thwacked by Serena, even though she has identified as a feminist in the past. Oh, and the whole breaking down barriers for women in sports, being vocal about equal pay and women’s rights, and arguably being the G.O.A.T. Sorry, Tom Brady, I know that’s blasphemy.

AOL (does it still say “You’ve got mail“?!) had the fan reaction. Girl better do another video with Beyonce to throw these people off her scent:

Listen, let’s just all calm down. Huss is pregnant, and pregnant women do some shady shit, but we give them a hall pass… out of fear. My mom apparently stood around in the kitchen in a muumuu eating a Costco-sized jar of jalapenos watching Oprah when she was pregg-o with my eggo, and my dad knew better than to ever question it, lest he wind up getting kicked back to the Italian homeland!



  1. Literarylioness

    Is she having an elephant? She has been pregnant forever.

  2. It’s a birth mitzvah

  3. Thank you) I hope so))) My girl is 13 and boy is 3 yo. Ali is an angel, never had any problems with her but he is a demon. And draws on my beautiful beige walls!!! With my Tom Ford lipstick! AAAAAAAAAA!

  4. Dear fuckface von fuckstick…
    Go suck my anus

  5. Courtney Stodden?

  6. Her Many Cats

    Someday you’ll be able to sleep in, and not have to listen to annoying cartoons. It’ll happen 😉

  7. Her Many Cats

    My cats make me feel like a Real Cat Lady, thank you very much!

  8. Her Many Cats

    That’s how I took it as well. I never got beyond high school sports and couldn’t imagine the 24/7 dedication of a world class athlete. All I ever saw of some classmates was that they had no time for normal kid stuff. Now she’ll get the 24/7 psychosis of having kids, which is more like 48 hours crammed into 24. A lifetime of grueling athletics can’t prepare her for Parenthood. Good luck with that!

  9. my_bed_is_my_castle

    Hell, my biceps is probably a quarter of hers and I still get shit for it.

  10. That would be amazing, I mean we could literally go fuck ourselves, ah!

    …And according to some who were triggered by us being triggered by Serena’s words, we should just do it.

  11. “I have so much respect for so many women [for giving birth]. I am about to be a real woman now, you know?”
    She’s implying that what makes a woman real is giving birth. Unless my English is sooo bad that I’m misinterpreting her words.
    Anyway, she has the right to say and feel how she wants. Kudos to her if she’s finally content with her womanhood, I’m no one to deny this sentiment, of course, but she should’ve expressed her opinion in a way that does not belittle who chose (or worse, can’t) to not have kids.

  12. I don’t think she said anything particularly offensive. People say shit like that all time. However most “childfree” women are super fucking bitchy and insecure so I hope Serena is prepared for a shitstorm.

  13. Everything said by saint Serena can’t be condemned.
    If she is criticized on daily basis, than here you go – she is a real woman already!

  14. Just think when she starts breastfeeding. (Eye roll)

  15. Right?

  16. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    If people want a kick ass female GOAT who also didn’t have kids, you have Venus. If you want a kick ass outspoken female GOAT (who landed a Richie Rich who adores her) and is googly over having a baby, you have Serena. Her comment doesn’t trigger me much.

  17. She is really starting to.

  18. I will give my toddler away for a couple of years. He is pain in my ass ( love him to death but sometimes i want to jump from the window)

  19. Dear Easily Triggered Google Employees and Idiot Liberals : pull out the super tampon from your asshole and lighten the hell up.

    Signed, The World

  20. IchLiebeDanielBruehl

    Tim Gunn is our spirit animal!

  21. Strange but not a Stranger

    Damn, dude. She’s been on your nerves for a while?

  22. Upside-down Flower

    OKAY, SERENA!!! We get that you are really pregnant and aren’t deflecting you are pretend pregnant with flowers, veils and lots and lots of color and props.

    I get that you are excited and proud that you are going to be a mother………….


    FYI: Loose the fake eyelashes, Serena. They make your eyes more Malaria T evil eye, than classy and stylish. Just imHo.

  23. Upside-down Flower

    Send them away during the teenage years and don’t bring them back until they are in college.

    I don’t have kids. My Mom used to say, with wit and humor–with touch of truth (not in front of my sister who caused alot of turmoil in her teenage rebellious years—that have and are continuing way into her 50’s at present.) she would send her kids away when they were teenagers and bring them back later, but they can’t move back in. I’m paraphrasing. But, that’s the gist.

  24. FluffKitteh

    Men are very easily intimidated by strong or powerful women.

  25. Locutus_of_Brooklyn

    So what? Why can’t you have fun or be inspired/ecstatic when you’re the one that’s doing it?

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